Samsung Washer 5C Code: Causes & 5 Ways To Fix It Now

In today’s fast-paced world, household appliances like washing machines have become necessary for many people. However, these appliances can sometimes encounter issues that can disrupt their normal functioning.

One such issue is the Samsung washer 5C code, which indicates a problem with the water level in the machine. In this article, we’ll dive into 5 possible causes of this problem and provide easy-to-follow solutions to help you troubleshoot the issue.

Samsung Washer 5C Code
The Samsung washer 5C code indicates a water supply issue with the machine. Various reasons can cause this, including a malfunctioning water inlet valve, clogged or kinked water hoses, low water pressure, or a faulty water pressure sensor.

Causes of a Samsung Washer 5C Code

If you constantly receive the 5C error code on your Samsung washer, it could indicate a problem with your water supply, clogged filters, drainage issues, a malfunctioning water level sensor, or even a failure of the control board. Let’s explore each potential cause in more detail below.

1. Water Supply Issue

The Samsung washer 5C code indicates a water supply issue with the machine. Various reasons can cause this, including a malfunctioning water inlet valve, clogged or kinked water hoses, low water pressure, or a faulty water pressure sensor.

A malfunctioning water inlet valve can prevent water from entering the machine or cause only a limited amount of water to enter. Clogged or kinked water hoses can also restrict water flow, leading to low water pressure and triggering the 5C error code.

Finally, a faulty water pressure sensor may not correctly detect the machine’s water level, leading to this error code.

2. Clogged Filters

Clogged filters are a common issue that can occur in many types of washing machines, including Samsung washers. The filters are designed to trap dirt, lint, and other debris that may be present in the water supply before it enters the washer.

Over time, these filters can be clogged with trapped debris, preventing water from flowing properly through the machine. When the filters are clogged, the water flow to the washer drum may be restricted, leading to a lower water level in the machine than is required for proper operation.

This can trigger the 5C error code on Samsung washers, indicating that the machine cannot detect the required water level.

3. Drainage Problems

The Samsung washer 5C error code might indicate a problem with the drainage system of the washer, which can lead to water not draining out of the machine properly.

The drainage problem is specific to the washing machine’s drain pipe. If it is kinked or clogged, it can prevent water from draining out of the washer, resulting in low water levels in the drum.

Additionally, blockage in the drain hose or incorrect installation can cause drainage issues. This can trigger the 5C error code on the washer’s display, indicating a drainage problem.

4. Malfunctioning Water Level Sensor

The water level sensor is crucial in a Samsung washing machine as it accurately measures the drum’s water level during a wash cycle. The sensor is typically located at the bottom of the machine and consists of a pressure switch that detects the water level through air pressure changes.

If the water level sensor is malfunctioning, it may be unable to communicate the correct water level to the washer’s control board, which could result in the 5C error code.

Various reasons can cause this, such as a faulty pressure switch, a damaged sensor, or a blockage in the air hose that connects the sensor to the pressure switch.

5. Control Board Failure

A control board is an electronic component that manages and regulates various functions of an appliance. In a Samsung washer, the control board is responsible for controlling the motor, regulating the water levels, and managing other functions such as the drain cycle settings and temperature controls.

If the control board fails or malfunctions, it can cause various issues, including the Samsung washer 5C code. This code indicates a problem with the water level sensor, which detects the water level in the washer and sends a signal to the control board.

A malfunctioning control board may not receive or interpret the signals from the water level sensor correctly, leading to incorrect water level detection and a 5C error code. This can result in the washer not filling up with enough water, affecting the wash quality and leading to issues such as poor cleaning or detergent residue on clothes.

Other electronic components on the control board may also malfunction, leading to the 5C error code. This can include issues such as a faulty power supply or damaged components on the board.

How To Fix the Samsung Washer 5C Code?

With an understanding of why the Samsung washer 5C code occurs, it’s time to examine the 5 methods to fix it.

1. Water Supply Issue Fix

To fix a water supply issue related to a Samsung washer 5C code, check the machine’s water supply, and ensure water valves are fully open and the hoses are not kinked or damaged. If the problem persists, replace the water inlet valve or call a technician.

