Bosch Dishwasher Blinking Red Light? 5 Easy Ways To Fix It

Most dishwashers, Bosch in particular, comes with an LED light to indicate different things. However, when the light is flashing, it raises some concerns as it is not common but rather alarming.

The most common reason the Bosch dishwasher blinks red light is that the door hasn’t been latched well. Sometimes, the door shuts just fine, but the light blinks. In this case, you must check for a defective element, touchpad, or drain pump.

There are multiple reasons why your dishwasher is flashing red light. And if you haven’t faced it before, you might be confused about your next step.

But not if you read this article.

With this list of reasons and solutions to the Bosch dishwasher blinking red light problem, you’ll be prepared to fix it promptly.

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A blinking red light on your Bosch dishwasher could indicate a problem with the water supply, a clogged filter, or a malfunctioning float switch. Check the water supply and filter, and clean the float switch to fix the issue. If the problem persists, contact a professional technician for assistance.

Why is your Bosch Dishwasher Blinking Red?

The most common dishwashers have red and green lights to indicate the start and the end of the wash cycle.

Besides, LED lights can indicate certain features such as rinse aid, salt use, and extra dry feature. Wherever the light comes on, the icon next to it will give you a clue on why it is on.

Some dishwashers, like Bosch dishwashers, have a red light on the floor when the unit is in use. It lets you know the machine is running, so you don’t have to open the door to check it, especially in the silent-running models.

But in those cases, the light is usually steady.

When the dishwasher auto light is flashing, you must take immediate action. Most often, controls think the door is open. So you should ensure it is latched and that none of the dishes obstruct the door.

If the door is not a problem and the Bosch dishwasher is still blinking red light, you need to check other reasons why the issue might appear.

1. Faulty Door Latch

The door latch is a part that keeps the door of your dishwasher in place. The mechanical component is built into your Bosch dishwasher. As soon as the door latch closes, the control panel knows it is safe to start a cycle.

Besides, once the door latch is fully engaged, the unit creates a watertight seal around the dishwasher door.

If it is dangerous to start a wash cycle because of the faulty food latch, your Bosch dishwasher will start flashing light.

2. Defective Drain Pump

If the drain pump is defective, your Bosch dishwasher might start flashing red light. The drain pump is a part that forces water through the drain hose with an impeller.

So you’ll need to check it with the multimeter to ensure the drain pump causes an issue.

3. Faulty Touchpad

A faulty touchpad could be another reason your dishwasher blinks red light. If you try pressing the touchpad buttons and they don’t work correctly or don’t work at all, the control panel could be faulty, and your Bosch dishwasher is notifying you of that.

Some models allow you to replace only the touchpad; however, some might require replacing it with the control panel.

4. Burned-Out Heating Element

Your dishwasher needs to heat the water to start the cycle, which the heating element is responsible for. It heats the water to the operating temperature.

The blinking red light, correspondingly, might appear when the water doesn’t get to the operating water temperature within a specified time.

This might indicate that the heating element has burned out, and you need to use a multimeter to test it.

How to fix a Bosch Dishwasher Blinking Red

You shouldn’t be afraid of the red light in your dishwasher as it helps you to manage its features and know when it is operating. You should be concerned only once this light starts blinking.

Since there could be multiple reasons why the Bosch dishwasher is blinking red light, there are multiple solutions. It is imperative to determine what is causing the issue first. So pay attention to the first section of the post.

But once you know the reason, it should be easy for you to eliminate it. Start with restarting the unit and checking the Bosch dishwasher error code. The move to more complex solutions.

1. Reset Control Panel

If the door latch sensor sends the wrong signal to the main control panel, you will have to trick it into working properly again by resetting it.

First, press the “Start” button. For many modern Bosch dishwasher models, the “Start” button doubles as the “Reset” button. So press and hold down the “Start” button for about 5 seconds.

Since the procedure varies slightly from model to model, you might also try to press and hold the “Drain” and “Cancel” buttons on the main control panel. Again hold either of the buttons for about 5 seconds.

However, if pushing and holding the buttons doesn’t work, you have to look up your specific dishwasher and use the button push sequence to reset your Bosch dishwasher model.

It should help to resume normal operation.

2. Check the Error Codes

As with every dishwasher, your Bosch machine will come with a manual where you’ll find an explanation for the different error codes. When the Bosch dishwasher blinks red light, your device may display an error code.

If you see an error code, use the user manual to determine the issue. Very often, manuals also provide straightforward steps to fix the error.

But if you’re unsure what steps to take, you better call your dishwasher manufacturer to ask for the service guy to guide you.

3. Service the Dishwasher

Like any other appliance, your Bosch dishwasher needs regular maintenance and service to continue working properly. If you don’t clean it often, a flashing red light may indicate that you should.

The biggest culprit would be the dishwasher filter. Dirt from the dishes can accumulate there and even turn into a mold.

Correspondingly, you should check the filter and clean it after every cleaning cycle. Look into the user manual to locate the filter in your dishwasher model.

4. Replace the Drain Pump of the Heating Element

Before you replace any faulty parts like burned heating element or defective drain pump, you have to make sure they need replacement.

For that, use the multimeter and test these parts for continuity. If either of the components doesn’t pass the test, you have to replace them. Call a home appliance specialist to help with the replacement.

The last thing you need is to cause any bigger problems in the process 一 the dishwasher leaking or stopping in the middle of the cycle.

5. Replace Door Latch

If the door latch is why the Bosch dishwasher is blinking red light, you need to replace it with a new one without hesitations.

First, turn off the dishwasher power supply and unscrew the unit to replace it. You should see the 6 screws that hold the front panel. Unfasten them and pull the front panel off.

Then find the underside counter-attachment screws at the top of the machine and unfasten them too. It gives you a better look at the dishwasher control panel and the door latch from the top.

Bosch uses only one screw to hold the door latch in place, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to unscrew it. Then remove the sensor from the unit, as the door latch is a two-part component: actual latch and sensor.

Finally, replace the door sensor and latch mechanism with the new parts and pull everything back together.

Now, let’s do this!

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