Samsung Dryer Stuck on Cooling? 8 Ways To Easily Fix It

We are all so used to putting our wet clothes into our dryers without putting too much thought into it. Many assume that as soon as they close the door and start the drying cycle, the machine heats up and does its job immediately.

Unfortunately, sometimes the process could be smoother. Over time your Samsung dryer could start giving additional issues that are frustrating. 

One of those issues is the Samsung dryer stuck on cooling, which is caused by various reasons, like the drying issues.

In this article, we’ll check and troubleshoot the issues to find the optimal DYI solutions so you don’t have to call a service.

Why is your Samsung Dryer Stuck on Cooling?

Although the diagnosis is unpleasant for many people, you need correct information to fix or clean the wrong element. So that’s why it is important first to pinpoint where the problem is coming from. 

You have double-checked all the sensors and cleaned them, but the Samsung fryer is still stuck on cooling. The issue might be with the link filter, dryer’s load balance, control board, or power supply. 

Usually, it’s because of a clogged or faulty component.

So if your dryer continues on the cool-down mode for an extended period, it’s time to learn why it behaves like that.

1. Dry cycle

In most cases, a problem with the Samsung dryer not heating up is not far-fetched. Since your Samsung dryer has different settings, you may use a cycle that doesn’t run with heat. 

We recommend learning more about your dryer features as they are different through different models.

2. Improper power supply

Since the dryer is a power-hungry appliance, the heating element inside the dryer requires a continuous two-phase 240V power supply. So it is connected to the double-circuit breakers

If one of those trips, the dryer will receive only half the power it needs and only from one phrase. At the same time, other parts of the dryer receive power and function properly. 

But your clothes won’t be dry since the power won’t be enough to generate heat, and the dryer will be stuck on cooling. 

3. Clogged link filter 

Many Samsung dryer models won’t heat up if they can’t remove hot moist air. The lint filter is what could stop moisture from escaping the dryer, especially when it’s clogged.

Correspondingly, it would be best if you always kept it clean.

4. Faulty vent

The dryer air vent is prone to clogs that form over an extended period. Sometimes small particles might block the vent and passage of the airways. 

So a blocked air vent is one of the most common reasons why Samsung dryers are stuck on cooling.

Even if you clean the lint filter after each dry cycle, dirt and debris can still get trapped inside the air vent. As a result, moist air won’t be able to escape, and your clothes won’t dry.

5. Faulty heating element

The heating element keeps your dryer hot so it can function effectively. Usually, the dryer’s heating element lasts over 15 years. However, it can also burn out because of wear and tear.

If the heating element is faulty, your Samsung dryer will be stuck on cooling.

6. Failed cycling thermostat 

You must know that your dryer is not generating heat continuously through the drying cycle. It only generates it until it reaches its set temperature before shutting off the heater.

If the temperature is too low, it will repeat the heating process multiple times until the required level of heat is maintained. Your dryer relies on the cycling thermostat to ensure the heater turns on and off accordingly.

It senses when the temperature is too low or too high. But if it is used continuously it might fail over time.

And when it happens, you will notice the temperature inside the dryer is too low, so it is stuck on cooling instead of heating your clothes properly.

7. Burnt thermal fuse

The thermal fuse is an extra element in all appliances that generate heat, which is used to protect from overheating. It is also called the “sacrificial” device since it blows out or burns to protect the rest of the unit from burning. 

Correspondingly, if the temperature rises too high, the thermal fuse will burn out and prevent the rest of the dryer from heating up.

If your Samsung dryer is stuck on cooling and won’t heat up, there is a 10% chance it’s because of the burnt thermal fuse. 

It happens when the temperature around the heater assembly rises beyond safe levels (typically related to clogged dryer vents).

How to fix a Samsung Dryer Stuck on Cooling?

You rely on your dryer to dry clothes properly, so you don’t have to hand them out and wait infinitely for them dry. Thats’ why dryers stuck on cooling could be a huge inconvenience. 

But don’t get frustrated too soon. Multiple solutions help you fix the issue yourself. Replacing the dryer parts is required in rare cases. 

1. Check power supply

Ensure a sufficient power supply is available for your Samsung dryer to work properly. Check the circuit breaker and identify which one powers the dryer. 

Then make sure both of them are switched back on. If the same breaker trips, there might be something seriously wrong with your electrical system.

In this case, you need to call a professional electrician to troubleshoot the issue or repair the appliance if the problem is within the Samsung dryer itself.

2. Clean lint filter

Since you should clean the lint filter after every dry cycle, you must know how to do it properly. 

First, switch the dryer and unplug the cord. Then open the dryer and remove the lint filter (which is inside the drum). 

Check the lint filter for debris and clogs that might have accumulated during the cycle and clear them away. The pipe cleaner will help you with that. Reattach the lint filter and close the dryer door. 

3. Check the vent

Check if the air vent is fitted and sealed correctly to ensure the moisture and heat pass through your dryer safely. There should be no air openings or gaps for lint to accumulate. 

Besides, keep an eye on the length. The vent shouldn’t be longer than expected. You can verify it with the user manual.

And finally, the dryer’s air vent should be clean and free without any compression.

4. Check for the error code. 

Sometimes, the Samsung dryer is stuck on cooling, causing other complications. So if you check the power supply, dryer vent, and lint filter and find no issues, look for the error code on your dryer’s display. 

If there is, look it up in the Samsung dryer user manual to interpret and troubleshoot it accordingly.

5. Check the heating element.

To ensure the Samsung dryer heating element cause the dryer to be stuck on cooling, check it for any damage and fault

Start with switching off the dryer and unplugging the power cord. The turn off the gas is that’s the gas dryer. The heating element is surrounded by the metal frame that holds it together. 

Inspect the heating element for any damage, including broken coils. Additionally, test it for continuity with the multimeter. If it fails, get a new heating element to replace the old one.

6. Check the thermal fuse. 

You should run the diagnosis of the thermal fuse only after nothing else works. Switch off the dryer and unplug the power cord. Then remove the dryer’s back panel to access the thermal fuse.

The thermal fuse is usually located near the heating element of the blower. So test it for continuity and replace it if it’s faulty.

7. Check the cycling thermostat.

If you’ve been using your Samsung dryer for quite a while, the thermostat may have suffered from too much wear to function properly.

It means you need to check it for resilience with the multimeter. It should produce a reading of 0.1-0.5 Ohms when working properly. On the other hand, if it’s faulty, it will show infinite reading. It indicates you should replace it.

Usually, you can find the cycling thermostat behind the rear panel. To replace it, remove its electrical connector and screws that keep it in place. 

Note: remember to disconnect the power supply as always.

8. Reset the dryer

Last but not least 一reset your dryer if it is stuck on cooling. However, resort to this solution at last. In most cases, it is just what is required. The reset clears the electronic glitches and one-time malfunctions. 

Switch off the dryer and unplug the cord. Allow it to rest for about 5 minutes so the electrical charge can clear away. Then start it again, and the issue should be resolved.

But if the dryer doesn’t restart, you might need additional troubleshooting

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