2. Clogged Filters Fix

Keeping the filters clean is essential in addressing a clogged filter problem in your Samsung washer. To clean the filters, turn off the water supply to the washer and disconnect the hoses.

Next, take out the filters and thoroughly rinse them under flowing water. A gentle brush with soft bristles can effectively eliminate persistent dirt or debris.

Once the filters are clean, re-install them and reconnect the hoses. Finally, turn on the water supply and run a spin cycle to check if the washer error is resolved.

  • Note: the filters’ location and cleaning procedure can differ depending on the washer model. Typically, you’ll find them at the inlet valve, where the water supply hoses attach to the washer.

3. Drainage Problems Fix

The first step in fixing the drainage issue is to check the drain hose. Ensure that it’s not kinked or bent in any way, and remove any debris that may be blocking it. If the hose is damaged, replace it.

Another potential issue is a clogged drain filter, which can cause the 5C error code. Locate the filter at the bottom of the machine and remove it to clean it.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, there may be a problem with the washer’s pump or control board. In this case, it’s best to contact a professional technician for further assistance.

4. Malfunctioning Water Level Sensor Fix

If you’re having issues with the sensor, calibrating it may be a quick fix. However, if the sensor is damaged or faulty, you may need to replace it.

It’s also crucial to take care of this problem promptly since it can lead to other problems, such as overfilling or underfilling the machine, which can cause damage to the washer or surrounding area due to water damage.

5. Control Board Failure Fix

When facing a control board failure in a Samsung washer, it’s essential first to identify the source of the problem. Check for any signs of damage or issues with the control board and any error codes or malfunctions that may be related to the control board.

If the control board is determined to be the issue, you may need to replace or repair it. Ordering a replacement control board from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer is an option if the board is beyond repair.

Before beginning any repair work, disconnect the power source to the washer to prevent any electrical hazards.

Once you have the new control board, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install it correctly. Reconnect all wires and components carefully, and test the washer to ensure it works correctly.

If the issue persists after replacing the control board, it may be a sign of a more significant problem requiring professional assistance. In such cases, contacting a qualified technician or service provider is advisable to diagnose and repair the issue.

Preventing the Samsung Washer 5C Code

To prevent the Samsung washer 5C code from happening again and avoid having the same problem in the future, you can take the following measures:

1. Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the washer are essential to prevent the 5C error message. Clean the filters and drain hose regularly, per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Also, Cleaning the washer after each use will prevent the accumulation of dirt, lint, and other debris that can cause clogs and drainage issues.

2. Avoid Overloading

Overloading the washer can cause undue stress on the electronic components, including the water level sensor and control board, leading to the 5C error code.

Avoid overloading the washer and follow the manufacturer’s load capacity and usage guidelines.

3. Use High-Quality Detergent

Using high-quality detergent is crucial to prevent the buildup of soap scum and other residues that can clog the filters and drain hose.

Always use the recommended amount of detergent, and avoid using too much or too little.

4. Check the Water Pressure

Low water pressure can cause the 5C error code by preventing the washer from filling up to the required water level. Check the water pressure in your home and ensure that it meets the manufacturer’s recommended level.

If the water pressure is low, consider installing a booster pump or contacting a plumber to address the issue.

5. Address Issues Promptly

If you observe any abnormalities with the washing machine, such as slow water intake, drainage issues, or unusual sounds, take action immediately to mitigate potential damage and prevent the occurrence of the 5C error code.

Contact a qualified technician or the manufacturer’s customer service for assistance.


What does 5C mean on a Samsung washer?

“5C” is an error code that may appear on Samsung washers, indicating a problem with the water supply. Specifically, it means that the washer is not filling with enough water or is not filling with water at all.

Various issues, including low water pressure, clogged filters, or a faulty water inlet valve, can cause this.

How do I fix the error on my Samsung washer?

Common fixes for an error on a Samsung washer include resetting the machine, checking for clogs or blockages, ensuring proper load size and level, and testing faulty components.

How do I clean my Samsung pump filter?

To clean the pump filter on a Samsung washer, locate and open the access panel, remove and clean the filter, and re-install it. Finally, replace the access panel and test the washer. Regularly cleaning the pump filter can help prevent clogs and other issues.

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