Samsung Fridge OF Code: Causes & 6 Ways to Fix It Now

Your Samsung refrigerator is an essential appliance in your household, so it can be quite alarming when it starts displaying confusing refrigerator error codes and not working correctly.

The OF error code on your fridge is one of the common error codes to encounter. Fortunately, it doesn’t indicate any real problems with your appliance but simply displays that the fridge is in cooling-off mode, otherwise known as demo mode, showroom mode, display mode, or shop mode.

This function is designed for displaying the appliance in a store and allows the fridge to run without the compressor when it’s in a showroom. Deactivating the function is also simple; keep reading to find out what you need to know.

Samsung Fridge OF Code
The Samsung OF error code indicates that the fridge is in cooling-off mode or demo mode. This mode is designed for displaying the appliance on a showroom floor and disables the cooling function. It’s usually caused by accidentally pressing buttons on your control panel and is easy to solve.

Causes of Samsung OF Code

Before you deactivate the cooling-off function and clear the OF fault code, you should know why it might have switched over to this function in the first place. Here are some of the possible causes:

1. Accidental Activation

First off, it’s possible that someone simply pressed the combination of buttons to trigger the function by accident. This can easily happen if you bump the control panel or accidentally press the buttons while cleaning and wiping down your fridge or performing other chores.

You might also have attempted to use another function on the appliance but pressed the wrong buttons.

2. Power Outage

Sometimes, a power surge or a fluctuation in the supply can cause the refrigerator to reset itself. In this case, there is a chance that it reset itself to factory settings, which may have been set as the demo mode.

A power outage or any other interruption to the power source can cause this type of reset on your appliance.

3. Software Glitch

Like any other electronic device, fridges can experience occasional software glitches that interfere with the modes and functions. These glitches can cause functions to change or even display incorrect codes on the display panel.

Sometimes, when there is a glitch on your appliance, you might need a software update with the manufacturer’s assistance.

4. Electrical Malfunction

Finally, in a worst-case scenario, the code might have been triggered by an electrical malfunction in the control board or a wiring harness issue.

In these cases, you might need to contact an experienced technician to help you diagnose and resolve the problem.

How to Fix Samsung OF Code

Now that you know what might have caused the fridge to go into cooling mode, you can turn it off. The steps to turn this mode off are specific to each model and can be found in your user manual; however, this is the most common method:

1. Locate the control panel

The control panel is usually found on the front of the fridge, above the water dispenser and ice maker, or on the top edge of the door.

2. Identify the correct buttons

Look at your control panel and identify the Energy Saver and Power Freeze buttons. These buttons and their labels might vary among different refrigerator models, so you can check your manual to be sure.

3. Press the buttons

Once you have identified the buttons, press and hold them down together for 3-5 seconds. Press and hold them firmly, and ensure you press both buttons simultaneously.

If there is no response, you can try holding them down for a more extended period of time, up to 10 seconds.

4. Check the display

After holding in the Energy Saver and Power Freeze buttons, take a look at the display on the control panel.

It should start changing, either blinking or showing different information. This indicates that the appliance is exiting demo mode.

5. Listen for the compressor

If your fridge successfully exits demo mode, the compressor should turn on, and you’ll hear the fans turning as it starts up. This is a good indication that the cooling function in your fridge is working again.

6. Check the code

Finally, check to see if the OF code has cleared. If it has, you’ve been successful, and your fridge will resume regular operation.

Make sure to give it some time for the temperature to fully restore and stabilize after being in the showroom function.

7. Call for help

If you’ve gone through this process to no avail, then there might be a more serious problem, such as an electronic malfunction.

In this case, you’ll want to get in touch with experienced technicians to diagnose and repair the issue on your appliance sooner rather than later.

Preventing Samsung OF Code

To prevent the OF error code or demo mode activation from happening again, try to take these precautions with your fridge:

1. Be Mindful

First, you must be mindful and pay attention to what you’re doing when moving around your fridge, cleaning it, using it, etc.

As we’ve learned, accidentally pressing the wrong buttons can trigger the demo mode, so you must be careful not to accidentally lean against the fridge or press buttons when cleaning the front panel.

2. Get to Know the Control Panel

Next, try to familiarize yourself with the control panel, all the buttons and labels, the functions of your fridge, and how to use them. You can refer to your user manual for a list of the buttons on the control panel and a description of what they do.

When you understand how the appliance works, you’ll be less likely to turn on the wrong functions accidentally and know exactly how to reach the functions you’re looking for.

3. Use Child Lock

If there are children in your home, they might play with the buttons on your control panel and accidentally trigger demo mode or other unwanted functions on your fridge.

Fortunately, many Samsung refrigerator models have a child lock function to give you better control over which buttons are pressed. Check out your user manual to determine if your fridge has a child lock feature and how to enable it.

4. Ensure a Stable Power Supply

We know that a power disruption can cause your fridge to reset itself to demo mode, so you would be wise to ensure that your connection is stable and secure at all times.

Ensure that your power cord isn’t worn or damaged and your outlet is in good condition too. You can even consider using a surge protector to protect your appliance.

Keep in mind that power surges and current instability can cause more than resets in your appliances – they can actually cause long-term damage like a fan motor failure if they happen frequently.

5. Regular Maintenance

Finally, be sure to schedule regular maintenance for your fridge and other appliances in your home. Maintenance can include regular cleaning of the inside and outside of the appliances, as well as regular checks with licensed professionals to ensure that everything is in working order every couple of years.

Maintaining your fridge and other appliances well will help ensure they last you for many years and perform at their best.


Why did my fridge suddenly enter demo mode?

There are a few possible reasons why your fridge entered demo mode, including accidental button presses, power surges, and software glitches.

Check out the rest of the article to learn more about the possible causes and solutions.

Can I use the fridge in demo mode?

Technically, your Samsung refrigerator can run in demo mode, but this is not recommended. This function disables the compressor fans and stops the cooling function, which means that the temperatures in your fridge will likely not be low enough, and you will risk spoiling your food.

For optimal performance, you should follow the steps to exit the function and return your fridge to normal use.

Will exiting demo mode erase my custom settings?

Exiting demo mode shouldn’t affect customized settings enabled on your fridge, like temperatures or specific modes.

However, you should check on your settings after you have resolved the problem, just in case of any unwanted changes.

What should I do if the error code persists?

Unfortunately, if the above steps don’t resolve your problem, you must call a professional for assistance.

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