Maytag Washer CL Code: Causes & 2 Ways To Fix It Now

Maytag washer uses its LCD to display errors or codes to alert you if something is going wrong with the washer. Some of these codes refer to errors, and others don’t.

If you have encountered the CL code while using your washing machine, you will notice that your washing machine control panel has stopped, and you can’t control it. This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you want to change the settings of your washer.

However, you don’t have to worry because, in this article, I will discuss the meaning of the Maytag washer CL code and its causes. In addition, I will explain how to disable the CL code and avoid it appearing in the future.

Maytag Washer CL Code
The Maytag washer CL code indicates that the washer control lock is activated or the washer needs to be cleaned which might be the result of using the washer for more than 30 cycles without cleaning it or accidentally activating the control lock (child lock).

Causes of Maytag Washer CL Code

The CL code is different from other codes that you may encounter while using your washing machine because the CL code is not an error code. The CL code has two different meanings on your Maytag washer; the CL code alerts you to clean the washing machine after 30 cycles.

The other meaning of the CL code is that the child lock is activated, so you could have mistakenly activated the child lock, which caused the CL code to appear. I will discuss the reason behind the CL code on your machine in the following points.

1- Child Lock (Control Lock)

Your appliance uses the child lock mode to protect your children from any harm; in addition, the CL mode protects the washing machine from any damage if children try to use the machine.

The protection mode locks all the buttons on the washer’s control panel; as a result, the settings of the washer are unchangeable as long as the mode is activated. This protects your washing settings from children, so they cannot change the cycle settings.

The child lock mode has a great feature that if you turn off the washing machine and turn it on again, the child lock will stay activated, which makes you able to power off the washing machine for a reset without worrying about activating the CL mode again.

Another great feature of the child lock mode is that if the door of the washer is opened by any means, the washer automatically drains the water to protect the children from drowning or getting hurt.

The water is drained within 30 seconds even if the power is turned off, which means that the draining process cannot be stopped.

As long as the CL code appears on your washing machine display, the settings cannot be changed, which means that you will not be able to turn off the child lock mode. When the CL code changes to the “dE” code, you can turn off the child lock feature and change your wash settings.

2- Clean the Washer

The second cause for the CL code is that it appears after your washer has completed 30 cycles. The CL code alerts you to clean the washer to ensure top performance.

If you ignore the CL code, it can affect the efficiency of your washer and result in other error codes, for example, F8 E1 or LO FL. These error codes mean that your washing machine is taking longer than usual to load, which results from a low flow of water.

These errors result from clogged drain hoses because of the accumulation of debris like lint. Regular cleaning ensures the draining components stay clean and your washer faces no errors.

How to Fix Maytag Washer CL Code?

After discussing the meaning and causes of the CL code, now, I will explain to you how to disable the CL code.

1- How to Disable Maytag Child Lock?

The deactivation of the Maytag child lock has the same steps as its activation; you will need to press and hold either the Tub Clean button or the Pre-Wash button for a few seconds. For some other Maytag washer models, the Options button is responsible for the deactivation and activation of the child lock feature.

Therefore, if you have tried the Tub Clean button or the Pre-Wash button and the child lock is still persistent, you will need to try the Options button. Hold the button for a few seconds until the CL code disappears.

2- How to Fix the “Clean Washer” Code?

It’s obvious as it sounds, you will need to clean your washing machine, and this is recommended every 30 cycles. You can clean your washer in five easy steps (Clean Washer Cycle); before cleaning your washer, power it off from the power button and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

  1. Empty the Tub
  2. Remove any items from the washer drum or put them in a basket. To clean the tub bottom, you will have two options: bleach or washing machine cleaner tablets. If you will use bleach, please read your owner’s manual on how to use the beach for cleaning.
  3. Start Cleaning (Rinsing) Cycle
  4. After adding the tablets or the bleach, close the washer’s door and put the washer on a cleaning cycle. If your washer you have a top-load washer, you will need to run a rinse and spin cycle to remove any left cleansers. Then, leave your washer door open to let it dry.
  5. Clean the Dispensers
  6. If you have removable dispensers, you will need to take them out. If your dispensers are not removable, pull the drawer out as much as possible. Use a damp cloth or machine cleaning wipes to clean the drawers.
  7. Clean the Door
  8. Wipe the door with wipes or a damp cloth, and clean the glass and the door frame. Also, clean around the door lid to ensure no debris buildup on the lid switch.
  9. Clean the Washer Body
  10. Using a sponge or a damp cloth, wipe the washer body to clean any debris or water droplets; when cleaning the body, ensure to use mild cleaners not to damage the washer exterior.

Preventing Maytag Washer CL Error Code

After explaining how to disable the child lock feature and clean your washer, I will tell you how you can prevent and avoid the CL code in the future.

1- Avoid Activating the Child Lock (Control Lock)

If you don’t need the child lock feature, try not mistakenly activate it by either pressing and holding the Tub Clean button or the Pre-Wash button. The Options button also is responsible for the deactivation and activation of the child lock. So, don’t press and hold it because it will activate the CL mode.

If you have mistakenly activated the child lock, don’t try to power off the washer to deactivate the child lock because it will not help. The lock will continue working even when you turn on the appliance again.

The only solution is to disable the child lock when the cycles are over; you will see a “dE” code that gives you access to deactivate the child lock mode.

2- Regular Maintenance

The CL code also appears because you have not cleaned your washing machine for more than 30 cycles. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance will make you avoid the CL code.

Cleaning your washer is a straightforward process; it will not take longer than 30 to 60 minutes of your day. If you clean your washer regularly, it will ensure that your washer stays at its top performance.


When using your Maytag washing machine, you will encounter the CL code at least once. The CL has two meanings; the first is that the child lock is activated, and the child lock is a great feature that protects your children and your washer.

The second meaning is that you need to clean your washer; the CL appears after 30 cycles, and the code disappears after you run the clean washer cycle or if you ignored it for three cycles.

The CL code can be fixed by deactivating the child lock mode or by cleaning your washer after 30 cycles. In the end, the CL code is different from other codes because it’s not a washer error code.

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