Braeburn Thermostat Not Cooling: 6 Easy Ways To Fix It Now

A thermostat is a vital component of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system that helps keep any business or house at a suitable temperature. There are different brands of thermostats in the market today, but in today’s guide, we’ll pay attention to the Braeburn thermostat.

Are you an owner of a Braeburn thermostat that is not cooling? If you are, this blog post was created with you in mind. This article will explore some common reasons why your Braeburn thermostat may not be cooling and provide some easy ways to fix the issue.

Why is your Braeburn Thermostat Not Cooling?

If your Braeburn thermostat is not cooling, there could be several reasons why:

1. The Thermostat Settings

The thermostat is the central control system of your HVAC system. Now, if you have an incorrect thermostat setting, it could be why your thermostat is not cooling.

To fix it, ensure that your thermostat is set to cool mode and the temperature settings are lower than the current indoor temperature.

In addition, also check to ensure that the thermostat is appropriately programmed to cool your home or office when you are there and raise the temperature when you are away.

2. Air filter

If you have a dirty air filter, it can cause the airflow to be restricted, making it difficult for your HVAC system to cool your home or office efficiently.

One of the major problems of a dirty filter is that it can cause the evaporator coil to freeze, and that action further restricts airflow and prevents your system from cooling the air around you. To fix this, replace your air filter regularly to maintain proper airflow.

3. Condenser unit

The condenser unit is a part of the HVAC. Like every other important part of your Braeburn thermostat, if it becomes dirty or clogged, it can affect your system’s ability to cool your home or office properly.

The condenser unit gets clogged when dirt, leaves, and other debris accumulate around the unit. The clogging of the unit causes it to overheat and shut down. To prevent that from happening, regularly clean the area around your condenser unit and ensure that it has enough space to function correctly.

4. Low Refrigerant levels

refrigerant is a substance in your HVAC system that aids in cooling the air. If the levels of your refrigerant are too low, it could cause your system to blow warm air instead of cold air. Coolant leaks in the refrigerator lines usually cause low refrigerant levels.

If you suspect that low refrigerant levels are responsible for your Braeburn thermostat failing to cool, then it’s recommended to call a professional to diagnose and fix the problem.

5. Faulty compressor

The compressor is known as the heart of the HVAC system. If the compressor of your Braeburn thermostat is faulty, it can make it not cool. A defective compressor makes the HVAC system blow warm air and make strange noises.

If you suspect a faulty compressor, having an HVAC technician inspect and repair the issue is better and safer.

How to Fix a Braeburn Thermostat Not Cooling

Here are some steps you can try to fix a Braeburn digital thermostat that is not cooling:

1. Check the Thermostat settings

If your Braeburn thermostat model is not cooling, you should first check the thermostat settings. Check that the thermostat is set to cool and that the temperature is lower than the inside temperature.

Also, check whether the thermostat is in “auto” or “on” mode. If it’s set to “on,” the fan will run continuously, even if the air conditioner is not running. Set it to “auto” so the fan only runs when the air conditioner runs.

2. Change the Air filter.

Do you know that a dirty AC filter can make your air conditioner work harder than is required to cool the space around it? Well, now you do. When the dirty filter forces the system to work harder, it’ll, in turn, reduce the system’s cooling capacity.

To fix this, inspect the air filter to see if it’s dirty; if so, change it. A clean filter will not only improve the airflow but also increase your air conditioner’s cooling capacity.

3. Clean the condenser coils.

Like the filter, the condenser coils can become dirty and clogged with debris as you continue to use your system.

If your condenser coils are clogged, unclog them by turning off the power to the outdoor unit and cleaning the condenser coils with a soft cloth or brush. Remove all the dirt or debris you find obstructing the coils.

4. Check the refrigerant level.

Low refrigerant levels can prevent your AC from cooling properly. If you suspect your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, you’ll need to call a professional HVAC technician to come and recharge the system.

5. Check the electrical connections.

Loose or corroded electrical connections can cause your air conditioner to stop working properly.

Suppose you notice loose or corroded electrical connections. In that case, you can fix them by turning off the power supply to your air conditioner before checking all thermostat wiring and electrical connections. If you find any loose or corroded connections, tighten them or replace them as needed.

6. Call a professional HVAC technician.

If you’ve tried all of the above repairs and your air conditioner is still not effectively cooling, it’s time to call in a professional HVAC specialist. They will be able to assess the issue and offer the best course of action to get your air conditioner operating again.


What to do if the Braeburn thermostat is not working?

If your Braeburn digital thermostat is not working, you may do a few actions before contacting a professional. Here are some things you can do:

Check the power source: If your Braeburn thermostat isn’t working, the first thing to do is make sure it’s getting enough electricity. If the device is battery operated, you can replace them with new ones, and if it’s hard-wired, you can check if the circuit breaker has tripped.

Check the thermostat settings: Ensure your Braeburn thermostat is set to the correct mode and temperature. If you use a programmable thermostat, properly schedule it to prevent thermostat issues.

Check the wiring: If the thermostat is hard-wired, check the wiring to make sure it’s properly connected. If you’re uncomfortable working with electrical wiring, it’s best to call a professional.

Clean the thermostat: Sometimes, dust and debris can build up on the thermostat, affecting its performance. Use a soft brush or a can of compressed air to clean the thermostat.

Reset the thermostat: Try resetting the thermostat to its default settings. You can do this by pressing the reset buttons on your Braeburn thermostat, and if you can’t find it, refer to the Braeburn thermostat user manual for instructions on how to do this.

If none of these steps work, there may be a more severe issue with your thermostat. In that case, it’s best to call a professional HVAC technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

How do I set my Braeburn thermostat to cool?

Setting your Braeburn thermostat to cool is a straightforward operation that takes only a few minutes. Here is how you can set your Braeburn thermostat to cool:

Press the “Mode” button: The first step in setting your Braeburn thermostat to cool is to press the “Mode” button on the front of the thermostat. This will allow you to select the cooling mode.

Select “Cool”: Once you have pressed the “Mode” button, use the arrow keys on the thermostat to select “Cool” as the mode of operation. This will tell the thermostat to activate the cooling function.

Adjust the temperature: After selecting “Cool” as the mode of operation, you can adjust the temperature setting to the desired level. Use the arrow buttons on the thermostat to increase or decrease the temperature setting until it matches your preferred level.

Set the fan speed: If you want to adjust the fan speed, you can do so by pressing the “Fan” button on the thermostat. You can choose from options such as “Auto,” “Low,” “Medium,” or “High” to set the fan speed to your liking.

Save your settings: Once you have set the temperature and fan speed to your liking, you can save your settings by pressing the “Hold” button on the thermostat. This will save your settings until you decide to change them again.

Following these simple instructions, you can quickly adjust your Braeburn thermostat to cool and enjoy a comfortable interior atmosphere.

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