LG Dryer D80 Code – Causes & 11 Ways to Fix It

Are you frustrated by the D80 LG Dryer Code that keeps popping up on your LG dryer? If you are, then you are not alone – many LG dryer owners (like yourself) have faced this annoying problem and like you, they have also wondered how to fix it.

So what’s the LG dryer D80 code all about? The LG dryer code D80 means that 80% of the air that is supposed to Flow out of your dryer is blocked (or stuck) somewhere in the exhaust system.

And what’s the cause of the LG dryer D80 code anyway? There are many possible causes behind the error code. It could be due to lint buildup, crushed vents, etc. Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the venting system, but the dryer itself.

A blocked venting system, if left unchecked can lead to longer dry times, overheating, and an increased risk of fire. This is why it’s important to always clear the LG dryer D80 error code whenever it appears as quickly as possible.

Luckily for you, your LG dryer has a smart feature called flow sense that can help you diagnose and fix the problem.

In this article, you’ll learn about the different causes of the LG D80 error code, how to fix it with 11 easy methods, and ways to prevent it from occurring in future.

Causes of LG Dryer D80 Code 

The D80 code on your LG dryer means that your dryer is having trouble breathing. It’s similar to having a stuffy nose that makes it hard to take in enough air. 

The LG dryer D80 code can affect how well your dryer dries your clothes and how safe it is to use. 

Many things can cause the D80 code on LG dryers. Here are some of the most common ones

Lint Buildup

how to fix lg error codes

A buildup of lint or debris either in the exhaust duct, lint filter, or external vent hood is one of the most common reasons for the D80 code, which acts as a signal indicating restricted airflow. 

As the lint accumulates over repeated drying cycles, it can severely restrict airflow. The lint clog will cause the dryer to display the D80 code. 

Crushed or Damaged Exhaust Duct 

If the flexible exhaust duct connected to the back of the dryer is bent, kinked, or crushed in any way, it can significantly reduce airflow. 

Any deformation of the duct that inhibits smooth airflow will be detected by the dryer sensors. 

Excessively Long or Winding Exhaust Duct 

An excessively long, winding, or coiled exhaust duct with too many turns and bends can also trigger the D80 code by restricting airflow. 

Longer ducts filled with twists and turns make it easier for lint to accumulate.

Blocked Wall or External Vent 

Blockages in the wall vent or external vent hood that prevent proper airflow will also cause the dryer to detect restricted ventilation, resulting in a D80 error. Lint can accumulate in these external vents over time. 

Smaller Load Size 

Very small loads don’t provide enough internal resistance for the dryer’s sensors to read accurately. This tricks the dryer into thinking its ventilation is restricted, triggering a D80 code. 

Clogged Lint Filter 

If the lint filter is excessively clogged with accumulated lint, it will severely reduce airflow past the filter and prompt the D80 error even if the venting duct is not clogged. 

Burnt Heating Element 

A damaged or burnt heating element cannot properly heat the air inside the dryer drum, which will, in turn, throw off the accurate reading by the dryer’s sensors, leading to a D80 code. 

Faulty Thermostats 

Defective thermostats like cycling or high-limit thermostats can improperly monitor airflow restriction. This will then manifest as a D80 error even if no blockage exists. 

Tripped Circuit Breaker 

If the circuit breaker supplying power to the dryer is tripped, it can interrupt the electrical connection. This may be registered as an airflow issue by the LG sensors. 

Lack of Gas Supply 

In gas dryers, an interruption in the gas supply line can also mimic an airflow restriction and sporadically trigger a D80 error.

How to Fix LG Dryer D80 Code 

If your LG dryer is displaying the annoying D80 error code, here are the steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. 

1. Clean the Lint Filter 

Carefully remove the lint filter and brush off any surface lint. 

If very dirty, wash the filter in warm water and detergent. Rinse and allow to completely air dry before reinserting securely. 

Restart the dryer to check if the D80 code clears. 

2. Inspect the Exhaust Duct 

lg dryer d80 code repair

Disconnect the flexible exhaust duct from the dryer vent housing. Thoroughly inspect the inside for any lint accumulation or blockages, especially in the wall duct. 

Use a vacuum crevice tool to remove any built-up lint from the wall duct and ensure a clear airflow path. Straighten out any kinked sections of the duct. 

Reconnect the duct securely before restarting the dryer. 

3. Adjust the Exhaust Ductwork 

Measure the total length of the exhaust duct and count the number of elbows or turns. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommended limits. 

