Maytag Refrigerator Is Not Cooling: 5 Ways To Easily Fix It

If your Maytag refrigerator isn’t cooling as it should, there are a few possible problems that could be causing it to malfunction

It is safe to say that this is a rather broad issue requiring detailed troubleshooting but not necessarily professional help.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore some of the most common reasons why a Maytag fridge stops cooling and provide tips on how to fix the problem

Most methods of fixing a Maytag refrigerator are beginner-friendly, so keep reading to learn more.

Why is the Maytag refrigerator not cooling?

As we’ve mentioned, detailed troubleshooting is necessary since numerous elements could cause the refrigerator not to cool correctly – whether damaged or failed.

Here are the most common reasons why your Maytag refrigerator is not cooling correctly

1. Malfunctioning temperature control thermostat

This is the leading cause of a refrigerator not cooling. The thermostat is mounted on the evaporator and controls it to maintain the set temperature in the device. 

Because of wear, tear or impact, it may stop working or work improperly, leading to malfunctioning cooling. 

Therefore, you should check for any signs of damage or malfunctioning, such as loose wires or broken buttons. It may be necessary to replace the thermostat to restore proper cooling.

2. Damaged compressor

A damaged compressor is one of the most common causes behind a Maytag refrigerator not cooling. 

A damaged compressor usually makes a clanking or humming noise and may not run. 

This issue can be caused by several factors, including excessive wear and tear over time, exposure to heat or cold temperatures for an extended period, or even electrical faults.

The compressor’s role in a Maytag refrigerator is to circulate refrigerant through the appliance, which cools down the temperature inside. 

When this component is damaged, it can cause your Maytag refrigerator not to cool properly. This issue should be addressed as soon as possible, as the food inside may spoil if left untreated.

3. Clogged condenser coils

It is also possible that your Maytag refrigerator isn’t cooling correctly because of clogged condenser coils

The condenser coils are usually located behind or underneath your refrigerator. These coils absorb heat from inside the fridge and release it outside. 

If these coils become dirty and clogged with dust, pet hair, grease, or food particles (i.e., not cleaned regularly), they will not be able to absorb as much heat and disperse it outside of your home efficiently. 

This leaves the excess heat in your fridge, which can cause various problems like making items spoil faster (or even worse – causing them to freeze) and increasing your energy bills due to increased electricity use.

4. Blocked airflow

Blocked airflow vents will also prevent the Maytag refrigerator from cooling properly, often resulting in the freezer and refrigerator working at improper temperatures.

The first thing to be checked is whether your Maytag refrigerator has power going to it by looking for the light or inside outlet lights illuminating

If not, check your circuit breaker and see if it has tripped. If so, turn it back on again. If that doesn’t work, you may need to call an electrician to diagnose why there is a power loss from the circuit breaker box until the outlet on your Maytag refrigerator gets electricity.

5. Failed start capacitor

A failed start capacitor may also be why your fridge isn’t cooling correctly all of a sudden

The role of the start capacitor in a refrigerator is to kick-start the compressor motor, which allows it to start working. 

The capacitor is a small electrical device with two metal plates separated by an insulating material. These plates store electricity and release it when you turn on your fridge or freezer, giving the necessary power boost to get things going.

If the capacitor fails, however, it won’t be able to provide enough energy to make the compressor work, so your appliance will stop cooling. 

To check if this is happening with yours, open its main panel and look for the relay switch on its back side (it may also be positioned at another location). 

If you notice overheating there – such as discolored contact points – or if the relay switch is broken, you most likely have a failed start capacitor.

How to fix a Maytag refrigerator not cooling

Detecting the issue can sometimes be even more challenging than solving it. Here are the step-by-step guides for fixing the most common problems behind a Maytag refrigerator that is not cooling

1. Check the temperature control thermostat

If your fridge isn’t cooling correctly, one of the main steps would be troubleshooting the temperature control thermostat

There are a few reasons why this may not work correctly, from a faulty switch to wiring problems.

