Kenmore Dryer Squeaking When Turned On

kenmore dryer squeaking when turned on

If your Kenmore dryer trades its quiet hums with a squealing and squeaking noise, it’s understandable to suspect a frayed belt, faulty pulleys, or damaged roller wheel on your radar.

While these are common culprits, you should go beyond the obvious to decipher the squealing puzzle.

Keep reading our blog post to identify some unique and common squeaky conductors that can sabotage your laundry routine.

Also, we’ll explore the best DIY troubleshooting for a Kenmore Dryer Squeaking when turned on. So, buckle up as we embark on this peace restoration mission!

Why Is Your Kenmore Dryer Squeaking? [Causes and Solutions]

After getting used to the non-stop chorus of squeaks, you might start wondering about how safe it is to keep using the appliance and what is your next step.

Generally, a squeaky dryer isn’t something you should tolerate, and not just because of the headaches. The underlying causes of this problem may lead to serious complications, including high repair bills, premature dryer retirement, and even fire hazards.

So, ignoring squeaks due to component frictions or wear and tear may not end well. Fortunately, grab your trusty tools;

  • A screwdriver
  • A brush and/ or a vacuum cleaner
  • A wrench
  • A nut driver
  • A spirit level
  • A putty knife
  • Replacement parts ( if needed)

Now it’s time to have some faith in your DIY capabilities, as they can spare you the hassle of accumulated wet laundry and some potential risks.

Remember, any attempts to troubleshoot a whining Kenmore dryer require disconnecting the appliance from power to avoid unnecessary electric shocks.

1a- A Chocked Vent

Any dryer needs some cool air to breathe and release its heat. This is when its vent steps in. but a blocked one won’t be much of help. With frequent use, lint and debris can build up all over the vent, leading to its functional failure.

Unresolved vent clogs make your Kenmore dryer desperate for air like an athlete running in a marathon right after enjoying a heavy and fatty meal.

Improper ventilation makes the internal components like the dryer motor overheat, and potentially sputter. Also, it puts more strain on the belt and rollers, leading to increased friction and eventual damage.

As you already know friction is a primary cause of unintended operas of squeaks.

dryer vent cleaning

1b- How To Fix A Chocked Dryer Vent

Despite the severe complications resulting from plugged vents, the cure is relatively simple. All you need to do is to detox the blocked vent. Follow these steps to make the vent catch its breath again:

  1. Bring a sturdy lint-sucking machine aka, a vacuum cleaner to free blockages from both ends of the vent.
  2. While at it, get up close and personal with the external vent flap to vanquish the blockages.
  3.  In case of deep blockages, you should contact a professional vent cleaning service.

2a- Problematic Dryer Glides

Forget unbalanced legs or faulty belts, your Kenmore dryer squeaking reveals a small secret; the glides are rebelling and engaging in a squealing frenzy to grab your attention. These are some of the least-expected culprits. The tiny plastic strips keep a tumbling drum in the right bath.

Once gone bad, the drum will increasingly squeal against them. In addition to the non-stop noise, malfunctioning glides will affect the overall machine performance and longevity.

2b- How To Fix Problematic Dryer Glides

Unfortunately, malfunctioning glides don’t have a fix other than getting new ones. But how would you make sure they are the ones to blame? Ready to play a dryer detective? This simple test is revealing.

  1. If the drum wobbles or moves unevenly, chances are your dryer glides are no longer in shape.
  2. Locate these glides at the front and back parts of the drum. Find them nestled near the rear bulkhead.
  3. Use a putty knife to remove the top panel at the top of the dryer and a screwdriver to remove the screws of the front panel. Removing both panels gives you better access to the glides.
  4. Depending on the Kenmore dryer model, you will find the old glides attached to clips or screws. So, remove the attachment accordingly and carefully.
  5. Install the new glides and reassemble all the parts in reverse order.

