Maytag Washer Stuck on Wash Cycle: 9 Ways To Fix It Now

Are you dealing with a Maytag washer stuck on the wash cycle? You’re not alone, as this issue can be quite common in many households.

In this article, we will explore the common reasons behind a Maytag washer not moving past the wash cycle and some proven solutions to help you resolve this issue.

The main culprits that can cause your washer to be stuck on the wash cycle include technical glitches, timer malfunctions, lid switch issues, control board problems, or water level valve concerns.

Thankfully, there are several easy fixes we can dive into that address these issues and help get your washer back on track.

So, if you’re tired of your Maytag washer not operating as smoothly as it should, read on to find out how to identify and resolve the reasons behind it getting stuck on the wash cycle.

Let’s get your laundry routine back to normal in no time.

Why Is Your Maytag Washer Stuck On Wash Cycle

There could be several reasons why your Maytag washer is getting stuck on the wash cycle.

Let’s look at some of the possible causes and their corresponding solutions.

Sensing Mode and Lid Lock Issues

Your washer starts with a sensing mode to determine the load size and the appropriate water level.

If your washer gets stuck in the sensing mode and the sensing light remains lit, it may be due to an issue with the lid lock.

You can try to reset the washer by unplugging it and plugging it back in. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the lid lock mechanism.

Defective Control Board

A defective control board could also be the cause of your washer getting stuck on the wash cycle.

The control board manages all aspects of the washer’s operation, including the wash cycle. If it’s faulty, it may not be able to control the cycle progression properly.

In this case, you will need to consult a technician for a proper diagnosis and possible replacement of the control board.

Water Level Valve Malfunction

The water level valve controls the water supply to your washer.

If it’s not functioning properly, the washer may not fill up with the correct amount of water, causing it to get stuck on the wash cycle.

Check for any visible damage or debris blocking the valve, and clean it if necessary. If the issue persists, you might need to replace the valve.

Drainage Issues

Poor drainage can also cause your washer to get stuck on the wash cycle.

Make sure the drain hose is properly connected and not clogged.

Additionally, check the washer’s filter for any debris or foreign objects.

Clean the filter regularly to ensure proper drainage.

Damaged Drive Belt

If the washer’s drive belt is damaged, it may not be able to spin the drum correctly, leading to your washer getting stuck on the wash cycle.

Inspect the drive belt for any visible wear and tear and replace it if necessary.

By closely examining your Maytag washing machine for the above issues, you can determine the root cause of it getting stuck on the wash cycle and take appropriate steps to fix the problem.

Remember that if you’re unsure about any of these steps or the issue persists, it is always best to consult with a professional appliance technician.

How To Fix A Maytag Washer Stuck On Wash Cycle

1. Reset your Washing Machine

Unplug the washer from the power supply, wait for around a minute, then plug it back in.

Press the power button to turn the machine on, and select a new cycle to see if the problem is resolved.

2. Check the Door Lid Switch

Inspect the door lid switch, which is responsible for starting and stopping the machine during the cycles. I

f it is damaged or malfunctioning, it could cause the washer to be stuck on a specific cycle.

Replace it if necessary.

3. Balance the Load

An unbalanced load can prevent the washer from moving on to the next cycle.

Ensure clothes are evenly distributed inside the drum, and avoid overloading with too many or unevenly weighted items.

4. Inspect and Tighten Drain Hose

Check if the drain hose is clogged or kinked, as this can cause the washer to be stuck on the wash cycle.

Clear any blockages and straighten the hose.

Make sure the hose is securely connected to the machine and drain.

5. Check the Washer Timer

A faulty washer timer can cause your machine to be stuck on the wash cycle.

Consult your user manual to locate the timer and check for any signs of damage.

If necessary, replace the timer.

6. Faulty Control Board

The control board is responsible for managing the functions and cycles of your washer.

If it’s defective, the washer may not advance through the cycles correctly.

You may need to consult an appliance technician or order a replacement part.

7. Clean the Water Inlet Valve

Inspect and clean the water inlet valve, which regulates the flow of water into your washer.

A blocked valve could cause slow or insufficient water flow, leading to prolonged wash cycles.

If the valve is damaged, consider replacing it.

8. Examine the Drain Pumps

A faulty drain pump could cause the washer to remain in the wash cycle.

Consult your user manual to locate the drain pump and check for any signs of damage or blockage.

Remove any debris and replace the pump if necessary.

9. Check for Faulty Lid Switch

A damaged or malfunctioning lid switch can prevent the washer from moving on to the next cycle.

Inspect the switch and test it with a multimeter.

If it’s faulty, replace it.

Remember to consult your user manual, seek assistance from a qualified appliance technician, and follow proper safety practices when troubleshooting your Maytag washer.

How To Prevent The Problem

Preventing your Maytag washer from getting stuck on the wash cycle involves addressing some common issues and maintaining your machine regularly.

Here are a few strategies to help prevent problems:

Water Supply and Hoses

Ensure your water supply is consistent and sufficient, as insufficient water can cause the washer to get stuck in the sensing cycle.

Check the water supply hoses for any kinks or blockages, and make sure the connections are secure.

Replace damaged or worn hoses, as they can contribute to common issues with washers.

Water Level and Pressure Switch

Monitor the water level in your washing machine, adjusting it when necessary to prevent overfilling or underfilling.

Regularly inspect the pressure switch, which is responsible for monitoring water levels during a wash cycle.

If it’s malfunctioning, have it fixed or replaced to prevent your washer from getting stuck on the wash cycle.

Lid Lock and Door Mechanism

The lid lock or door mechanism is a safety feature that ensures your washer doesn’t function when the door is open.

Keep this component clean and free from debris or damage to avoid issues.

If you have a Maytag coin-operated washer, make sure the door lock mechanism is functioning correctly and securely to avoid it getting stuck mid-cycle.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Schedule regular maintenance checks with a trusted domestic appliance company such as Jon Appliance or Kelly Appliance.

They can inspect your machine for any underlying issues and make necessary repairs or replacements, significantly reducing the risk of your washer getting stuck on the wash cycle.

Water Drainage and Defective Drain Pump

Keep the drain hose clear of any obstructions and ensure it’s securely connected to the machine.

A defective drain pump can cause problems during the washing cycle, so have it checked and replaced if needed.

Power and Electrical Issues

Inspect your washer’s power cord for any signs of damage, and make sure it’s securely plugged into the wall.

Prevent power and electrical issues by installing a surge protector to protect your washing machine from sudden voltage fluctuations.

Keep an eye on indicator lights for signs of electrical malfunctions.

Detergent Choice

Finally, use the right detergent for your washer, as using the wrong detergent can cause issues with the wash cycle.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and use high-efficiency (HE) detergents for your Maytag washer.

This can prevent issues with foaming, detergent buildup, and wash cycle interference.

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