GE vs. Samsung Washers: A Comprehensive Comparison for 2024

GE vs samsung washers 2024

Buying a new washing machine is often not the easiest choice to make. It’s even harder to do so now that tons of brands are making strides in the market today. Brands like LG, Samsung, Bosch, GE, and the list goes on.

The good thing is you are not considering all the other brands, and if you are reading this blog post, it definitely means you have been able to narrow your options down to Samsung and GE.

But where do you go from there? Both brands offer modern washers that are trusted and reliable. Good thing this article is about GE and Samsung washers. In this article, we’ll compare both washers in terms of their price, reliability, smart features, and several other factors to help you choose your winning product between the two.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

Brand Profiles

Let’s briefly take a look at the history and background of GE and Samsung washing machine lines.

GE Washing Machines

GE has made washing machines for a long time. They were the first to make a fully automatic top-loading washer in the 1940s. In the 1950s, they also made the first washers with stainless steel tubs.

Over the years, GE has added new features like computerized controls, Wi-Fi connectivity, automatic detergent dispenser, and voice control. Today, the latest models produced by this brand focus on convenience, efficiency, and superior cleaning.

Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung’s journey has truly been interesting. Samsung was founded in 1938, and at the time, they solely focused on food exports. They did not start making electronics until the 1970s. Though they started later than other brands, Samsung has made innovative and user-friendly washers.

Samsung washers are known for being fast, quiet, energy efficient, and having unique features like Bubble Wash for tough stains. The newest models have WiFi, troubleshooting help, and digital inverters. Samsung focuses on modern technology, convenience, and performance.

Now you know about GE and Samsung washing machines. But which one is better?

Samsung vs. GE Washing Machines: Is Samsung or GE Better Washers?

Deciding between Samsung and GE washing machines isn’t an easy thing to do. Especially when you consider that both brands are performing well and have been around for a long time, which means that you can trust them, making it a lot harder to make a choice.

Deciding which brand is better for shouldn’t be that difficult if you know the right things to look out for. That’s why we’ll be comparing both brands in terms of price, reliability, capabilities, and warranty.

We believe that after carefully comparing them (without bias), you’ll be able to make the right choice. Without further ado, let’s start with the price.


For most people, one of the biggest factors when choosing a brand or a product is the product’s price and the value obtained from the product purchased at a particular price.

Between Samsung and GE appliances, GE products tend to be more affordable compared to their Samsung counterparts. Which makes GE products a good value option if you are working on a tight budget.

How are they cheaper? You wonder. You can get GE top-loading washing machines from around $500 up to around $1000 for their higher-end models. Meanwhile, Samsung’s top-loaders start at roughly $600 and can go as high as $1,200 for their premium models.

The gap between the pricing for both products get considerably wider if you want to opt for front-load washers. For example, you can get GE front-loaders for between $800 and $2,000, while Samsung’s pricing starts at around $650 and can get as high as $3,000 for their ultra-premium lines with the latest features and largest capacities.


Aside from the price, one other important factor you should consider before choosing between Samsung and GE washing machines is reliability.

Even though both brands are reliable and durable, when compared head-to-head against each other, Samsung gets a higher mark for reliability and customer satisfaction.

According to a 2023 study from J.D. Power, Samsung ranked #1 in the front-load washers and top-load washers categories with an index rating of 892 and 889 respectively (based on a 1,000-point scale). GE on the other hand ranked 881 and 861 for both categories.


Again, when comparing capabilities and high-end features, Samsung tends to have more offerings compared to GE washers. To help you have an unbiased look at their capabilities, we’ll compare them in terms of capacity, cycle speed, wash settings, and smart features.


Samsung offers some of the largest capacity washers in the washing machine market today. Some Samsung models provide up to 6.0 cu. ft. (cubic feet) of space while GE largest offerings has 5.4 cu. ft. The extra room that comes with Samsung washers gives users more room when washing bulky or large household loads.

Cycle Speed

In terms of speed, Samsung’s SuperSpeed technology makes it possible to complete some cycles in as a little as 28-30 minutes – about half the time it takes for traditional cycles. This is a major time saver. GE cycles on the other hand are still very fast but take around 60 minutes to complete cycles.

Wash Settings

Need a wide range of wash options? Samsung got you in this case. Samsung’s highest-end models can provide you with up to 23 different wash cycles to choose from. GE on the other hand can up 12 different wash cycles. The wider range of wash options in Samsung washers make them ideal for cleaning based on load type.

Smart Features

When it comes to smart features, Samsung is an innovative leader. Samsung has amazing features like AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology for fabric detection, allows smartphone controls, and the ability to download specialized cycles. GE is not lacking in this regard as they also have cool features like voice assistant (Alexa), Adaptive SmartDispense Technology, and Smart FlexDispense.


Warranty is another advantage Samsung has over GE. Samsung provides their customers with a 1-year full warranty on their washer products and if that’s not enough, you can purchase a 3-5 year extended warranty. Samsung also has a 5-20 years motor warranty (depending on the model).

GE on the other hand only offers a standard 1-year warranty with no option for extension on their washers. Like Samsung, they also offer warranties on their motors which can last up to 10 years.

There you have it! So which brand should you go for? The choice depends on your needs and wants. If you are looking for a high-performing, feature rich washer with smart capabilities and the largest capacity on the market, then you can opt for Samsung.

But, if you want to maximize value and stick to a tighter budget, GE provides quality washing machines that come loaded with modern features, at a more affordable price point.


Let’s wrap things up on these GE and Samsung washing machines. After taking a close look, it’s clear that both brands offer some great options for today’s laundry rooms.

For those watching their budgets closely, GE provides some major bang for your buck. Their washers check all the must-have boxes – solid cleaning performance, energy efficiency, and convenient modern features. And you can likely save a decent chunk of change going with GE over a Samsung model.

But if you’ve got some extra room in your clothing care budget, Samsung’s higher-end machines are really where innovation meets laundry. Things like their super-quick cycle times and gigantic tub capacities make washing loads of laundry so much easier. Add in Samsung’s top-notch reliability ratings and you’ve got a premium pick.

At the end of the spin cycle, you really can’t go wrong with either GE or Samsung as your washer brand. They’ve both washed away the competition to be two of the biggest names in the business. As long as you pick the right features and price range for your needs, whichever you choose will have you looking crisp and fresh!


Which brand has the most reliable washers?

According to a report by Prudent Reviews, appliance repair professionals recommended Speed Queen as the most reliable brand in terms of durability.

Yale Appliance also released their annual reliability report, and according to their study, they believe that LG and Whirlpool are the most reliable brands.

If you are looking for a durable, reliable washer brand, your best bet lies with a Whirlpool, Speed Queen, or LG washer.

What is the average life of a washing machine?

The average lifespan of a washing machine is between 10 to 15 years. A washing can last above or not meet the range depending on factors like the usage, maintenance, and the specific brand or model purchased.

For example, top-load washing machines can last up to 14 years on average while front-load washing machines typically last up to 11 years on average.

Is it worth repairing a 10-year-old washing machine?

The decision of whether you should repair a 10 year old washing machine solely depends on what you want and the factors surrounding the machine.

Washing Machines are typically designed to last for 10 to 15 years. If yours is 10 years old already, then it’s likely near the end of its lifespan. In this case purchasing a new machine will be more economical and serve you better.

Secondly, you should consider the repair cost. When considering the repair cost, always use the 50% rule. If the cost of the repairs is half the cost of a new product, then it’s better to get a new washer.

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