Moen vs Delta: Which one is the best in 2024?

Whether installing a brand-new kitchen faucet or replacing an old broken one, choosing the right product for the job is one of the most crucial decisions you can make.

Ensure you pick one with the right features and fits your decor, but also lasts a long time and fits your budget.

Two of the most popular choices you’ll see recommended for good-quality faucets are Moen and Delta.

But, unless you’re already well-versed in the faucet industry, choosing the one that best suits you can be very confusing.

So, in this article, I’m putting these two companies head-to-head and comparing all their features so you can make an informed decision on which is the best for you.

Moen vs. Delta: Quick Overview

Despite both being market leaders in the faucet industry, the differences between these two faucets are not always immediately apparent.

Here’s a quick birds-eye view of how the two stack up together:

  • Design: While both brands look great, they each have their distinct style, with Moen leaning towards that traditional/classic faucet design while Delta embraces a more contemporary, sleek, and modern aesthetic.
  • Price: Price can vary dramatically depending on which model you buy and which features it has. But as a general rule, Moen faucets will be slightly more expensive than Delta.
  • Features: Both Moen and Delta are in hot competition when it comes to integrating cutting-edge technology into their touchless faucets. Delta’s features are generally a little more advanced with its touchless activation and even Alexa-integrated voice commands. But Moen still has some fantastic features up its sleeve with their motion sense and power clean technology.
  • Durability: Moen faucets are considered slightly more long-lasting and durable than Delta, hence the higher price. But Delta still produces high-quality products that will last you for years.
  • Ease of Installation: Installing your faucet without having to pay a plumber can be a huge buying incentive. While both faucet types can be installed by yourself, Delta is considered a little more user-friendly to install than Moen.
  • Number of models: Both companies produce roughly the same number of bathroom faucets or shower fixtures. However, if you’re specifically in the market for a new kitchen faucet, Moen has almost double the available number of models compared to Delta.
  • Warranty: Both companies offer generous warranties for their products, and they clearly believe in their quality/longevity. However, this warranty can vary based on the model you purchase and the technology it utilizes.

Moen Overview

Having been in business since the 1930s, Moen is a trusted brand within the plumbing industry and has built an outstanding reputation for producing high-quality faucets.

They’re considered a household name.

With that being said, Moen is also not afraid to implement advanced technologies such as MotionSense, allowing you to turn your faucet on without direct contact.

Additionally, they use cool features such as the power clean, which can help focus the water on, giving you some extra power when cleaning dishes with stubborn stains.

They have a reasonable selection of finish options and will fit most (but not all) common design aesthetics.

Their most significant selling point is in the robust construction and flexible supply lines, which make installation and overall reliability a breeze.

Not only that, but they can handle pressures of up to 1000 PSI without any issues at all.

However, this reliability comes at a cost, and there are not as many budget-friendly options.

Overall, Moen is a safe and reliable product that doesn’t skimp on construction materials to give you a product you can trust.

But you may find its variety of options and technologies limited.

Delta Overview

Despite not being around for as long as Moen, Delta has done a great job of crafting its own niche and identity within the plumbing market by consistently innovating and not being afraid to utilize remarkable technologies.

While not quite as robust as Moen, they are often made from tough metal, helping with their durability, but this also does make them quite heavy, which may be a consideration for you during installation.

Some of the amazing innovative technologies they use include VoiceIQ, in which you can connect to Alexa technology; this allows you to turn on the faucet with a simple voice command.

A lot of cool things can be done with this voice technology, including dispensing exact amounts of water based on your command allowing for hands-free, accurate water dispensing; amazing!

With that being said, all this technology does have the potential to fail, which can make fixing and repairs troublesome, making them overall a little less reliable than Moen.

Aesthetically, Delta takes on a more modern and contemporary look, as well as having a wider variety of models available.

So for those needing a specific yet distinctive look for their faucet, Delta might be a better choice.

Delta faucets can also be a bit more challenging to install due to their stiff supply lines and will usually require an expert’s assistance, which in turn may raise the overall installation cost for you.

Moen vs. Delta: The Comparison

Once you have a better understanding of each brand’s main selling points, we can now go into further details to compare them so you can get a clear idea of which will best suit your specific needs.

