8 Most Common Fiberglass Door Problems

Are you thinking of an attractive and durable fiberglass door?

A fiberglass entry door is usually the first option homeowners consider when constructing their house or looking for a door replacement.

This door resembles solid wood without the shift or warp of the wooden door.

Although the door only needs to open and close (or so you think), these doors can’t be considered maintenance-free entry doors. 

Door operation is more complex than it seems and could be easily compromised because of aging, climate, bad weather or general overuse.

Choosing a perfect door is always crucial.

But before you decide on the fiberglass option, you should know about all fiberglass door problems

We’re not here to discourage you from getting these doors.

Just making sure you make the right choice.

Should we begin?

The Most Common Problem with Fiberglass Door 

Fiberglass doors are the most appealing choice in modern buildings since they are durable and attractive.

No wonder they are in such high demand.

You can use them for years without compromising flexibility and appearance.

A fiberglass door is made of compression-molded fiberglass.

This strong material is needed for a door’s ample durability.

Thus, fiberglass could be compression-molded into any shape for an excellent front door.

That will enable you to have a look and feel of the home

The manufacturers create two sides of the door separately and then place them on the frame when making front doors.

Then, they fill the follow between two pieces with a highly-insulating foam core. 

This makes the fiberglass front door safe and super functional.

However, beyond that, you might still encounter some issues that you have to know about. 

1. Cost 

The first and foremost problem with fiberglass doors is the cost.

Although fiberglass doors come in a wide range of styles and prices, their price makes it financially unfeasible for middle-class consumers. 

The best models usually include natural-like graining and solid fiberglass construction. Correspondingly the cost varies from $500 to $3000.

Besides, the door installation is also pricey and requires a professional.

2. Wear 

Over a specific time, the fiberglass’s stain and clear coat finish usually fade away.

Sun, rain and wind could cause the finish to become dull and fade.

When left unattended, the coat finish can become unsightly and blotchy.

The inner fiberglass code can even begin to root.

However, a good fiberglass door usually comes with a 5-year warranty.

So it would help if you weren’t gritty regarding the fiberglass door.

Please choose the one with the great warranty to ensure it lasts longer.

3. Variety

The other fiberglass door problem is the variety.

Unlike other steel doors, fiberglass ones can’t be sanded, planned or cut according to your preferences. 

You should adjust to whatever is offered on the market instead of being perfectly accommodated.

You won’t find it readily available

4. Staining 

Staining the door to match your home’s colors or restore the worn finish is complicated and time-consuming.

Whichever brand of stain you choose, each has its application instructions. 

They include specific temperatures while staining the door and chemicals to avoid when stripping the current stain.

Working in a sheltered space with little wind and sunlight would be best to get a good finish.

The direct sunlight and wind could cause the stain to dry too quickly.

As a result, you’ll get an uneven finish.

Besides, it would be best to let the base coat dry for several days before applying a clear protective finish.

This means the door should be off hinges for some time.

5. Cracks

If you choose low-quality, inexpensive fiberglass doors, you’ll face the cracking problem, especially during cold weather.

The thing is that fiberglass is rigid and might crack under low temperatures when the material contrasts. 

These cracks could damage the door’s appearance and cause a gap where cold air could enter the door.

So make sure to go with the excellent quality fiberglass door with the warranty.

6. Graining

Some fiberglass doors include artificial wood grain, resembling traditional wood doors.

If you go for inexpensive models, you’ll have few choices as to the pattern and depth of the grain. 

These doors lack the traditional look of wood doors and look fake.

If you want the door to look wooden, choose more expensive options.

7. Warping 

While the material of the fiberglass doors resists warping, long-term exposure to the outdoor environment may cause warped doors in some cases.

Your fiberglass door will require regular maintenance to prevent this from happening.  

To lessen the chances of a warped door, you should avoid installing it facing harsh southern sun exposure.

If there is a snug fit between the door and the weatherstripping of the frame, the warpage will occur.

You could tighten this fit by installing an adjustable latch plate and strong hinges to hold and secure the door to the frame.

8. Loose screws

Loose screws are a common door problem, not the fiberglass door problem in particular.

While it seems arbitrary, you shouldn’t overlook loose screws since they can cause your door to fall off.

So if you notice a few loose screws in your door hinges, screw them back in place. 

However, if the screws are damaged, you might even need to drill a new pilot hole or fill the screw area with an adhesive.

Fiberglass door problems: are they a deal breaker?

Not at all.

The fiberglass exterior door is made of fiberglass with little insulation, covered with reinforced polymer and clad with artificial grain, making it look incredibly like real wood. 

It is true they come at a price and will require constant maintenance.

But so would other doors which you want to serve you well and pay a reasonable fee. 

Don’t let the fiberglass door problems we’ve discussed impact your decision.

If you choose a new door with a warranty, you won’t have to worry about any wear, tear, stain or grain issues.

Besides, proper maintenance will go a long way towards preventing any problems or escalating into warranty coverage arguments.

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