Samsung Washer DE Code: Causes & 4 Ways To Fix It Now

We all know that Samsung is a popular and trustworthy brand in the world of home appliances. Their washing machines are some of the best on the market, and you won’t go wrong investing in a machine like this.

However, just like any washing machine, your Samsung can still frustrate you with various errors, like the common 4E code or the DE error code, which indicates an issue with the door latch.

A DE code will prevent your washer from starting a wash cycle, or it might even indicate that the door is not closed properly while the machine is running, which could cause further issues.

When you see a DE error code on your Samsung washer, you’ll need to investigate the porthole door to check that it’s closing fully and identify any debris that might be stuck in the lock mechanism.

If you need more details or information, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the Samsung DE error code.

Samsung Washer DE Code
A DE code on your Samsung washer is indicative of an issue with your washing machine’s door. The door might not close properly, or perhaps there is an issue with the locking mechanism. This could be caused by any number of things, such as an object caught in the door or a control board malfunction.

What Causes Samsung Washer DE Code?

Before you try to fix the problem, you need to know what might be causing your washing machine to show the DE code on display. Here are the most common and most probable causes of the code.

Damaged Door Hinge

If you notice that the door on your washer won’t close all the way, this might indicate that the door hinges have become loose or have been damaged from water or general wear and tear.

Faulty hinges will prevent the door from closing correctly and trigger the DE code, stopping your washing machine from running, so you’ll need to repair or replace them to solve the problem.

Hatch Lock Issue

A washing machine hatch lock failure is one of the most common causes of the Samsung DE code. The hatch locking device constitutes the electrical and mechanical components of your porthole door and lock.

An issue with the hatch lock could be due to a breakdown in the electrical system or a broken mechanism. It could also be that the wiring has become burned or damaged.

Door Latch Issue

A less serious issue is a problem with the door latching. In these cases, something is typically blocking the door from latching properly.

Sometimes, foreign objects or even dirt build-up can get stuck in the door, the latch, the manhole cuff, etc. A poorly installed rubber band could also block the door from correctly sealing and latching.

Overall, there are many reasons why the door might be blocked, but these can always be resolved quickly and easily.

Incorrect Installation

When not installed correctly, the door on a washer can cause numerous problems. It’s imperative that your washing machine is installed and connected in the right way; otherwise, the door might not be able to latch and lock.

Your washing machine needs to be level and on a flat, hard surface. This is because the vibrations and movement caused in a washing cycle will shift the machine and potentially interfere with the door’s ability to close.

You should also ensure that all packaging and protective materials are removed from the machine upon installation, as these might also prevent the door from closing.

Control Module Defect

There are some rare cases in which a DE code has nothing to do with the physical door on your washing machine but rather relates to a glitch or defect in the control module or control board.

There could be a failure in the element responsible for self-diagnosing detected faults, which means that your washing machine might be detecting errors that aren’t really there.

However, there could also be an issue with the connection with the door lock or a failure of auxiliary parts. This is something to consider if you have thoroughly investigated the door of your washing machine and found no physical issues or faults.

Overloading Your Machine

One final issue that may cause the DE error code is overfilling the drum.

An excessive laundry load can prevent the door from closing and locking correctly. You might also have gotten a clothing item stuck in the door. Try to run a smaller load or break up your large laundry load into numerous machine loads instead.

How to fix Samsung Washer DE Code

Now that you understand the causes of the DE code, these are some steps you can take to fix your washer door and clear the code.

Perform a Reset

First of all, if the error code results from a simple glitch, try performing a reset before any other troubleshooting. To reset your machine, simply turn it off and unplug it from the power source.

Leave it disconnected for a few minutes to allow the power to fully drain from the machine before plugging it in again and attempting to start a washing cycle. If the code has been cleared, you know there was no real issue, and you can start your laundry and then move it along to your Samsung dryer too.

Try a Lighter Load

As mentioned, you might be overfilling your washing machine, so the next step is to try washing a smaller load instead.

Take note of the weight limitations on your washing machine (in kg), and be careful not to exceed the limit. Different wash cycles and programs may also have different kg requirements, so be sure to check this in your user manual before attempting to start the appliance.

Inspect the Door

The next and most crucial step is to take a good, hard look at the door of your washing machine. There are a few important things to look out for.

First, you should look for dirt or grime that may have built up around the porthole door. Look in and around the rubber seal, as well as by the latch and the door hinges. If you find any dirt, clean it out using a damp cloth.

Next, look for any foreign objects (such as a coin or a piece of cloth) that have gotten caught in the seal, hinge, latch, or anywhere else surrounding the washing machine door. If you find anything trapped in your door, it might prevent it from closing properly and need to be removed.

Finally, you’ll need to examine the door hinges to see if they have loosened or have any rust or other damage caused by water or other issues. If they’re loose, try to tighten them yourself with a screwdriver or get in touch with a handyperson to help you. If they appear damaged, you’ll need to have them replaced.

Call a Professional

If none of the above steps help you solve your problem, it may be time to contact a professional appliance technician.

This person will be able to help you identify the problem that’s causing the error code, as well as help you solve it, whether a part needs to be replaced or the wiring needs to be worked on.

Remember to always call a professional if you don’t feel confident working with electronic devices, especially when opening up the back of your appliance for troubleshooting.

Preventing the Samsung Washer DE Error Code

There isn’t much you can do to prevent issues with your machine door. However, one of the significant steps you can take is to ensure that you take good care of the appliance.

This means cleaning your washer every few months and paying extra attention to the rubber seals around the door since grime and mold can build up in these damp areas.

You should also be sure not to overload your appliance with too much clothing, as this can cause the door to be blocked as well as create other problems, such as leaking or overheating.

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