F7E1 Whirlpool Washer Error Code: 5 Ways To Fix It Now

whirlpool washer f7e1 code

Have you encountered the f7e1 Whirlpool washer error code? This problem threatens to ruin your laundry routine and leave you with a basket full of unclean wet laundry.

The F7E1 code often points to a fixable issue with your washer’s motor speed.

But before grabbing your toolkit, note that this issue is common in front-loading Whirlpool washers. Also, you may encounter this error response in some top loaders like the Whirlpool Caprio.

This Whirlpool washer troubleshoot guide covers the following models:

Top-Loaders: WTW4815EW, WTW5000DW, WTW5600XW, WTW7500AW, WTW7900SQ, Cabrio Washer Series

Front-Loaders: WF3CA22PW, WF420BWRR, WF505W, WF8500SV, WED8500SV, Duet Washer Series.

What is the code F7E1 on a Whirlpool dishwasher?

When your Whirlpool dishwasher blinks this f7e1 error message, you should think about a problem with the motor. Here’s an explanation of this common issue:

  1. Meaning: This code indicates the failure of your Whirlpool dishwasher’s motor to reach the required or correct speed for a wash cycle.
  2. Impact on Use: The appliance won’t be able to complete the wash cycle. Also, your clothes won’t be fully clean and may remain wet.
  3. Significance: While disturbing, this F7E1 code acts as a reminder, a safety measure, and a built-in diagnostic tool to prevent potential damage to the motor from overloading.
  4. Warning Signs: Besides the obvious error message, your washer might make strange noises. Also, the clothes won’t spin as smoothly as they should and eventually, the washer may fail to start.
  5. Importance of Addressing the Issue: Ignoring this issue may cause serious implications and complications in the motor and other vital components. So, it is recommended to immediately address the F7E1 code to ensure a healthy Whirlpool washing machine and prevent the need for alternate products or devices down the line.

Why Is Your Whirlpool Washer Stuck On F7E1?

This code indicates your washer’s struggle to reach the proper speed.  But this issue is not exclusive to Whirlpool washers. You can find this common complaint across the United States coming from Maytag, Kenmore, and Amana washer owners too.

Here are the root causes behind this issue:

1. Overloading the Drum

Overfilling the drum with too much laundry will not only affect the spinning efficiency but also directly put a strain on the motor. This way, your Whirlpool fails to reach the required speed. Uneven load distribution may also trigger this error.

2. Stuck Shipping Bolts

The manufacturer of a Whirlpool washer equips their appliances with these bolts to prevent its drum from moving and causing damage during transportation. However, you should remove them to guarantee optimal functionality. If you leave them in place, they can hinder the movement of the washer drum, causing a similar effect to overloading.

3. Faulty Belt

The washer’s belt connects the motor to the drum. It can suffer from natural wear and tear. This hinders efficient power transfer, leading to the F7E1 error. You can identify a problematic belt from a weak spin cycle or a drum that seems to be struggling to rotate.

4. Failed Sensor

Your Whirlpool washer has sensors that monitor the spin speed. If a sensor malfunctions, it might send incorrect information to the control board, triggering the F7E1 icon. This false alarm may also result from accumulated debris or excessive suds around the sensor.

5. Malfunctioning Drive Motor

As the heart of your Whirlpool washing system, the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical power that rotates the washer drum. The motor also adjusts its speed according to the cycle selection or your chosen programs. So, when this motor falters, the error code blinks on the screen.

6. Control Board Glitches

While less common, a glitch in the washer’s control board can be the culprit. In this case, you might notice crazy washer behavior or multiple error codes appearing at the same time.

Whirlpool Washer Not Agitating? Heres How To Fix It

How To Fix Whirlpool Washer F7E1?

Tackling the Whirlpool washer f7e1 error message relies on the accurate diagnosis of the cause. Therefore, you need a systematic troubleshooting process. Here’s a guide to help you through the repair steps:

1. Remove the Excess Load

This is one of the easier ways to fix many Whirlpool washer problems. You should redistribute or reduce the load accordingly until the drum feels balanced. Your target should be a loosely packed drum that allows clothes to tumble freely.

2. Free Stuck Bolts

Another easy DIY repair that doesn’t require much knowledge or skills. This problem should emerge within a few days of your appliance purchase

Refer to the printed or online manuals of your Whirlpool washer model to find the exact location of these bolts.

You can usually find them at the back of the washer near the bottom. You will need a socket wrench matching the bolts’ size. Rotate them counterclockwise until they are loose and then remove them.

3. Replace the Belt

When it comes to replacing parts for your Whirlpool washer, you can find them at appliance stores or from an online merchant. However, replacing the belt, for example, may require specific knowledge and training. If you’re unsure, it’s better to seek professional assistance. If you do decide to proceed with a DIY repair, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Remove the Kickplate: Open the dishwasher door to locate the screws holding the kickplate (the bottom front panel) in place. After removing these screws, close the door and then take off the kickplate. You should find the belt nestled behind it.
  2. Inspect and Remove the Worn Belt: If the rubber rope appears damaged, detach it from its pulleys and install a new one.

4. Clean or Replace the Sensor

The sensor in a Whirlpool washer, crucial for its operation, is located behind the rear panel. It’s advisable to clean any debris from the sensor and check for wiring issues. For complex problems like frayed wires, consult a professional. Ensure the correct sensor setup as per the manual before seeking expert assistance.

5. Contact Whirlpool Support

Dealing with a malfunctioning motor or control board can be daunting, and while they are common culprits behind error codes, troubleshooting these sensitive and costly components may not be suitable for every DIY enthusiast.

To ensure your repairs are handled with precision and care, schedule service with a professional from Whirlpool support or ask around for a preferred list of service providers.

A useful bonus expert advice when troubleshooting various home appliances is checking the water filters.

Clogged filters may indirectly trigger many error issues. The condition of this filter provides insights into the overall health of your appliance’s water system. If remains clogged, there will be a shortage in the water flow and various potential problems throughout the appliance.

How To Reset Whirlpool Washer F7E1

Sometimes, a simple glitch is to blame for the Whirlpool washer F7E1. To get rid of this stubborn not-spinning situation, you can perform a quick reset.

  1.  Power down your washer completely (unplug or flip the breaker).
  2. Wait for five minutes.
  3. Bring the power back and check the results.

How To Reset A Whirlpool Washer: Fast And Easy Steps


Now that you have reached the end of our troubleshooting guide for the F7E1 Whirlpool washer, you have a clear explanation of this error code and why it occurs to your reliable appliance. The causes can range from simple overload to a malfunctioning motor.

When it comes to complex repairs like replacing the belt or dealing with the motor or control board, don’t hesitate to with a professional for hassle-free assistance.

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