1. Look and Design

As both companies try their best to cater to as broad of an audience as possible, there will evidently be a degree of crossover between their visual looks.

Despite this, each company does try to have its own overall, unique style.

Moen leans towards more of a traditional or classic design philosophy that uses more curves and intricacies while implementing classic finishes such as chrome or brushed bronze.

In contrast, Delta leans towards a modern and contemporary aesthetic, utilizing more straight lines and angles to create something sleek and refined in appearance.

They also have a range of finishes, such as matte black, stainless steel, and brushed metal, to support this.

Again, both companies have models that cross over into each other’s aesthetic style and ultimately the right choice will come down to your personal preference.

2. Affordability

Similarly, both brands try to offer faucets that span a wide range of budgets to appeal to as much of a potential customer base as possible.

Moen has a reputation for being slightly more expensive due to their reliability and use of high-quality materials.

Because of this, Moen has a smaller selection of budget-orientated faucets when compared to Delta.

Delta, on the other hand, while still being reliable, robust and using durable materials, have put a more extensive effort into making sure they have some cheaper and more affordable faucets within their lineup, which may make them a stronger consideration for those on a budget.

3. Technology and Features

Both brands are doing a great job of embracing new technologies to make your faucet experience as good as possible.

But when it comes to advanced features, Delta is a little more creative and innovative with its technologies.

They include things like the previously mentioned Alexa integration as well as the Touch20, which allows for hands-free operation of the faucet.

Diamond seal technology is a specially designed valve that guarantees to make it leak-proof and last a long time.

There is also ShieldSpray, a cleaning technology that can wash dishes without wasting water.

Moen, on the other hand, is a little less advanced but does have some cool stuff, including the Reflex pulldown system, which allows you to focus your water on exactly where you need it, as well as their own MotionSense hands-free operation technology.

4. Durability and Reliability

Neither brand is known for being unreliable per se, as both brands will last a long time.

That said, Moen has a particularly stellar reputation for using good quality materials and providing a robust product that will serve you well for a long time.

The fact their company has been in business for longer also helps aid this reputation.

Delta’s no pushover in the reliability department either, though, particularly with their Diamond Seal technology; their valve systems are known to last for a long time and be very resilient to leaks.

Overall, we don’t think you’ll have an issue when it comes to reliability with either one of these products.

5. Difficulty of Installation

Both companies have done their best to make installing their faucets as easy as possible.

Moen utilizes the company’s own Quick Mount installation system, designed to allow for quick and hassle-free installation of their products while requiring as few tools as possible.

With that being said, sometimes they may still need consultation from a professional if you aren’t sure what you’re doing.

Delta has also put a lot of effort into ensuring you can self-install by including all the instructions and necessary hardware you’ll need to complete the task yourself.

Overall, both installations are entirely doable by yourself with even basic DIY knowledge, but we think Delta is the easier of the two options to install by yourself.

6. Variety of Models

Both companies offer a wide range of finishes, but Moen comes out slightly ahead here with over 450 kitchen faucet models and 400 bathroom faucet models on their roster.

While some may find this overwhelming, once you narrow your preferences, you’ll soon find yourself whittling down the selection.

While Delta does have a smaller range of kitchen faucets with only 225 and over 400 bathroom faucets on their lineup, we still feel their range is very comprehensive and don’t forsee anyone not being able to get what they want from Delta.

7. Warranty and Customer Service

Both companies offer generous limited lifetime warranties, providing the installation has been performed correctly and you are the original owner.

They’ll help you out with a replacement should anything break.

However, this doesn’t apply to some of the electronic components utilized in their technological features.

So be sure to adequately research this before making your purchase.

Moen vs. Delta: Which one is the best?

Which of these two companies is best for you will ultimately come down to your individual preferences, aesthetic desires, and which kind of technologies you wish to utilize.

If you want a more classic, reliable, and less technologically involved faucet, then Moen makes a great choice as they use solid construction and traditional designs.

If you’re after a more contemporary design that uses forward-thinking technologies such as Alexa integration, Delta will make a better option.

Overall, both companies are reliable, easy to install, and come with a very generous limited warranty.

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