Frigidaire Dishwasher PF Code: Causes & 6 Ways To Fix It Now

Dishwashers are known to be one of the appliances responsible for your convenience at home. However, the dishwasher is like any other electric or electronic appliance; it can face issues and errors.

One of the errors that the dishwasher can face is the PF error code; it can be frustrating when you try you use your dishwasher and find it’s not working and displaying the PF error code.

You don’t have to worry because, in this article, I will discuss the causes of the Frigidaire dishwasher PF code and its meaning. In addition, I will explain how to solve each cause of this issue and how to avoid and prevent it in the future.

Frigidaire Dishwasher PF Code
The Frigidaire dishwasher PF code means that there is a power failure which indicates a power interruption in your dishwasher, which may result from a power outage, loose electrical connection, faulty door system, defective heating system, or faulty control board.

Causes of Frigidaire Dishwasher PF Code

First, the meaning of PF code stands for “Power Failure,” and the PF code can result from several factors; they can be either internal or external factors. Determining the cause of the PF error will make it easier to solve it.

The causes can be simple things that can be solved by doing a simple reset to the dishwasher; usually, these things result from external factors.

Other causes might be internal issues needing stepped diagnosis and patience. In the following points, I will guide you through the necessary troubleshooting to determine the cause of your Frigidaire dishwasher PF code.

1- Power Outage

The common cause of the PF error code is power outages; the power outage can be either in your neighborhood or in general. The interruption of the power supply to the dishwasher results in the PF error code; the washer displays the PF code to alert you that there is a power issue.

Faults in the electrical system in your house, like circuit breakage or a faulty circuit breaker, can also result in a power failure. As a result, the power supply to the dishwasher will be interrupted, and the PF error code will be displayed.

2- Loose Wiring Connections

The connection between the dishwasher and your household’s electric circuit must be stable. This means that the dishwasher plug and its prongs have to be firmly connected to the power source.

As we discussed, the main reason for the PF error code is a power supply interruption. Therefore, it makes sense that your dishwasher must always have a stable power supply, especially when it’s working like a wash or drain cycle.

The electrical outlets limit how many devices can be connected to the electrical outlet simultaneously. If too many devices are connected to the same outlet the dishwasher is connected to, it can affect the power supplied to the appliance.

For example, if you have your refrigerator and dishwasher connected to the same electrical outlet. Then, turning on your refrigerator can cause a power drop in your dishwasher, resulting in the PF error code.

3- Defective Door System

The door system shuts down your dishwasher when you open the door during the washing cycle. When you close the door, the control panel detects it and continues the washing cycle. When the door system is defective, it results in the PF error code on your washer’s display.

Because a faulty door system can cut off or affect the dishwasher’s power, the system can get defective if water reaches the door switch. If the water has reached the door switch inside the door system, this can indicate a faulty seal.

4- Malfunctioning Heating System

The heating system consists of a heating element; the element is responsible for water heating inside the dishwasher. If the heating element is faulty, it can affect the power supply to the dishwasher, resulting in the PF error code.

5- Water Leaking or Not Draining

Cold water is essential for the dishwasher to perform its function, but it also can cause issues to the appliance, like the PF error code. For example, if there is a leakage from the wash pump or any drainage error due to a faulty drain pump.

6- Defective Control Board

The control board is the most valuable part of the dishwasher; it controls the drying, washing, and draining. If there is any problem with the control board, it can result in many errors.

One of these errors is the PF error code; what causes the malfunctioning of the control board is leakage, moisture, or steam when it finds its way to the control board.

How to Fix Frigidaire Dishwasher PF Code?

After discussing the causes of the PF code, like power outages, loose wiring, defective door system, etc., the next step is to solve each of these causes, and I will help solve each cause through the following detailed steps.

1- How to Fix Dishwasher Power Outage?

If you face a general power outage, the suitable step after the outage is to reset your dishwasher to get rid of the PF error code. You can reset your dishwasher by pressing and holding the Start/Cancel button for about three seconds.

After the dishwasher is reset, the PF code will disappear. If you can’t locate the reset button, you can use the help of the owner’s manual to determine the reset button. The reset button can differ according to the dishwasher model and design.

Another option to reset your dishwasher is to turn off the circuit breaker for ten minutes. Then, turn the circuit breaker back on to confirm the dishwasher is reset.

The general power outage result in a failsafe warning, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your appliance. However, if the power outage resulted from a circuit breakage in your electrical system, you must ensure your system has no faults to avoid repeated PF errors.

2- How do you Fix Loose Wiring Connections?

A loose electrical connection can be caused due to several issues, so if the dishwasher plug is not connected firmly, you will need to solve this loose connection by changing the outlet or purchasing a fitting replacement.

Suppose the issue is the overloading of the electrical outlet of the dishwasher. In that case, you will need to switch the dishwasher to another or decrease the number of appliances connected to the electrical outlet.

It’s recommended that you plug your dishwasher directly into the electrical socket, not through a multifaceted extension. As a result, you will ensure no power drops in your dishwasher.

3- How to Fix a Defective Door System?

First, you will need to confirm that the door system is faulty, and you can easily do this by using a multimeter. Shut down the dishwasher and unplug the appliance for your safety.

Empty any items inside your dishwasher, then remove the door system control panel. Check the control panel using the multimeter; if it is faulty, you will need to replace it.

4- How to Fix a Malfunctioning Heating System?

The heating system is similar to the door system; you must first confirm that it’s faulty before replacing it. Use the owner’s manual to locate the heating system inside your dishwasher. After reaching the heating system connector, remove it to check it.

Plug the dishwasher and power it on; if the PF error disappears, the heating system is faulty, and you will need to replace it.

5- How to Fix Water Leaking or Not Draining?

Before removing any compartments, you must search for leaks in your dishwasher. If a component is leaking, you will need to fix it because it can cause the PF error code.

If there are no leaks, you will need to remove the parts of the water system, like the drain pump or wash pump. If you removed the drain pump and the error disappeared, then it’s a drain pump error, and you will need to replace the pump.

If you removed the wash pump and the PF code stopped showing, it is defective, and you will need to replace it.

6- How to Fix a Defective Control Board?

The last part to check in your dishwasher is the control board; you will need to dismantle your dishwasher to reach the control board. Unfortunately, damage done to control boards can not be fixed in most cases.

Therefore, the only solution is to replace the control board; however, replacing the control board will make your dishwasher return to its perfect condition.

Preventing Frigidaire Dishwasher PF Code

So far, in this article, I have discussed the causes of the Frigidaire dishwasher PF code and how to solve each cause in detail. Now, I will help you avoid and prevent the PF error code in the future.

1- Regular Maintenance

Frigidaire dishwashers are like all electrical and electronic appliances; they need to get maintained from time to time. Regular maintenance will ensure no leaking, steam, or draining issues.

Because these issues will affect the control board, which can lead to several issues; in addition, the maintenance will ensure that your heating and door system don’t have any issues.


The Frigidaire dishwasher is a reliable appliance, but it’s like other different appliances that can face errors and issues over time. The PF error code alerts you that there is a power interruption in your dishwasher.

The PF error can be solved by simply resetting the dishwasher or by replacing the faulty parts like the drain pump, wash pump, door system, or heating system. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid PF errors or any other errors in the future.

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