Maytag Dryer AF Code: Causes & 5 Ways To Fix It Now

Dryers are one of the convenience appliances in your home; it helps you dry your laundry and other fabric after washing it. The Maytag dryer is known for its efficiency and top performance, but over time electronic devices can face some errors due to regular usage.

The errors appear as two-letter codes on dryers display, which can be frustrating if you need to know what the code stands for. However, you don’t have to worry because, in this article, I will discuss the causes of the Maytag dryer AF code. In addition, I will help you solve, avoid, and prevent each cause.

Maytag Dryer AF Code
The Maytag dryer AF code stands for “Restricted Air Flow,” and it means that the dryer is having inadequate airflow, which can be the result of several reasons, for example, faulty door seal, blocked dryer vent, unclean lint screen, or twisted vent.

Causes of Maytag Dryer AF Code

The AF code on your Maytag dryer’s display stands for “Restricted Airflow,” which means that the amount of air flowing through the dryer is not suitable for the dryer to operate properly. The inadequate airflow can be caused due to several things like the dyer vent or lint screen being clogged.

A kinked dryer vent can also serve as a blockage to the airflow, which causes the AF error code. In the following points, I will guide you through the necessary troubleshooting to find the cause of your Maytag dryer AF code.

1- Unclean Lint Screen

The lint and debris from your clothes are removed by the lint screen during the drying cycle. The lint screen ensures that your clothes stay in good condition by removing the lint buildup, which can make your clothes discolored and stiff.

So, over time the lint starts building up on the lint screen, which gets in the way of airflow. The lint buildup increases the time your clothes take to dry due to the airflow issue. As a result, the dryer displays the AF error code to alert you.

2- Blocked Dryer Vent

The dryer vent exhausts the moisture and hot air from the dryer while it’s drying your laundry or fabrics; in addition, it also prevents the lint from building up inside the appliance.

An unblocked dryer vent is essential for the Maytag dryer to operate efficiently and without any errors. If the dryer gets clogged with lint, it can lead to several issues; for example, the dryer wills start to heat up due to inadequate airflow.

The continuous high temperature of the dryer can lead to fire hazards because the mold that is building up inside the dryer with regular usage will burn from the lint. Therefore, the dryer displays the AF error code to alert you that there is an issue with airflow.

3- Kinked Dryer Vent

After cleaning the dryer vent and the lint screen, you will need to check if the venting system is kinked or twisted. The kinks and twists can block the airflow and cause the AF error code.

You can tell that your dryer venting system has an issue with the time it takes for your clothes to dry. If the clothes take more than usual or take too long to dry, then you will need to check the vent system.

4- Faulty Door Seal

The door seal is essential for making an airtight seal around the dryer’s door, which prevents the outside air from entering the dryer machine or the air inside the dyer from leaking out. This process ensures the right airflow and helps the dryer machine to operate properly.

You will need to check the door seal to see if it’s dirty or broken; a dirty door seal can prevent the seal from closing properly, so you will need to clean it. If the door seal is faulty, like having tears or cracks, you will need to replace it.

5- Incorrect Vent Length

Maytag dryers have recommended the length and number of elbows for their venting system. The number of elbows and the venting system length differs according to the type of vent used. Therefore, the AF code might be the result of the wrong length or elbows number.

How to Fix Maytag Dryer AF Code?

After discussing the causes of the Maytag dryer AF code, like faulty door seal, blocked dryer vent, unclean lint screen, or twisted vent, now, I will help you solve each cause in detail, all it takes is to carefully follow this repair process.

1- How to Fix Unclean Lint Screen?

Unclean lint screens needed to be cleaned to clear any errors and decrease the drying time of your clothes. First, open up the door of your dryer, and you will locate the lint screen in the door opening. Take out the lint screen by pulling it straight up.

Open the lint screen by pressing the screen tab down; now, remove the lint using your hands and without using any water. If lint touches water, it will harden, and you not be able to remove it.

After cleaning the lint screen, close it and place it back into the opening of the dryer door. If the lint screen has detergent or fabric softener buildup over the lint, you will need to wash lint screen. First, clean any lint before applying water so it doesn’t get hard. Apply warm water to both sides of the lint screen.

Get a nylon brush and dampen it in warm water and then in a liquid detergent. Use the nylon brush to scrub the screen and remove any detergent or fabric softener buildup. Apply warm water again the clean the screen, and let the screen dry or dry it using a towel. Before installing the screen back, clean the screen opening in the dryer using a vacuum cleaner.

2- How to Fix a Blocked Dryer Vent?

It’s recommended that you clean your dryer vent at least twice a year to ensure the safety and efficiency of your Maytag dryer; in addition, the lint filter also needs to be cleaned twice a year.

You can clean the dryer vent using a vacuum cleaner to clean any debris or lint stuck in the vent; after that, use a dryer brush to remove any remaining material stuck in the vent. You can also follow the following guide to help you clean the dryer vent efficiently.

  1. Power off the dryer and unplug it from the electrical socket, or use the circuit breaker.
  2. Locate the dryer vent, it will be at the back of the dryer, and the vent hose coming out from it.
  3. Disconnect the dryer vent hose from the wall; you will need to loosen the clamps using a screwdriver.
  4. Disconnect the vent hose from the dryer; you will need to loosen the brackets on the dryer.
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower to clean the hose from any debris.
  6. Clean the vent from any hair or lent by using the vacuum cleaner or the leaf blower through the opening designed for the hose.
  7. Remove the vent cover.
  8. Clean the vent cover by washing it.
  9. Use vent brushes to clean any remaining or stuck debris.
  10. Install the vent cover.
  11. Install the vent hose.
  12. Power on your dryer.

3- How to Fix a Kinked Dryer Vent?

The first step is to power off your dryer and unplug it from the electrical outlet, then make a space between the dryer and the wall to access the vent. Bring a screwdriver and insert it inside the vent, then rotate the screwdriver in a counterclockwise direction.

The screwdriver will loosen the vent, and you will be able to straighten out the coils using your hands. If you can’t straighten the coils yourself, you will need to hire a service technician to solve the issue.

4- How to Fix a Faulty Door Seal?

If the door seal is the reason behind the AF error code, you will need to repair it to get your dryer working properly. The first step to repair your door seal is to remove the dryer’s door; you will need to use a Phillips screwdriver.

Start inspecting the door seal; if the door seal has tears or cracks, it will not work properly, so you will need to replace it with a new one. If the door seal is dirty, you will need to clean it; you can clean it using warm water and a piece of cloth. Then, ensure nothing is caught between the seal and the door.

5- How to Fix Incorrect Vent Length?

You will need to know the recommended length and number of elbows for the type of vent used in your dryer machine. Then, if the length is incorrect, you will need to fix it to get your dryer working properly and efficiently.

Preventing Maytag Dryer AF Code

So far, I have gone through the causes of the Maytag dryer and the solution for each cause. Next, I will explain how to avoid and prevent each cause to ensure you don’t face it again in the future.

1- Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance will ensure that your dryer doesn’t face any problems like the Maytag AF error code. The maintenance includes cleaning the lint screen on a regular basis to ensure the lint doesn’t build up on the screen and affect the airflow.

The next thing is to clean your dryer vent at least twice a year; the vent can get blocked due to accumulated debris over time. The accumulation can affect the efficiency and safety of the dryer. Therefore, clean the dryer vent and the vent hose using a vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower.

The last thing is to ensure your door seal is working because it’s important for the airtight seal that helps the dryer function properly. So, check your dryer door seals regularly to ensure it’s not broken or dirty.

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