Amana Washer Stuck On Sensing Fill: 5 Easy Ways To Fix It

Amana washing machines are an excellent choice for first-time buyers who aren’t looking to break the bank but still want a reliable, high-quality washer.

However, one of the most common issues Amana washer users have reported is that the washing machine can get stuck on sensing fill, preventing the system from moving on to the wash cycle.

While the sensing phase is essential to the washing process, your Amana washer should not remain stuck on this step.

Let’s see why it is that your Amana washer gets stuck on sensing fill and what are the best ways to solve this problem permanently.

Why is your Amana washer stuck on sensing fill?

The sensing fill mode on your Amana washer has a rather important role that you may not be familiar with.

Before the sensing fill starts, the system tests the lid lock and switch, ensuring that the washer door is locked correctly and won’t open during the wash cycle.

What’s more, if the lid lock isn’t automatically locked and the Amana washer door isn’t closed all the way, this may cause the washer to remain in the sensing fill longer than it should or not move on to the wash cycle at all.

So, what is the role of the sensing fill? This stage of the washing process helps the Amana washer system determine the size of the load with a few spins before adding the necessary amount of water.

The water is added gradually according to the size of the load until there is just enough for the wash cycle to start.

However, if your Amana washer seems stuck on sensing fill and the wash cycle isn’t starting, here are some of its most common reasons.

Blocked or damaged water inlet valve

The role of the water inlet valve in your Amana washing machine is to release the necessary amount of water into the washer drum after the sensing phase.

In case something is blocking the water inlet valve (usually sand, gunk, or accumulated dirt and debris), the water won’t be able to pass through this blockage, which is why your machine may be stuck on sensing fill.

Another possibility is that the water valve is damaged in some way – either corroded or broken, which calls for a prompt replacement.

Malfunctioning drive motor

This certainly isn’t an issue you’ll be able to push under the rug, as the drive motor has a pivotal role in the functioning of any washing machine.

If the drive motor of your Amana washer is damaged, blocked, or malfunctioning, the washer may not even be able to complete the sensing process – let alone start the wash cycle since the drive motor controls the washer drum and its spinning process.

Malfunctioning shift actuator

A shift actuator isn’t a washing machine element that many people talk about, but it still has a rather important role in the system of every washer.

Without a functioning shift actuator, the washing machine system won’t be able to transition from the sensing phase to the wash cycle. If this doesn’t happen, the issue is probably in a faulty shift actuator.

What could be causing this problem is also the optical sensor in the shift actuator, which monitors and determines the timing of this shift.

The problem in a malfunctioning shift actuator could be either of mechanical or electrical nature. A mechanical problem comes from some physical defect, while an electrical fault is usually a consequence of a short circuit or a power surge.

Malfunctioning main control board

The main control board, as the name implies, controls all the processes in the washer. While the drive motor provides power for these processes, the main control board manages them.

Therefore, if the main control board of your Amana washer is malfunctioning, the washer won’t be able to move on from the sensing phase to the wash cycle. 

Sometimes, the sensing fill may not even start, as the control board cannot give the command.

How to fix an Amana washer stuck on sensing fill

It is a common misconception that every single method of fixing your washing machine requires a technician. However, we recommend that you don’t handle any electrical tasks alone – especially if you have no experience in this area.

1. Install a new water inlet valve

If the water valve is clogged, corroded, or broken, it is necessary to have it replaced as soon as possible. Without a functioning water valve, the washer won’t be able to release the required amount of water.

The water valve is located inside the washing machine. Once you open up the top part, you can find it near the back side of the washer.

You will also notice that the valve is secured with screws, with hoses and wires connected to it.

Be very careful when unscrewing and removing the faulty water valve. When attaching the new one, it is necessary to re-attach all the connections the way they were connected. 

If you’re anxious about switching the valve on your own, you can always hire a licensed technician to install it and troubleshoot your Amana washer.

2. Replace the drive motor

Before investing in a new drive motor and replacing it, it is necessary to assess the costs of returning this element instead of investing in a brand-new Amana washer.

Being that the drive motor and the service of having it replaced can be pretty expensive, you may decide to invest that money into a new washing machine – primarily if you’ve owned the current one for quite some time.

If the drive motor is decaying, the other elements of an old washing machine are probably not in the best condition, so you may want a professional to take a look and evaluate it.

3. Install a new shift actuator

If the shift actuator is broken or malfunctioning, there is essentially little to be done to fix it. That said, installing a new shift actuator (or having it installed) is recommended.

In case you haven’t detected any issue of mechanical nature, there could be an electrical problem with the shift actuator, which you can test with a multimeter.

If the shift actuator has no electrical continuity, an electrical fault has affected the actuator, and you need to invest in a new one.

4. Replace the main control board

You don’t want to waste your time inspecting and trying to fix individual elements of the main control board. It is much easier (and wiser in the long run) to replace it altogether, as it is a pretty important element you don’t want to compromise on.

The main control board can be found in its housing inside the Amana washer. Replacing it can be rather tricky, as it is connected to numerous wires, so that you may need professional help for this step.

Like replacing the drive motor, you want to compare the costs of having a new main control board installed with the price of a brand-new machine.

In many cases, purchasing a brand-new washer is more affordable than investing in individual components.

5. Restart your Amana washer

You can easily restart your Amana washer by disconnecting it from the power source, also known as the power cycle.

This method is known to eliminate any system bugs. Still, it also releases the remaining electricity from the machine, which may have been causing the washer to stay stuck on sensing fill

Disconnect the Amana washer from the power source, then wait for at least 5 minutes before you plug the power cable back into the power outlet.

This restart cannot solve any underlying mechanical or electrical problems that may be causing the machine to remain stuck on sensing.

There is also a method known as a factory reset, which is supposed to refresh and kick-start the system

For a factory reset, you want to turn the washer off using the power button. After a minute, turn the machine on, and hold the power button for 20 seconds or until the light indicators turn on.

Another way of resetting the Amana washer, especially if it fails to spin even during the sensing fill mode, is to turn it off and unplug it from the power source. 

After a minute, plug the power cable back into the power outlet, then open and close the washer lid several times before selecting either Spin or Final cycle. Press Start and see if the washer drum is now spinning. 

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