Should You Tip Mattress Delivery Driver? (And How Much?)

do you tip mattress delivery

In today’s era of exceptional customer service and convenient home delivery, a common question arises when you receive your new mattress: should you tip the delivery drivers?

With no definitive rule book on the matter, it can feel awkward navigating those precious moments as the delivery team hoists your new bed into place.

Before they speed off to the next delivery, understanding the norms and appropriate gratuities around mattress delivery ensures the transaction finishes smoothly without anyone feeling short-changed.

In this article, we’ll break down the key considerations to guide your decision-making process. From suggested tip amounts to regional differences, we’ll cover all the angles to finally provide clarity on the age-old question of “Just how much should I be tipping this mattress delivery team anyway?”

Considerations in Tipping Decision

When it comes to tipping the delivery driver, what factors should you consider? Here, we’ll look at the different factors you should consider before tipping the driver.

Service Quality

When deciding whether to tip your mattress delivery personnel, the first consideration is assessing the quality of service (i.e., the level of service).

Did the team exhibit care when handling your precious cargo? Were they punctual and efficient?

Taking notes on specifics like timeliness and the way they maneuvered your new bed can help gauge your satisfaction.

Company Policies

It’s also wise to check if the mattress retailer has any set policies around gratuities. Some companies actually build the tip directly into their quoted fees upfront or have an automated prompt at checkout asking if you’d like to add one.

Having a tip already incorporated eliminates the guesswork for customers on how much is appropriate.

Personal Discretion

Ultimately, whether to tip for mattress delivery comes down to personal discretion.

If you feel genuinely happy with the service and want to express that in monetary form, go for it. But if your budget is tight or the delivery experience is mediocre, tipping may not make fiscal sense or seem necessary.

Consider whether the service warranted going above and beyond in showing your appreciation.

How Much to Tip Mattress Delivery

When it comes to appropriate gratuity amounts for mattress delivery services,  suggested tipping standards range from $5-$20 per person for routine delivery without complications . This base rate accounts for basic driving to your home and moving the mattress inside.

However, if the delivery requires going above standard services, tips often increase to $10-$40+ per team member.

Additional services warranting larger tips include:

  • Hauling away old mattresses
  • Setting up new beds
  • Traversing multiple flights of staircases
  • Navigating narrow hallways
  • Disassembling/reassembling frames to fit through tight spaces

The more complex the route and heavy lifting, the higher the tip should be.

The number of delivery personnel involved is another factor. For two people, adjust your tip budget accordingly rather than sticking to a set total amount.

Consider an equal tip per person so everyone is compensated fairly based on the work effort.

The same tipping considerations apply if you hire specialty movers to transport mattresses instead of a standard delivery service.

For basic services moving your bed to a new home or room, plan around $5-$20 per mover depending on weight and ease of transport. Heavy or ornate mattresses may require up to $40 per person for the demanding work.

How to Decide Tip Amount

When deciding on gratuity amounts, take into account the full duration of service time, how carefully they handled your purchase and your personal budget.

Professionally securing mattresses so no damage occurs in small or tight spaces shows skill warranting tips nearing the higher end of standard ranges.

What if you don’t have cash at the moment? For people with limited cash on hand, non-monetary gestures work to demonstrate appreciation too. Positive online reviews highlight stellar service for others to see.

Or you could surprise personnel with cold refreshments or a small gift card to show your gratitude.

Overall, the level of work effort and quality should guide your customized tips within typical mattress delivery ranges. Going beyond minimum expectations earns above-average gratuities.

Remember, no “official” rules exist that dictates the right amount so exercise your personal discretion.

Regional Differences in Tipping

Regional customs play a notable role in expectations around tipping mattress delivery personnel too.

Urban areas tend to tip more generously compared to rural areas for services due to higher costs of living.

Drivers responding to calls in compact metro areas deal with elements like heavy traffic and parking challenges making navigating efficient delivery routes tougher.

International tipping norms vary as well. For instance, tipping culture is almost non-existent in Japan where it may be considered rude to tip delivery drivers.

Contrast that to the United States where tips make up a significant portion of compensation for service workers across industries. When moving abroad, research local tipping etiquette to avoid social faux pas.

Building rapport with repeated mattress delivery services can maximize convenience for customers long-term through mutual understanding.

Consistently tipping teams servicing high-end mattress companies help cement recognition so they know what to expect from you. In turn, drivers may feel inclined to go the extra distance to lift that massive king-size into your upstairs bedroom when called upon again.

Forming respectful relationships pays dividends through elevated assistance.

When Tipping Might Not Be Appropriate

While tipping shows appreciation for exceptional service, certain scenarios make gratuities seem inappropriate or excessive. Let’s take a look at some of those scenarios:

Basic Curbside Drop Off

For basic curbside mattress delivery without entering your home or maneuvering the item inside, tipping is not an obligation.

Rude Behavior and Negligence

Similarly, if drivers demonstrate rude behavior, negligence resulting in damage from mishandling your purchase, or failure to assist with agreed-upon requests like hauling away old beds, withholding tips is reasonable.

Hidden Fees

If you are told to pay any fee that wasn’t indicated while purchasing your mattress or even when requesting delivery only to be told you have to make a payment after delivery, then that sounds fishy. In this case, you can say no or you don’t have to pay it.

Essentially, tipping directly correlates with service satisfaction. When expectations clearly fail to be met through shortcomings in professionalism or missing conveniences like white glove delivery, customers feel less incentive to tip generously if at all. Sufficient base pay makes up for lost tips in these cases.

Driver Perspectives on Tipping

When it comes to the ones doing the literal heavy lifting, most mattress delivery drivers feel their base wages provide fair overall compensation.

However, their workdays involve long hours hauling heavy items through frigid winters and scorching summers.

The nature of the job is physically demanding. With many working as independent contractors or small business owners competing within larger brands rather than employees.

While tips aren’t explicitly necessary or expected, drivers greatly appreciate gratuities supplementing income and validating their efforts to serve each customer exceptionally.


At the end of the day, whether and how much to tip your mattress delivery crew remains a personal decision influenced by service satisfaction and regional norms.

While not strictly required, tips graciously given make drivers feel genuinely appreciated for their demanding work managing heavy loads. For going above basic expectations, $20 each for a two-person team feels fair for most customers.

By compassionately considering unseen challenges drivers face behind the scenes, reasonably compensating their efforts to safely install new beds makes transactions end smoothly.

A simple “thank you” before they depart also goes a long way toward conveying your gratitude.

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How can I tip mattress delivery personnel if I pay online?

If you made an online payment for your mattress delivery and there was no option to add a tip to the payment, then you can tip the mattress delivery guys with cash when they arrive at your door. You can also ask if they accept tips like online bank transfers or any other method you prefer if you don’t have cash.

Do I need to tip mattress delivery personnel if I buy a new mattress from a company with a disposal service?

If you buy a new mattress from a company that offers a disposal service for your old mattress, you can still tip the mattress delivery guys for their extra work.

Removing your old mattress can be a dirty and daunting task, so you can show appreciation by tipping them a bit more than usual. You can tip anything from $10 to $20 per person – depending on the condition of your old mattress.

How can I save money on tipping mattress delivery personnel?

Tipping mattress delivery personnel can be expensive, especially when you have a heavy or large mattress or maybe you are living in a high-rise apartment building. Regardless of your exact situation, there are some ways to still save money.

For example, you can help with moving the mattress to your room, set it up yourself, and then you can offer them a drink or a snack instead of cash. You can also search for online companies that offer free or discounted delivery and disposable services.

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