Thermador Ice Maker Not Working? 8 Ways To Easily Fix It

Gone are when you had to fill and refill ice trays manually. Ice makers made this part pretty simple and became one of the most valuable features in the fridge in terms of day-to-day convenience. 

When you purchase a Thermador refrigerator, it is an investment in quality. So if something goes wrong, like the Thermador ice maker not working, it can be disappointing.

Usually, those problems are related to a handful of main components, including water lines, valves, filters, and more. 

So in this article, we’ll help you to find a solution to the Thermador ice maker problems that are often simple enough to tackle without calling a service. 

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If your Thermador ice maker is not working, it could be due to a clogged water filter, a frozen water line, or a malfunctioning ice maker module. Check the water filter and defrost the water line to fix the issue. If the problem persists, contact a professional technician for assistance.

Why is Thermador Ice Maker Not Working?

Although they make our lives much easier, most ice makers don’t work 100% of the time. It is a mechanical assembly, so sometimes, some things might break, malfunction, or don’t work.

Before making any repairs, you must first identify the issues with your Thermador ice maker. Fixing the ice maker often comes down to resolving whatever caused it to malfunction. 

The parts involved in making ice 一, ice mold, water line, a bucket, and a few moving parts 一 are not complicated and are easily repaired.

So let’s review some common reasons why the Thermador ice maker stops working.

1. Wrong temperature settings.

The temperature setting is the first thing you need to check if the Thermador ice maker is not working. The ice maker won’t be making ice if the freezer is only a few degrees above the ideal freezing temperature

Thermador refrigerator requires the freezer set to 0-5°F to ensure the proper temperature for ice production. 

However, if the freezer is still warm, inspect the door seals to ensure they work properly. When a seal is obstructed by debris, cold air might escape and cause the freezer’s temperature to rise.

Additionally, you can check if the frost accumulates on the evaporator coils. If the evaporator coils are frosted over, the defrost system has likely failed.

2. Water inlet valve.

A component that is electrically operated and opens to supply water to the dispenser and ice maker is the water inlet valve. So if the water inlet valve is defective and has insufficient pressure, the water won’t flow through. 

As a result, the Thermador ice maker won’t make ice. The inlet valve requires at least 20 psi to work properly.

3. Ice maker assembly.

The ice maker assembly comprises the water line, fan, and water inlet valve. So, if none of the parts are bad, and the Thermador ice maker still doesn’t work, the issue might be in the whole ice maker assembly.

4. Ice maker module.

The ice maker module has an electric motor that rotates around the ice ejector arms to dispense ice cubes into the ice bucket.

The ice cubes are then released when the temperature of the thermostat attached to the ice tray gets to 15?F. 

The rotation motor of the icemaker module transfers energy to the water input valve.

defective icemaker module means the ice can’t be made or dispensed.

5. Dirty water filter.

The water filter works to remove impurities and tiny particles from the water used in the refrigerator. Over time, these contaminants might accumulate in the filter and obstruct it.

Only a limited amount of water will be released from a blocked filter. The amount of ice formed will also be little.

6. Ice level control board.

Some fridges use an infrared beam to check the level of ice in the bucket. When the ice reaches the top of the bucket, it disrupts the beam, causing the control board to turn off the ice machine.

Then when the ice level drops, the control board signals to the ice maker to make more ice. The Thermador fridge ice maker won’t work if the control board fails.

7. Door switch.

The door switch’s purpose is to turn off the ice and water dispenser when the door is open. The water and ice dispenser won’t turn on if the door switch fails. 

How to fix Thermador Ice Maker Not Working

Having ice ready whenever you want is a luxury we all take for granted until we reach to get some ice, and there is none. 

Although Thermador refrigerator requires a few repairs throughout the fridge’s lifetime, the service is sometimes required 一, typically simple solutions. 

But don’t be quick to call for professional help when the Thermador ice maker stops working. Try these simple solutions and fixes to save yourself money and frustration.

1. Turn on the ice maker.

When the Thermador ice maker is not working, we suggest you turn it on before troubleshooting. There are about two or three ways to stop your ice maker. 

The most common is the on/off switch is a wire arm on the side of the ice maker. If the wire arm is raised, it indicates that the ice maker is off. Please turn it on and check whether the wire arm is lowered.

2. Check the temperature setting.

A second important thing to do when fixing the Thermador ice maker is to check the temperature setting. Your freezer temperature should range between 0-5°F.

3. Check the water inlet valve. 

Ensure the water inlet valve pressure is at least 20 psi, as recommended. To determine that, use a water pressure regulator.

Use a multimeter to check for power to the valve if the water pressure is enough, but the water doesn’t enter the dispenser.

If the valve receives power, you need to replace the water inlet valve.

4. Replace the ice maker assembly 

If you’ve checked the water inlet valve, water line, and fan and find some of them defective, you might need to replace an entire ice maker assembly. Why? Unfortunately, many ice maker parts are not sold separately. 

If none of the parts are at fault, call for professional Thermador appliance repair or check other solutions to Thermador ice maker problems.

5. Check the ice maker module.

Confirm if the bail arm is lowered or the switch is on if the dispenser isn’t working. If not, the ice maker module may be to blame.

Additionally, make sure the ejector blades are not stuck. If they are broken, consider replacing the ice maker module.

6. Replace the water filter.

Since a clogged water filter will restrict water flow to the dispenser, you must ensure it is clean. Thermador recommends changing the fridge water filter every 6 months to prevent blockages. 

But remember to use Thermador brand filters to ensure proper fit and function.

7. Check the control board.

If the ice level control board is broken, the Thermador ice maker won’t generate any ice. So you have to ensure it is getting enough power to function.

If the ice level control board has enough power, but the Thermador ice maker won’t work, replace the ice level control board.

8. Test the door switch.

To determine whether the door switch is defective, you must use a multimeter and test it for continuity. If the door switch doesn’t have continuity when activated, it’s a sign it needs replacement. 

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