If you’ve discovered that your temperature control thermostat is broken or malfunctioning, some possible fixes for the problem include:

  1. Check the switch on the thermostat itself to make sure it’s functioning correctly. If you notice signs of wear or corrosion, try cleaning it with a damp cloth and reconnecting the wires to ensure proper functionality.
  2. Inspect the wiring on your refrigerator to ensure there aren’t any loose connections or broken wires. You can usually do this by checking for frayed or exposed spots that could potentially short out the system. If necessary, replace any damaged wires with new ones.
  3. Get in touch with a professional to diagnose and repair your fridge if you cannot find or fix the issue yourself. There may be a more complex underlying problem that only a professional can diagnose and address.

2. Replace the damaged compressor

If you suspect that the compressor is damaged, the solution is to buy a new one and install it. 

Here are the steps to install a new compressor in your Maytag refrigerator:

  1. Turn off the power to your refrigerator and unplug it from the wall before you begin any repairs.
  2. Take out all the shelves, drawers, and other compartments in your refrigerator to access its back panel. This will allow you easy access to the compressor when necessary.
  3. Disconnect the wires attached to the compressor and remove them from the refrigerator.
  4. Follow your specific Maytag model manual to find the exact replacement part you need for your unit, or visit a local appliance store to purchase one.
  5. Use pliers or a wrench to disconnect parts of your old compressor that are still connected to other components.
  6. Follow your specific Maytag model manual to install the new replacement compressor, or consult with a professional appliance repair technician for help.
  7. Attach any remaining parts that you removed from your old compressor before installing the new one, and then plug in your refrigerator and turn on the power again to start using it as usual.

3. Clean the condenser coils

In case clogged condenser coils are causing your Maytag fridge to malfunction, you may have to clean them and remove the clogs.  

Here are the steps to clean the condenser coils:

  1. Open the refrigerator door and disconnect it from the electricity source.
  2. Locate your fridge’s condenser coils (often found at the back of the unit). Depending on your Maytag fridge model, the coils may be in one or more locations.
  3. Once you have found the condenser coils, brush them thoroughly, removing all dirt and mold. You can also try using mild detergent and water solution to loosen any buildup clogging the coils. Take your time with this step – cleaning the condenser coils thoroughly often takes at least one hour.
  1. Once you have adequately cleaned the condenser coils, reconnect the power and turn on your Maytag fridge. 

You should immediately see an improvement in its cooling ability. If not, it is time to troubleshoot further by examining other possible factors that may be causing your refrigerator to malfunction. 

4. Check the airflow

The airflow can get blocked by food products, fridge shelves, and some components in the refrigerator, such as ice trays or water filters. 

There are quite a few ways to unblock the airflow in your fridge. One of the most common and effective methods is to use a vacuum cleaner or broom to suck up all the dust that might be stuck in the vents.

Disrupt the appliance from its power source to unblock your Maytag refrigerator’s airflow. This includes the fridge and attached devices, such as a water filter or ice maker. 

Once it’s unplugged, remove all the food items inside the refrigerator to get them out of the way. 

You should then use your vacuum cleaner or broom to suck up any dust that may be in between the vents and on top of them. 

When you’re done, reattach the power supply to the fridge. Next, check if there is any ice or frost inside your fridge. 

If so, unplug it again and remove all its food components. Then use a hair dryer on a low heat setting to melt the frost away from the evaporator coils in the freezer compartment.

5. Check the capacitor

It may not be immediately apparent if you’re dealing with a failed capacitor. However, if you notice that it is damaged, here’s how to troubleshoot it:

  1. Unplug your refrigerator and remove the back panel covering the compressor. Depending on your model, this may be very easy or somewhat difficult. You may need a screwdriver or wrench to remove the bolts that hold it in place.
  2. Look for signs of damage or wear to the capacitor, such as cracks or bulges. If you see any signs of damage, replace the capacitor right away. 
  3. If your capacitor looks okay, check its voltage rating, and ensure it matches what is listed on the compressor. If it doesn’t match, you will need to replace the capacitor.
  4. Once you have confirmed that your capacitor is functioning correctly, plug in your Maytag refrigerator and test to see if the problem has been resolved.
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