What are people saying about Funktional Home?

Having my home organized by Funktional Home was absolutely transformative!! Stacy and Jill worked hard and long on every task they tackle! They are both respectful and cost conscious. Now I have systems in place that allow me to know where to put things. The whole process was great from start to finish! – L.F. Arvada, CO

She did not “supervise”, but dug right in and worked alongside us or alone in some cases.  She lifted, dragged, pushed and moved items as necessary and did not hesitate to grab a broom or the vacuum. – C.W. Lakewood, CO

I hate spending so much money on something that I really can do alone, but sometimes the needed outside hand is a must. – C.S. Denver, CO

She's very crafty, thorough and does not waste your time! It's odd having someone in your home handling such personal items. So, it's necessary to click/connect with the person doing this. Alexis is very friendly, personable and professional. You almost feel like she's just another one of your friends hanging out and helping you around the house. – C.S. Denver, CO

I only wish I had started with Funktional Home in the first place! – C.S. Denver, CO

Funktional Home did an amazing job helping me organize and decorate my new home.  She worked mostly with items already in my home and made a big difference simply by moving things around and balancing the rooms.  I added a few new items and turned my rooms from blah into well-balanced spaces with beautiful design elements.  It was worth every penny, and Alexis was delightful to work with. --- S.C. Golden, CO

Alexis did a great job.  She really listened to what we wanted, our budget and preferences.  She brought many options for us to choose from and was patient with our multiple opinions.  She did a great job learning our style and we utilized her services multiple times.  She really made a difference and made our home so beautiful! – A.G. Lakewood, CO

Alexis wasted NO time in digging right in. We ended up sitting together on the floor of my living room as she brought me stack after stack of paperwork. With her help I was able to lighten the load in my filing cabinets by 90%! It's amazing the "stuff" we hold on to. Alexis was right - 4 hours wasn't enough - but she gave me SUCH a HUGE head start that I feel confident that I can finish the task myself.
I highly recommend Alexis and her services.  – K.K. Jacksonville, FL

The ladies were so very good at what they do and helped me to make what was the worst room in our house to a place that I go to and find what I need in an instant. They told me that most people will "miss" about ten percent of what they get rid of, I however will only miss them. -- J.S. Boulder, CO

I definitely plan to hire Funktional Home to help with other projects when this one is complete. It's like having your best friend, who's incredibly gifted with creative ideas, over for the afternoon! –C.M. Boulder, CO

Funktional Home helped me choose paint colors and the fireplace surround materials.  They are very conscious of costs and made very good suggestions and offered solutions.  They are a total delight and make use of every minute they spend with you.  They make you feel like you are her only client.  I look forward to working with them again soon! – P.L. Denver, CO

It's amazing what they can help you get done in four hours.  They write everything down and do homework on those, which is really helpful.  They are really well organized and their quality is excellent. –A.C. Denver, CO

I would highly recommend Funktional Home to work with children and teens.  As a former teacher, Alexis has a great way of working with them that is respectful and understanding.  While both of my girls were initially hesitant about working with an organizer, she quickly won them over and helped them understand that she was there to help them create a space that they love (not to make them get rid of everything).  Not only are our girls thrilled with their completely organized rooms, but the stress in our family has gone down since we don't have conflict regarding the girls' messy rooms.  Hiring Funktional Home was an investment in our daughters and our family.  I look forward to working with them in the future. – K.V. Westminster, CO

Funktional Home is wonderful. They provided guidance without limiting my individual expression (i.e. she did not decorate how she would want it, but rather took the time to know what I wanted and then guided me to excellent choices within that realm). She was also a joy to be around. Punctual and responsive. – E. B. Denver, CO

My husband passed away six months ago, and I was having difficulty organizing my home.  I felt overwhelmed and immobilized, and decided to look for someone to help me with this process.  Funktional Home has been a lifesaver.  They are empathetic, helps me plan, works with me on difficult and painful projects, and I feel that I'm finally making progress. – J.B. Denver, CO

Alexis also is very mindful of budget, both with respect to her time billed (I was pleasantly surprised at how much of her time we got for the money we paid) and with respect to the items she recommended we buy.  She has a good network of experts (painters, seamstress, fabric store, framing expert) and a wide knowledge of great places to shop.  Alexis is very accessible and responsive, and we communicated lots via email and shared photos from our separate shopping expeditions.  She really is a pleasure to work with and has an excellent eye!  -- L.B. Denver, CO