3a- Unlevel Dryer Legs

Ever noticed excessive vibrations along with noisy squeaks coming from your Kenmore dryer? This is a clear sign of unlevel installation. This problem makes your dryer appear like a wobbly waltzer.

At the installation, the dryer’s feet weren’t given the red-carpet treatment of a perfectly level floor. This Improper treatment ends up in unequal weight distribution, which translates into excessive vibrations and squeaky performance.

When left untreated this dynamic duo will increase friction and internal component damage, which may leave you no other choice than to replace the entire unit.

level dreyer

3b- How To Level a Dryer

Tackling this issue isn’t tricky at all. Just bring your leveling tool and measure each leg to know if any are shorter than the others. Determining the shorter ones means you’ve finally caught the culprits. You can support the short feet using some leveling shims. Slide them under the even legs until the spirit level balances.

While at it, you can invest in anti-vibration pads. You can install them beneath your now-silenced squeaky Kenmore dryer. These pads provide increased sound insulation so you won’t be bothered by any sort of vibration anymore.

4a- A Bad Drive Belt

Remember when you enjoyed your new dryer’s smooth and efficient performance? You could’ve thanked its drive belt for the speedy and silent circulation of the drum. But as you keep indulging in freshly dried garments and sheets, this unsung soldier may become tired.

A tired belt announces its need for tender love and care through squeaky protests. With years of loyal service, this rubber belt might become worn, cracked, or at least caked with lint.

4b- How To Fix a Bad Dryer Belt

As your old warrior keeps crying for help, Ignoring it will only make things worse. You can expect serious complications, some of them might be beyond repair even with the best technicians.

These issues include drum damage, uneven movement of the rollers, and the idler pulley. On top of that a faulty belt forces the motor to work harder to substitute for its slippy performance.

To correctly address the belts’ issues, you can do the following:

  1. Locate the belt behind the drum. For better access, you will need to remove the front panel.
  2. If you find lint residue suffocating the belt, use your screwdriver to bust the evil buildup.
  3. In case the belt appears like a worn-out shoelace, there is no other option but to give it a dignified discharge and get a new Kenmore dryer belt replacement.

5a- A Faulty Dryer Fan

A Kenmore dryer fan is a powerful component containing a bunch of rotating blades. It is responsible for pushing the hot air through the machine’s duct. But once it gets grumpy, this mighty fan loses its soothing whispers to become a squeaky shriek.

A Kenmore dryer fan loses its graceful moves if one or more of the blades malfunctions. These blades spin at a lighting speed, but lint buildup, loose screws, and wear and tear make them bump against the fan housing, leading to the piercing symphony of whining and squealing.

5b- How To Fix A Faulty Dryer Fan

To restore your dryer fan’s peaceful and smooth movement, you should do the following:

  1. Unscrew the back panel of your Kenmore dryer for proper access.
  2. Give the fan a gentle spin to test its motion. If it wobbles or spins heavily, you are investigating the right suspect.
  3.  Inspect the blades carefully for blockages and remove them accordingly.
  4. Tighten any loose bolts or screws hooking the fan to its housing or the blades to the wheel.
  5. Signs of damage call for installing a new fan.


In the quiet rhythm of your laundry routine, a squeaky Kenmore Dryer can be an intolerable soloist. From a choked vent to a tired belt or rebellious glides, we’ve unmasked some of the main culprits disrupting the peace and order of your laundry oasis.

Leaving this symphony unattended for a while ends in higher repair costs and endangers your own safety.

Now that you are armed with knowledge and the right tools, are you ready to silence these squeaky components once and for all? Roll up your sleeves, bring your flashlight and the rest of the toolkit, and follow our detailed guide to restore harmony back to your Kenmore dryer today.

Still uncertain? then, don’t delay calling in the pros to get everything back in order.

If your Kenmore dryer shows other problems, such as a not-spinning drum or starting failure, take a look at these relevant blogs for proper troubleshooting.

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