Maytag Dryer Won’t Start: 7 Easy Ways to Fix It Now

Maytag is at the forefront of modern dyer appliances, offering fantastic energy-efficient drying cycles with a slew of friendly features to help you dry your clothes exactly the way you want.

This has made them a popular choice in new kitchen builds or when remodeling.

Unfortunately, some users have encountered a problem where their dryer suddenly won’t start, and there doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason why.

While this is undoubtedly both confusing and frustrating, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll cover exactly why your Maytag Dryer won’t start and then walk you through how to get it up and running again with minimal fuss.

Why won’t your Maytag Dryer Start?

While at first glance, this might seem like some catastrophic failure, oftentimes, it’s not as bad as it looks.

We have several simple solutions to get your dryer back in working order. Let’s look at exactly why this problem occurs so you’ll have a better idea of how to fix it.

1. A Power Supply Problem

Of course, dryers require power in order to work. Still, they also require the power to be consistent, and things like voltage fluctuations and sudden power spikes can wreak havoc with a dryer’s ability to operate.

Most modern Maytag dryers will have a green LED indicator to let you know that power is being supplied; if this isn’t lit up, then there are a few things we should check.

First, we should ensure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped for any reason; then, we also need to ensure the power cable and outlet are working.

Finally, we need to ensure the dryer isn’t being used on a power strip or multiplug, as dryers can be quite power-hungry machines and aren’t designed to work alongside other large appliances.

2. Delay Start is Switched On

Most modern dryers can delay a wash or drying cycle by a certain number of minutes or hours. It works exactly like a washing machine, where once you click dry, it will wait the designated amount of time before beginning the drying cycle.

Likewise, there are also other cycle types that will delay the machine. For example, the wrinkle reduction or heavy-duty options will also cause a slight delay.

These user settings can give the appearance of the dryer not starting at all, when in fact, it’s just a natural part of that cycle. So by adjusting the cycle settings a bit, we can get the dryer to start immediately.

3. The Control Lock is Enabled

The ‘control lock’ feature is essentially a child lock; when enabled, it will prevent any buttons from being pressed and not start a drying cycle until it’s disabled.

It can be easy to turn this option on by accident and forget you’ve done it, so we need to double-check check this option is turned off so the dryer can operate properly.

4. The Door isn’t Completely Closed

The doors on dryers work in a similar way to washers. The door switch will detect that the door is completely closed and sealed off before starting. If the door isn’t 100% closed, it will refuse to start up.

You should first double-check that the door is completely closed and latched correctly. Ensuring no clothes or ties/tassels have been trapped in the dryer door may prevent it from fully closing.

If your Maytag dryer still doesn’t start after checking this, it may indicate a problem with the door latching system. Either the physical latch may be damaged, or it might be the computer sensor that notifies the dryer that the latch is engaged.

We’ll need to test that these are working and repair them accordingly.

5. The Thermal Fuse has Blown

As you might have guessed, Dryers use a lot of heat to dry clothes. Inside the dryer is a small device called a thermal fuse which monitors the temperature levels within the dryer.

The thermal fuse will blow if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, immediately preventing the dryer from heating. This is to protect it against fire or causing any damage to the internal components.

You should test the thermal fuse to see if it has blown, and if it has, it will need to be replaced as these are one-time-use components.

In addition, we also need to figure out why the machine was overheating in the first place. Otherwise, the fuse will blow again.

Oftentimes this is due to the dryer vent becoming clogged up with dust and lint, which prevents the hot air from escaping. So by cleaning these out and emptying the lint filter, we can get the temperature back to normal.

6. The Start Switch has Failed

When you press the start button to begin the cycle, it depresses the start switch, which is located underneath this button, and then sends a message to the dryer, telling it that it’s time to start drying.

These switches can be prone to failing, so we’ll need to test this switch for continuity using a multimeter that is connected to the start switch terminals. If the switch is found to be broken, then it will need to be replaced.

7. The Belt Switch is Going Bad

The dryer drum is turned by a belt which is connected to the drive motor. It can commonly happen that the drive belt will come loose due to all the vibrations going through the dryer as it operates.

Of course, this can be very harmful to the internals of the dryer, so the belt switch will then turn the power off in order to protect the machine.

Sometimes this switch can fail, in which case it needs to be tested with a multimeter, and if it’s not operational, it should be replaced.

How to Fix a Maytag Dryer that Won’t Start

Many problems that will cause a Maytag dryer not to start are simple user errors that you can fix with minimal fuss.

In some rarer cases, there may be a component-level failure which might require a Maytag support technician to help with. Let’s take a look at how to get these issues fixed.

1. Ensure the Power Supply is Working

In order for the dryer to start, it needs a consistent and stable power supply.

To ensure this isn’t an issue with your Maytag dryer, we first need to check the circuit breaker to see if the power’s been tripped for some reason. If the circuit associated with the dryer is in the ‘off’ position, switch it over to ‘on’.

Next, we need to check the power cable is working by testing it on another outlet.

Then you should ensure that the dryer is not being used on a power strip or multiplug; if it is, it’s a good idea to move it to its own dedicated outlet slot.

2. Turn Delay Start Off and Set the Cycle to Default

Certain user-setting or wash cycle types may cause a delay before the wash cycle starts, giving the impression that the machine won’t start.

If you are using special cycle types such as heavy-duty or wrinkle reduction, change them all back to ‘normal,’ and you should notice your dryer start up straight away.

Additionally, if your dryer has a delay start option, set the delay timer to 0 minutes.

3. Disable the Control Lock

The control lock acts as a child locking feature which will disable the control panel and prevent the dryer from starting up.

To disable the control lock on the dryer, hold down the button for 3 seconds, and you should hear an audible beep that it’s been turned off.

4. Fix the Door Lock

If the machine doesn’t detect that the door is closed and securely latched, your Maytag dryer won’t start.

The first thing to fix is the physical lock itself; when it’s closed, it should make a strong click, and the door should be tight against the dryer with no wiggle room. If you notice that this is not the case, it may be that the latch or hinge has been damaged, in which case you will need to call Maytag support to have it fixed.

5. Replace the Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse will blow if the temperature becomes excessively hot in order to protect your home from fire and the electric dryer itself from further component damage.

Once it’s blown, it will have to be replaced, as these are one-time-use components. But before we do that, we need to clean out the dryer vent and lint filter to ensure the hot air can escape preventing further overheating.

Now the machine’s been cleaned out; you can get a new thermal fuse and install it in place of the old one. We suggest referring to your user manual to ascertain the exact location of the thermal fuse for your particular model.

6. Replace the Start Switch

If you have tested the start switch with a multimeter and found it not functional, then it will need to be replaced.

This component is not user serviceable, so we recommend contacting Maytag customer support, who will arrange for a technician to replace it for you.

7. Replace the Bad Dryer Belt Switch

If you have inspected the dryer belt and it hasn’t come off the drive motor, it probably indicates the belt switch has gone bad.

Once again, this switch is very difficult to user-service, so we recommend contacting Maytag support to have a technician do this for you.

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