Dyson Airwrap Not Turning On: 5 Easy Ways To Fix It Now

If you’re a fan of the Dyson Airwrap, then you’d know how frustrating it can be when your Airwrap suddenly stops working.

Unsurprisingly, many people depend on Airwrap for their daily hair regimen because it’s a strong hairstyle product recognized for its adaptability and simplicity.

However, there are several potential causes—from straightforward solutions to more complicated problems—why your Dyson Airwrap could not be turned on.

This post will go through five ways to fix your Dyson Airwrap so you can quickly resume styling your hair.

Why is Your Dyson Airwrap Not Turning On?

There might be a few distinct causes for your Dyson Airwrap not turning on if you’re having problems with it.

Here are some of the most typical reasons why a Dyson Airwrap won’t switch on, along with solutions you may try:

1. Damaged Cord

If your Dyson Airwrap has a damaged power cord, even a small rip or tear, it could be unsafe to use and might not turn on. Contact Dyson immediately if you suspect this is the problem.

If you discover any damaged power cord on your Dyson Airwrap within the warranty period, you can get a replacement free of charge.

2. Outlet Issues

Your Dyson Airwrap needs a minimum of 110-120 volts to function. If the power source or outlet isn’t providing the required power, the device won’t turn on.

Try plugging other devices into the electrical outlet to see if they work, and check your thermal fuse box for any blown thermal fuses that might be the culprit.

3. Clogged Filter

Every few months should be used to clean the Dyson Airwrap filter to avoid overheating and maintain optimal performance.

The filter in your Dyson Airwrap might clog up if you last cleaned it a while ago, making the appliance unusable.

To clean the clogged or dirty filter, unplug it from the power source and gently remove the filter cage from the device. Remove the filter, fill the container with warm water, and soak it for 30 minutes.

Use a filter cleaning soft smoothing brush to clean the dirty filter gently, twist the filter sideways until the wet hair has been removed, then slide the filter cage back on and click it into place.

4. Overheating

If the device keeps turning on and off again, it might be overheating due to a clogged or dirty filter. Cleaning the filter can often fix this issue.

5. Technological issue

If your device has been improperly stored or damaged, a technological issue might prevent it from turning on.

In this case, you can file a warranty claim with Dyson. Remember that registering your product beforehand can make the warranty claim process easier.

If you’re still having trouble getting your Dyson Airwrap to turn on after trying these solutions, then it’s best to contact Dyson’s customer service team for additional support. They will provide more insight into the problem and help get your Airwrap working again.

How to a Fix Dyson Airwrap Not Turning On?

There are several possible causes for your Dyson Airwrap not turning on. However, here are some practical steps you can take to try and fix the problem:

1. Check the Power Source

Ensure your Dyson Airwrap power cord is correctly plugged into an outlet that works.

If a light switch controls the power supply to the Airwrap, ensure the switch is turned on. If you initially hooked the Airwrap into an extension cord, try plugging it straight into a wall socket.

If you have confirmed that the power supply is not the cause of the problem, move on to the next step.

2. Check the Filter

A clogged filter can prevent the Dyson Airwrap from turning on.

To check the filter, remove the filter unit from the main body of the Airwrap and inspect it for any debris or blockages. If you find any, remove them and reattach the filter unit.

Wash the filter carefully with cold water and a cleaning brush if it is filthy and clogged with debris. After washing, leave it to dry for at least 24 hours before using it again.

3. Check the Battery

If your Dyson Airwrap has a battery, it may need to be charged.

Always check the battery level on the device by pressing the power button before using it. If the battery level on the Airwrap is low, charge it for at least 3.5 hours before using it again.

If the battery is fully charged and the Airwrap is still not turning on, try resetting it by removing it from the device and reattaching it.

4. Check for Blockages

The air inlet or outlet blockages can prevent the Dyson Airwrap from turning on.

To check for blockages, remove the attachments and inspect the air inlet and outlet for any debris or blockages. If you find any, remove them and reattach the attachments.

5. Contact Customer Support

The device may have a more severe issue if none of these steps work.

In that case, you should contact the Dyson customer support team. They can provide choices for repair or replacement and assistance with problem-solving.

Remember, these are just a few possible solutions for fixing your Dyson Airwrap if it’s not turning on.

If you need help with what to do, it’s recommended to consult the user manual or get in touch with Dyson customer care.


How does the Dyson Airwrap turn on?

To activate the Dyson Airwrap hair styler, press and hold the power button on the handle. The gadget will turn on instantly once you push and hold the power button, and you can choose your preferred airflow and heat settings using the control buttons on the handle.

The engine within the Airwrap will begin spinning when the device is turned on, producing a high-velocity stream of air that enables the gadget to style hair without using excessive heat.

It’s normal for the Airwrap to make a quiet humming noise when it first turns on since this shows that everything functions as it should.

How do I get my Dyson Airwrap to work?

To get your Dyson Airwrap to work, you need to follow these steps:

Connect the device to a power source: The Dyson Airwrap comes with a power cable to be connected to a power source. Plug the cable into the power supply or outlet and switch it on.

Select the appropriate attachment: The Airwrap has different attachments for different hair types and styles. Choose the attachment that best complements your hair type and the look you’re going for.

Turn on the device: To turn on the Airwrap, press and hold the power button on the handle. Once the device is on, you can select your desired airflow and heat settings using the control buttons on the handle.

Style your hair: Place your damp hair in the attachment and use the Airwrap to style your hair as desired. The Airwrap uses high-velocity air to create a vortex that wraps your hair around the attachment, allowing you to achieve different styles without extreme heat.

Turn off the device: Press and hold the power button until the Airwrap shuts down to turn it off.

It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when operating the Dyson Airwrap to ensure proper usage and avoid any damage to the device.

How long does Dyson Airwrap work?

The Dyson Airwrap can work for a considerable amount of time, depending on the settings and attachments.

Generally, depending on the heat and airflow settings, the device’s operating time ranges from 20 to 40 minutes.

To avoid overheating, the Airwrap also contains an automatic shut-off mode that disables the gadget after 30 minutes of continuous operation.

The Airwrap’s battery life can also be affected by factors such as the length and thickness of your hair and the attachment used. Long or thick hair may need more time to style, and the battery life of the device may decline more quickly.

It’s important to know that the Dyson Airwrap has a charging duration of about 3.5 hours, and it’s recommended that you charge the device completely before using it.

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