7 Most Common Sharp Microwave Drawer Problems & Solutions

Sharp products are known for their innovative designs, and the drawer microwave is a perfect example.

These microwave drawer ovens are famous for their sleek design and for removing the clutter from your countertops. They’re installed into the wall like a regular oven, but the door pulls open like a standard drawer, elevating your kitchen design and making your life easier.

However, like with any appliance, users sometimes experience problems with these modern microwave ovens. Luckily, they’re all quick and easy to solve – here’s what you need to know about them before you decide to invest.

Most Common Problems With A Sharp Microwave Drawer

Here are some of the most common problems experienced by Sharp drawer microwave users:

1. Certain Functions Not Working

Sometimes, certain microwave functions may stop working when you try to select them. Specific models of Sharp microwaves have functions like roasting, grilling, and air frying; from time to time, some of these functions may not work correctly.

There are a few possible causes for this problem, including issues with the power cord or a power outage. It may also be that your home’s fuse/circuit breaker isn’t operating properly.

A third possible cause is that the microwave is in demo mode. This mode is designed for the microwave to be showcased in-store and doesn’t allow for all functionality; luckily, this problem can usually be sorted out by simply checking a few things.

Make sure that your microwave isn’t in demo mode, and exit the function if it is – you can find details on this in your product manual. Next, check your power cords, ensure that everything is securely connected and that your home’s circuit breaker is operating correctly.

2. Microwave Keeps Blowing a Fuse

If your microwave blows a fuse, this is normal and can occasionally happen when you experience a temporary power surge or an overloaded circuit. You can simply replace the fuse and monitor the microwave’s performance.

However, if your microwave continually blows a fuse, this could indicate a more significant electrical issue that must be addressed.

The issue might lie in your home’s circuit, the wiring, or the appliance itself. Since working with electrical systems can be dangerous, it’s recommended that you consult a qualified technician to help you identify and solve the issue.

3. Food Not Heating Up

It can be extremely frustrating if your food is not heating up properly in your microwave; luckily, this is another quick problem to diagnose and solve. A heating problem could be caused by a power supply issue, the appliance being in demo mode, or an issue in the appliance’s settings.

If you want to solve this problem, first ensure your microwave’s power supply is secure. Then, ensure that your microwave isn’t in demo mode – if it is, exit the function by following the steps in your product manual.

You should also make sure that you have selected the appropriate power level in your microwave’s settings. If the power level is too low, your food won’t be warm enough, so increase the power and try again.

4. Microwave Light Not Working

If the light in your microwave isn’t working, the functions will still work, and your food will heat up, but you won’t be able to see inside, which might be annoying.

Usually, this is a simple case of a loose or burned-out light bulb, and replacing it is simple and cheap. Check your user manual for detailed steps and instructions on safely replacing it.

If this is not the problem, you might be dealing with a loose or faulty connection, in which case you’ll simply need to check that the bulb is properly screwed in and tighten it if necessary. If you have tried this and changed the bulb, there might be a problem with the wiring, which will require an electrician or appliance technician’s expertise.

5. Touch Controls Not Operating

Some Sharp microwave users have experienced issues with the touch controls on their appliances, which has prevented them from being able to operate the microwave and heat their food.

This might simply be due to the fact that the microwave’s Control Lock function is enabled. In these cases, you must call for a service request for Control Lock to be switched off; this function differs from Child Lock, which you can control yourself.

You might also be dealing with a faulty touchpad or control panel, in which case it will need to be repaired or replaced. If you notice any signs of damage or wear and tear, contact your local appliance technicians to make an official diagnosis.

6. Display Flashing

If your display is flashing, it’s no reason to be alarmed; simply put, this means that the microwave has been reset, and you need to get it ready for operation again. This usually happens when there has been a power failure or some other kind of interruption to your electrical power supply that has reset the microwave.

To get the display to stop flashing and use your appliance again, simply reset the clock and resume the cooking or heating function.

7. Steam From the Vent

One last problem that Sharp microwave drawer users tend to experience is steam coming out of the vent, and it causes a lot of concern. However, this is not a problem at all!

The drawer microwave has been designed to have air vents that allow the steam from your hot food to escape. This is natural and doesn’t indicate anything wrong with your appliance, so there are no steps you need to take to solve the problem.

The only reason this might be a cause for concern is if you have wooden cabinetry, which might become damaged from the constant steam.

Sharp Microwave Drawer Problems: Are They a Dealbreaker?

As you can tell, the problems experienced by Sharp microwave drawer users are mostly typical of any other microwave oven. These problems aren’t unique or especially worrisome; in fact, they’re all very simple to deal with!

Also, most of these issues can be easily avoided if you use your microwave with care, ensure that your microwave has stable power, and monitor the electrical supply in your home carefully to prevent overload.

If you do find that you need to make repairs to your microwave, remember that working with electrical components can be dangerous if you’re not confident in your knowledge and skills, so it’s always best to seek professional help.


How does a microwave drawer work?

A microwave drawer oven functions just like any other microwave. However, they’re designed differently.

These models are installed into the lower cabinetry or a kitchen island and pull out like a standard kitchen drawer for space efficiency and easy access. Instead of opening the door like a standard door, you’ll open the drawer and place your food inside from the top.

Are all microwave drawers made by Sharp?

While Sharp is one of the leading microwave drawer manufacturers, they are not the only company that makes them.

Other appliance manufacturers have started making these models as they are increasing in popularity. Some of these brands include KitchenAid, Bosch, and Wolf.

Are drawer microwaves a fire hazard?

No, just like any regular microwave oven, these models are generally safe and should not be considered a fire hazard.

So long as you follow proper safety measures and use the appliance according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you should be able to operate a microwave drawer without any worries or concerns.

What are the advantages of a drawer microwave?

Suppose you’ve been using a traditional countertop microwave your whole life.

In that case, some benefits you might find from a drawer microwave include accessibility, space-saving, ergonomics, and enhanced visibility from this model.

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