Oven Making Clicking Noise: 7 Easy Ways To Fix It Now

Why is your oven making clicking noise? It is not a normal thing for a functional oven.

Usually, an oven makes this weird noise when it shifts between baking and broiling elements.

Also, it makes a persistent clicking sound when it idles for a long time.

So, despite the unusual noise, it is not always a sign of malfunction or a cause of concern.

However, when this problem is continuous and persistent, you will start suspecting the ignition system or the door lock.  

If you are going through the same thing with your oven, you are in the right place.

We will guide you through the troubleshooting process.

We will widely discuss the causes behind this problem so you can avoid its reoccurrence in the future.

So, read on! 

Why Is Your Oven Making A Clicking Noise? 

If you have a gas oven, it is more likely to hear occasional loud noises coming from it.

It might be a result of some materials expanding when exposed to heat.

Sometimes, it is just a normal thing that happens when the oven itself heats up. 

An electric oven, too, is not an exception to the mysterious clicking noises complaint.

It usually happens when the appliance regulates its temperature or shifts between its internal elements. 

Without further ado, let’s explore all the causes in detail:

1. Extended Idling Times 

This issue is often associated with a lack of frequent use.

If the oven has been turned off for over a week, you will find continuous clicking noise.

This comes from multiple oven parts stuck together due to lack of use. 

Also, lack of use makes the air fill the oven cavity and lines.

The good news is that it is a temporary thing that should resolve on its own. 

2. The Oven is Shifting Cycles 

Ovens are programmed to provide two settings or cycles.

It has a baking cycle and broil setting. 

The bake setting heats the air inside the appliance with the help of both lower and upper elements.

The baking mode is unlike the broiling mode regarding direct heat exposure.

The latter acts like a grill that gives food an appealing brown top layer.  

When your oven shifts between the top and bottom elements, it is more common to hear the clicking sounds. 

3. An Active Igniter 

In gas ovens, an igniter is responsible for the heat required for lighting the oven.

This component needs electric current to generate the necessary heat.

Once you turn on the gas stove oven, this part will click. 

4. Bad Ignition Switch

A problematic gas stove igniter will not stop clicking even if you let the button go. 

This is a clear indication that the switch is stuck. 

A stuck igniter is severe, as it may lead to a fire hazard.

This is not an issue in manual ovens, as they lack this feature.

However, gas ovens with an ignition system will always generate a spark with a button press. 

Typically, this ignitor should stop clicking once the oven runs or you let the switch go. 

However, if this switch is stuck, there will always be a spar, which might find its way to the stove. 

5. The Presence of Excessive Moisture 

Moisture typically exists inside an oven.

However, moisture is not a good thing for the efficiency of gas or electric ovens. 

Moisture comes from the condensed water particles inside the oven. 

When too much water is inside the oven, the heating modes won’t operate properly.

Also, it may lead to a malfunction in the ignition system. 

Moisture comes inside your oven as a result of different possibilities.

The most common reason is damage in the oven leading to moisture leaks.

Another culprit is a malfunctioning vent that prevents the oven fans from removing moisture.  

6. Faulty Door Safety Lock

In most ovens, a door lock is a safety mechanism that secures the door during operation.

A functional lock will engage when you turn on the oven preventing kids from opening it. 

This lock is activated not only when the oven is on but also when it is in self-cleaning mode. 

A clicking sound caused by a failing lock is not severe as long as no kids are fooling around the oven.  

7. Defective Fan

Any oven comes with a fan.

This component is critical for preventing the oven from overheating.

It also allows the oven to distribute heat properly. 

When this vital part fails, all sorts of problems will occur.

Your oven will not only overheat and overcook the food but will also make a constant clicking noise. 

How to Fix an Oven Making a Clicking Noise?

Regardless of the oven model, any strange noise annoys you.

In some cases, you might need the help of a licensed appliance repair person.

However, in most cases, you can handle this issue alone. 

1. Turn On the Oven 

If air has been sitting in your oven for a long time, you hear clicking sounds as gas tries to replace the air inside the gas line.

So, you will need some time until this replacement happens and the rattling noise calms down.

2. Wait Until the Temperature is Restored 

If changing the heat modes is the main culprit in the ongoing oven clicking, then you cannot do much.

This is not an indication of malfunction or a defect. 

It is expected as the oven tries to restore its internal temperature while changing the cycle. 

3. Give the Igniter Some Time 

This does not count as an abnormal reason for oven clicking.

This component will keep clicking for a few seconds until a spark is generated. 

However, these temporary clicks should be gone once the oven heats up

4. Call Certified Appliance Service Professionals

It is rare for DIY enthusiasts to know their way around spark igniter connections.

It is better to call a professional to handle this electric component.

The ignitor is usually found near the burners.

The issue might be as simple as stuck food particles and debris.

However, it might be more complex and in need of total replacement. 

5. Keep the Oven Door Open 

Initially, you might need help determining the exact cause behind the moisture presence leading to the unusual oven noises.

However, this remedy might help narrow down the possibilities. 

Leaving the door open for a day or two would be best.

This can significantly help if there is excess moisture inside the idle oven.

This solution allows for drying out the oven entirely. 

If the clicking sounds keep coming back, there might be damage allowing for the intense presence of water molecules.

Also, something might be jamming the vents, making it impossible to remove the condensed water. 

6. Reposition the Door Lock 

In most cases, this is not a cause for concern, and no servicing is required to face this issue.

If present in your oven model, you must inspect and reposition the door lock accordingly.

You may refer to the user manual for more insight. 

Also, try removing any dirt buildup or stuck debris leading to a jammed door.

Lastly, if there is a faulty door lock, try to replace it with a suitable replacement. 

7. Replace the Fan

Unfortunately, a malfunctioning fan can’t be repaired.

It is always better to replace it with a new one.

The good news is you can DIY this replacement process.

Make sure to opt for the correct replacement depending on your model. 

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