Samsung Dryer Squeaking: 6 Fast & Easy Ways To Fix It Now

Samsung dryers are not known for being noisy or squeaky. They only become noisy whenever something is wrong with their systems or hardware. Most homeowners detect loud noises from their dryers, including grinding or squeaking. When your Samsung dryer squeaks, the noise must not be loud, you can easily notice the slightest change with your almost silent dryer.

Generally, a squeaking dryer happens due to wear and tear in one or more components. So, the most effective solution lies in successfully replacing the damaged parts. Luckily, you can DIY most of these replacements.

If you experience this issue with your Samsung dryer, keep reading our blog. We’ll help you diagnose and troubleshoot the causes so you can enjoy your quiet dryer again.

Why is Your Samsung Dryer Squeaking?

Different reasons make a dryer squeak. There might be insufficient lubrication in its parts or some frayed belts that need replacing. Moreover, some buildup may be stuck on the vital parts, leading to overheating and unusual squeaking.

Regardless of the cause, a squeaky dryer is not a tricky issue. You can easily troubleshoot it if you have the proper knowledge of basic cleaning and maintenance of the home appliance.

1. Dryer’s Legs are not Even

Squeaky noise might not be an indication of a hardware problem. It can be as simple as uneven legs. You can easily detect this cause when the dryer moves and squeaks simultaneously during operation.

Sometimes, the legs may become loose over time, and squeaky noise will also appear. Fortunately, you can adjust the height of the dryer legs easily.

2. Overloading the Dryer

Overloading your Samsung dryer is one of the main causes of strange noises like squeaking and grinding. Adding excess loads to the dryer will overwork its motor. The dryer motor will be under much more pressure than expected. Despite being a common practice, many users often disregard it.

Many homeowners do not notice that wet clothes add extra weight to the recommended dryer load. Clumping and overloading the dryer makes it imbalanced and makes weird squeaks and bumping noises.

3. Problematic Door Felt 

Sometimes the squeaky noise does not come from the motor or legs. You might find it coming from the door if you trace the noise. By default, the door has a felt that keeps it sealed inside its frame. With frequent use, this felt gets frayed or worn out. As this felt gets damaged, the air is no longer sealed out of the dryer.

Moreover, the dryer will excessively vibrate. Additionally, the door’s metal parts will rub against the dryer’s internal body.

4. Damaged Drive Belt

All dryers have a drive belt that is vital to their operation and function. This belt holds the dryer drum. It also allows the dryer to spin, making the clothes dry. This critical component is built to last for years but might get torn with frequent use. A damaged dryer belt will result in squealing and squeaking sounds.

It is recommended to routinely check the drum belt for signs of wear and tear. This routine step will prevent further damage to the dryer.

5. Defective Idler Pulley

A dryer idler pulley contributes to the smooth spinning of the dryer drum. This pulley is also responsible for adequately tensioning the belt while wrapping around the drum. With frequent use, a functional idler pulley might become torn. Such a thing will make your Samsung dryer squeak while operating. 

You can suspect the pulley as the culprit when the squeaking noise comes from the bottom of the dryer. With the dryer feet excluded as a cause, you should typically consider the motor pulley.

6. Malfunctioning Bearings

The drum bearings in a dryer turn the drum and motor pulley. These bearings are lubricated and sealed inside their frames. So, you are not supposed to lubricate them manually at all. Whenever they become dry, they are prone to damage. They will wear out and make the drum resist smooth rotation.

If you suspect the bearings to be the culprit in the dryer’s squeaky noise, you can test them to be 100% sure. Make the drum rotate manually and monitor the smoothness of rotation and the drum’s sounds. You’ve found the culprit if the drum squeaks or rotates with resistance.

How to fix a Samsung Dryer Squeaking?

By default, Samsung dryers are silent. With regular maintenance, the dryer will remain this way. Neglecting routine maintenance will leave you with a squeaky dryer. Things might escalate to irreversible damage to the motor and several parts of the device. So act fast once you hear the slightest change in the appliance’s sounds.

1. Adjust the Height of the Legs

Adjusting the tightness or height of a dryer’s legs is a simple DIY task. All you need is a Crescent Wrench or a scrench. Start by finding the adjustment screws of the legs. Then adjust them until they are equally tightened and level with the ground.

2. Avoid Overloading the Dryer 

The Samsung Dryer Drive Motor is strong and can tolerate occasional overloading. However, continuous overloading will weaken its motor and cause bumping, thumping, and grinding noises. So, every time you use the dryer, ensure its drum is fresh.

Even if you put excessively wet clothes inside the dryer, you should bring them back to the washer for another spin cycle.

3. Replace the Damaged Felt

A defective door felt will never hold the door attached correctly to the frame. So, the dryer’s body’s noise, vibration, and damage will become even more persistent. The only fix to this issue is replacing the old felt. To correctly do this, you should use sandpaper to remove the felt and its old glue. Now add new glue and give it a few seconds to work.

Finally, add the new pieces of felt to restore the door’s attachment to the frame.

4. Change the Drive Belt

Unfortunately, dryer belts are not meant to be fixed when damaged. A torn belt must be replaced with a new one. You can determine which type to buy depending on its material. These belts are generally made of fiberglass yarn, but there are some rubber belts. 

5. Lubricate or Replace the Pulley 

A functional dryer idler tensioner or idler pulley will keep the belt in the right course around the drum. It will also maintain the proper tension on this component. If the dryer keeps squeaking and all the other reasons are excluded, you should suspect the pulley or the motor. But start by checking the simpler cause, which is typically the pulley.

A bad pulley appears worn and frayed. In this case, you must undoubtedly replace it. In some cases, the pulley will cause squeaking as it requires lubrication.

The best product you can get for this purpose is a silicone-based spray. Some users, however, prefer a blend of graphite and Teflon to grease their dryer’s pulley.

6. Replace the Bad Bearings

Frayed bearings are unfixable. They need suitable replacements. Inspect the material your original bearings are made of. Your dryer may have steel bearings, but others come with plastic ones. So check their material and buy the new bearings accordingly.

You can try greasing old bearings if they have decreased lubrication. Replacing it is inevitable if this does not work out and your Samsung dryer keeps squeaking.

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