Meet The Team

At FunktionalHome, we strive for well-researched and fact-checked articles that meet the approval of our team of professionals. Everything you find on this website has been carefully written and double-checked by our experts, in order to provide only the most complete and reliable information.

Meet the amazing people behind the scenes who made FunktionalHome the reality that it is today.

David Kessler

David KesslerFounder and Chief Editor

David Kessler is a licensed contractor with over 25 years of experience. He is specialized in home building and construction, but has also a keen eye for interior design.

Before becoming a full-time contractor, David has worked as an electrician for many years. He was always interested in everything related to construction and maintenance, which pushed him to learn and acquire several different skills.

In 2021, David founded FunktionalHome to share his professional knowledge with the hundreds of thousands of users that visit the website every month.

Paul Wilson

Paul WilsonContributing editor

Paul Wilson has over 10 years of experience in plumbing and likes to call himself a “home repair expert” and a “master DIYer”.

His family has been in the home construction business for three generations and his uncle was a master plumber. Paul likes to recall how he used to spend many afternoons following his uncle on the job while learning about the basics of plumbing. His uncle’s love for the job has rubbed off on Paul, who now thinks that there is no other job that he would like to do.

He enjoys teamwork and working with people, and that’s why he finds his job at FunktionalHome extremely rewarding.

Susan Chandler

Susan ChandlerContributing editor

Susan Chandler has a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of California and graduated from the New York School of Interior Design in 2012. Since then, she has helped hundreds of customers design the home of their dreams.

Her work focuses on natural materials and the balance between nature and man. Her portfolio doesn’t only include designs for homes, but also studios, commercial buildings, and outer spaces. 

At FunktionalHome, she oversees everything related to remodeling and flat surfaces, especially wooden flooring.

Adrian Simmons

Adrian SimmonsContributing editor

Adrian Simmons graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan and he joined the FunktionalHome team as our tech geek.

On top of supervising all of our product reviews, Adrian has quite a few years of experience as an electrician on his shoulder and has taken parts in a few repair projects involving both commercial and private buildings.

On why he decided to join the FunktionalHome team, he said: “Nothing feels better than when you’re able to fix something by yourself, that you thought was impossible to do on your own. Even though not everything can be fixed without professional help, learning about the process is never wasted knowledge.”

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