If over the limit, try to shorten or straighten the ductwork, and reduce elbows or 90-degree turns if possible. 

Consider switching to smooth rigid metal ducting. 

4. Check Electrical Power Supply 

Sometimes, the reason behind the D80 error code could be your power supply. To fix a power supply problem, one of the things you can do is ensuring that your LG dryer is securely plugged to a 220-240V outlet.

If you are still experiencing the same problem after checking it. Then, the outlet is probably faulty. In this case, call an electrician to replace the faulty outlet.

5. Switch Thermostats 

Do you know that your cycling or high-limit thermostats can affect your dryer and result in the D80 code? If the cycling and high-limit thermostats are faulty, they will improperly read restrictions.

In the case of a faulty switch Thermostat, unplug the unit, disconnect the mounting screws, and replace the faulty thermostat(s).

6. Replace Faulty Heating Element 

If you notice that clothes in your LG dryer are taking too long to dry, then it could be that you are dealing with a burnt out heating element.

To replace a burnt heating element, start by unplugging the LG dryer. Next, remove the back panel to access the heating element.

After gaining access, disconnect the faulty element and replace it with a manufacturer-approved heating element with same specifications.

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7. Increase Load Size 

If you need to dry a very small load, add a few extra items to the dryer in order to increase the load to about 3/4 full drum capacity.

Doing that will provide enough airflow resistance which will, in turn, enable the sensors to read accurately. When loading the dryer, make sure to avoid overloading it.

8. Test Gas Valves 

For gas dryers, ensure gas supply lines are free of kinks and connected properly. 

Test any shut-off safety valves to ensure they are fully open and allowing flow. 

9. Reset the Dryer 

Unplug the dryer for 15 minutes to reset its computer, then plug it back in and restart it. This may clear any glitches causing false D80 codes. 

10. Adjust Flow Sense Setting 

If it seems overly sensitive, check the owner’s manual on how to enter diagnostic mode and lower the “Flow Sense” setting. This prevents minor restrictions from erroneously triggering a D80 code. 

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11. Professional Diagnosis 

If you have tried all applicable solutions extensively without success, contact LG support to arrange for a qualified technician’s diagnosis. 

An expert can identify any underlying malfunctions requiring professional repair.

Preventing LG Dryer D80 Code

You can avoid the nuisance of the D80 error code popping up again in the future by taking the following preventative measures

Clean the lint filter after every load 

Get into the habit of removing and cleaning the lint filter after each drying cycle. This regular maintenance prevents gradual lint accumulation. 

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Ventilate the drying area 

Ensure the room where the LG dryer is located has adequate ventilation to dissipate moist air and lint. 

Open windows or doors periodically if the room is cramped or has poor airflow. 

Annual professional duct cleaning 

Hire a qualified HVAC technician once a year to thoroughly clean the entire length of the dryer duct and external vent hood professionally. This prevents gradual lint buildup over time. 

dryer vent cleaning

Use rigid metal exhaust ducts 

When installing a new dryer, use smooth rigid metal ductwork rather than flexible ribbed ducts. Rigid metal ducts minimize lint accumulation and airflow restrictions. 

Limit duct length 

Configure the exhaust duct pathway to be as short and straight as possible during installation. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended limits. 

Avoid crushing or kinking duct 

Be careful not to crush, kink, or sharply bend the flexible duct when moving the dryer or reconfiguring the ductwork. Damaged ducts severely inhibit proper airflow. 

Level the dryer properly 

Use a bubble level to ensure the dryer is level side-to-side and front-to-back. 

Proper leveling prevents operational issues that reduce airflow. Adjust leveling feet as needed. 

Full lint filter sensor

If available for your model, enable the lint filter full sensor to get notified when you forget to clean the filter.


The LG dryer D80 error code is a serious problem that needs your attention. This code means your dryer has an airflow problem that can affect how well it dries your clothes and how safe it is to use. 

It usually happens because there’s too much lint in your exhaust vent, but it could also be something else like small loads or bad thermostats.

You can resolve the LG dryer D80 code by doing some simple steps and using some basic tools. You need to clean the lint filter, the exhaust duct, and the vents regularly. 

You also need to check and replace any broken parts like thermostats, heating elements, or control boards if needed.

If you carry out the steps outlined in this article and follow the preventive tips, you’ll not only be able to fix the LG dryer D80 code but also make it work better and safer.

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