SCREENEZE VS Screen Tight: 5 Differences You Should Know

It’s no secret that porches and decks are a great addition to any home. They provide extra living space and a great relaxing spot or entertaining guests. 

However, dealing with insects and bugs on a warm summer night isn’t part of the charm, which is where screen porches such as SCREENEZE and Screen Tight come into play. 

The main differences between SCREENEZE and Screen Tight are durability, warranty, and size.

This guide will compare the two products and outline the main differences you should know before deciding. 


SCREENEZE is an excellent solution for creating a screen porch (also known as an “enclosed screen room” or a “screened-in porch”).

A SCREENEZE screen porch is easy to build and requires no specialized carpentry skills

With the right tools, anyone can build their screened-in patio quickly and easily. Once it’s installed, you’ll enjoy your new space all year long-SCREENEZE will keep those pesky insects outside where they belong. 

In addition to its practical benefits, adding an enclosed patio can also increase the value of your home

It is a great place to entertain guests during warm weather months or relax outside with a good book on rainy days. 

Adding an enclosed porch/patio has become one of the fastest-growing home improvement projects.

SCREENEZE makes it easy to build your enclosed patio quickly, easily, and affordably. 

When installing SCREENEZE, you can install it either as a fully enclosed or open porch. 

If you are installing it as a fully enclosed porch, there are four steps:

  1. Measure the dimensions of the existing porch frame on your house (the main part of the frame is usually made of wood and/or metal). This will determine precisely how many SCREENEZE panels you’ll need to order for your specific application. Ensure that this measurement is taken from the outside edge of each post in your current structure so that all sizes are consistent throughout the installation.
  2. Once you have this measurement, refer to their official website to figure out exactly how many panels you will need to order for your project from start to finish so that your entire SCREENEZE screen porch is covered.
  3. Next, to begin assembling the panels for your new porch, you must install the bottom panel and secure it using a couple of deck screws (the screw holes in the metal frame are pre-drilled). Once this panel is installed, you can move on to installing the next panel on top of that one. Repeat this process for each of your remaining four panels until all panels have been installed.
  4. Once all panels have been installed, there will be some excess fabric material at each end of the existing structure that needs to be trimmed down and tucked underneath so that it doesn’t blow around or stick out from under each panel as they are installed.

What is Screen Tight?

Screen Tight screen porch is an excellent addition to your home if you want to create a space to enjoy the outdoors while preventing insects, bugs, and debris from entering the space

A screen porch will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of having an outdoor living area while protecting you from pesky bugs and providing a respite in inclement weather.

There are a few key considerations to keep in mind when designing a screen porch, such as the size and location of the area. 

If you want to create an incredibly spacious outdoor living space, it’s essential to make sure that the layout of your home allows for sufficient room to build one. 

Additionally, you will want your screen porch to be placed in an area that gets plenty of sunlight and has good airflow so that you can enjoy the space year-round.

Once you have set these fundamental considerations, your next step will be to choose a high-quality screen material that is durable and effective at keeping bugs out. This is where the Screen Tight brand comes into play.

It is a high-quality choice for your screen porch, as the company has a long-standing reputation for delivering quality products built to last

Screen Tight offers a variety of options when it comes to style and mesh design so that you can customize your screen porch according to your individual needs and preferences.

Overall, Screen Tight is the perfect choice if you want an outdoor living space that provides an oasis of relaxation while keeping bugs and insects out.

What are the differences between SCREENEZE and Screen Tight?

These products are excellent choices for protecting your patio and building the porch you’ve always wanted.

However, there are specific differences that you should be aware of before making your purchase. 

1. Durability

It is essential to mention that SCREENEZE is more durable than Screen Tight, as it has double-thick galvanized steel wire. 

Since SCRENEZE is made with more durable materials, it is expected to last longer than Screen Tight. 

However, maintenance and the area you live in play a vital role in the durability of these products – especially since we’re talking about products constantly exposed to external factors.

2. Warranty

In addition, SCREENEZE comes with a 10-year warranty, as opposed to the 5-year warranty from Screen Tight.

This factor further contributes to a product’s overall durability and gives you peace of mind knowing that you can get the SCREENEZE screen porch fixed or replaced in the next decade if anything happens.

3. Size

Screen Tight may not be suitable for large porches, as it can only cover up to 40 square feet at once.

SCREENEZE, on the other hand, covers up to 150 square feet during a single installation, which makes the process much easier if you’re working on a large porch.

The size of the SCREENEZE panels adds to the overall versatility, allowing you to cover a larger area faster and finish the project more quickly. 

4. Price

While the difference in the cost isn’t as drastic, it is essential to mention that SCREENEZE is slightly more expensive than Screen Tight.

Depending on the number of panels you need for the project, the price difference may or may not be an important factor for you.

Your budget and personal preferences play a crucial role in choosing the adequate product for your porch.

5. Color choices

Both brands have a very versatile color scheme and a couple of beautiful, modern colors.

However, the tones and shades differ, and since you want the screen porch to match the house exterior, color is an important factor.

SCREENEZE comes in 4 shades: clay, sand, white, and bronze. On the other hand, Screen Tight is available in brown, beige, white, and gray.

Therefore, it is safe to say that both brands offer options to match any exterior, no matter the color scheme. 

SCREENEZE vs. Screen Tight: Are they the same?

While their roles are the same, these two products aren’t. SCREENEZE is a more durable, long-lasting option that offers a 10-year warranty, which is very important for house renovation and remodeling.

It also offers larger panels, making it easier to cover a bigger area, whereas Screen Tight is the more affordable choice.

Overall, both products are pretty versatile and can elevate your porch and protect you against annoying insects and bugs.

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