Whirlpool Washer RL Code: Causes & 7 Ways to Fix It Now

Whirlpool washers are exactly what you need for heavy-duty washing machines. Whirlpool washers are known for their top performance and versatility. However, this does not mean they are free of problems. Different problems may occur while the machine is running. These problems are often expressed in the form of error codes. 

So, when you spot a Whirlpool washer RL code on the screen, it is the machine’s way of telling you there is a problem. The RL code simply means to remove the load. It usually happens when the washer detects a load while it should be empty.

We understand that seeing an error code on the screen is not pleasant. But the good news is that this issue is easy to troubleshoot. In this blog post, we’ll help you understand the leading causes behind this problem and the most suitable fixes.

Causes of Whirlpool Washer RL Code

As you already know, a Whirlpool washer RL code indicates the presence of a load. This issue happens when you put your laundry inside the drum and run a clean cycle. During this cycle, there is no regular washing of the clothes. This cycle aims to clean the drum and appliance from dirt and mild soap suds

1. Filling the Washer During a Clean Washer Cycle

Running a cleaning cycle requires emptying the drum. However, when you accidentally forget clothes inside the washer, this error code will be instantly displayed on the screen. This simply means the machine must be empty; otherwise, the cycle won’t start. 

2. A Temporary Glitch

Sometimes, Whirlpool washer error codes pop up without actual causes. A simple error or a temporary glitch in the control panel might give you unexplainable error codes. However, a quick reset will make the error message disappear.  

3. Defective Spin Basket 

If you inspect the drum for items stuck here or there and nothing shows up, it is time to perform a small test. You must take the drive belt out and run the clean cycle. If this works out and no error signs appear, your Whirlpool washer might have a defective spin basket shaft. 

Damaged machine spin basket bearings contribute to various issues in a Whirlpool washer. But the most obvious sign that should lead you to this conclusion is difficulty rotating the basket with your hand.  

4. A Defective Belt 

A belt is critical in both the top and front load washers. The belt is the component connecting the drum to the motor. It also supports the drum allowing it to spin adequately. The drum won’t spin if this belt becomes loose or frayed. This might contribute to the displaying of the error message. 

Despite being built to last for decades, a drum belt might malfunction over time and is usually associated with an overloaded basket.  

How to Fix a Whirlpool Washer RL Error Code

A washer’s error code alerts many users. However, an RL code is not an indication of a serious problem. It is one of the easiest issues on a Whirlpool washer error code list. You can easily fix this problem without needing a qualified repair person. 

1. Empty the Drum 

RL code indicates that there is a load inside the drum, and it must be removed. Removing the load is the key to solving this problem. You should open the washer door and remove any clothes you might have forgotten. 

2. Reset the Washer 

If the RL error code in your Whirlpool washer results from a simple glitch, then rebooting will settle the matter. To reboot a Whirlpool washer:

  • Unplug it from the main outlet.
  • Leave for about five minutes.
  • Replug the machine to the power source and rerun the cleaning cycle

3. Spin the Washer Drum

This is a useful troubleshooting step to ensure no clothes are left inside the washer. All it takes is trying to spin the drum manually. If things are alright inside the drum, there will be no difficulties or strange noises when you do this. 

An obstruction must prevent this motion if you fail to spin the drum smoothly. This problem is likely associated with stuck items between the drum and the tub. In some cases, soaks, ties or even small ribbons might get stuck in this place, preventing the drum from spinning easily as it should.  

Removing trapped items from the drum is relatively easy, as you might spot a small tip or wire protruding from any holes. In this case, you can easily pull it out and free it from the trap. 

4. Avoid the Clean Washer Cycle

If your Whirlpool washer only gives you an RL error message during a clean cycle, you may consider canceling the whole cycle. You should not worry about cleaning the washer, though. Other alternative cleaning methods do not require running such a cycle. 

Prepare a cleaning solution consisting of a cup of liquid chlorine bleach and 2 gallons of lukewarm water. Run an empty cycle with the solution to thoroughly clean the inner basket, followed by a rinse cycle to remove the bleach residue fully. 

5. Replace the Drive Belt

If you suspect the belt is the culprit in this common error code situation, inspect it thoroughly. It might be just loose and in need of some proper tightening. If the belt is frayed, there is no use trying to fix it. Refer to the user manual for the right replacement, or contact a reliable Whirlpool repair professional. 

6. Replace the Basket 

When your Whirlpool basket malfunctions, it will make some heavy machinery-like noise. The drum will also appear slightly misplaced. It will also make the screen show the Repair – RL message. It is time to get a new basket if you notice any or all of these signs. 

7. Replace the Control Board 

This should be your last resort, and it is not even a recommended move if all the other cycles are running well. As you already know, a control board is the brain controlling all the washer’s functions. If there is no significant physical damage to this board, replacing it will be expensive and uncalled for.

However, replacing the board will be the best action if there are other continuous glitches with different wash cycles. 

How To Prevent Whirlpool Washer RL Code

Luckily, the RL error code is easily avoidable. You do not have to be a Whirlpool repair business owner to prevent this issue from happening in the future. Here is a quick look at the precautions:

1. Free Any Trapped Items 

Keeping a washer’s drum free of any stuck clothes will prevent the reoccurrence of a Whirlpool Washer Front Load Error Codes. Always spin the basket to ensure it has no forgotten or trapped clothes. 

2. Inspect the Belt 

Keeping an eye on the washer’s belt is mandatory for the overall well-being of your Whirlpool washer. Keeping it properly tight or replacing it with the slightest friction will spare you countless complications. 

3. Run Empty Cycles Instead of Cleaning Ones

While cleaning cycles are important for maintaining the washer, you can replace them with other cleaning methods. You can use formulated cleaning products or a baking soda and vinegar solution. Run an empty washing cycle using either of these options to guarantee a thorough cleaning of the drum.

The Whirlpool Washer RL Code indicates a load inside the drum where it should be empty, which might result from a temporary glitch, forgetting clothes inside the drum, or having trapped items between the drum and tub. 

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