LG Craft Ice Not Round? 7 Ways To Easily Fix It Forever

Forget everything you know about refrigerator ice makers since the specs LG offers you in its latest refrigerators will take you aback. One of the most exciting features of the LG craft ice is the ability to produce ice. But not just regular ice. 

The LG system provides variations of ice that don’t melt quickly. But the best thing is the ice in a unique spherical shape. 

There could be a few reasons why the LG ice maker loses its ability to make such ice. However, with the right knowledge, you can fix the problem and return things to normal. 

Although resetting your LG ice maker might be enough, you must be ready for everything in most cases. This guide will outline all possible solutions and ways of troubleshooting craft ice maker tips you’ll need to know.

Why is LG Craft Ice not Round?

Before you take things a few levels up and determine why the LG craft ice is not round, you have to troubleshoot the LG ice maker to ensure it is functioning properly. 

For that, you have to run the ice maker test mode. First, pull the handle to open the ice room and remove the ice bucket.

Since there are different models of LG refrigerator ice makers, you must run things differently. In the first case, there is the On/Off button. Make sure it is turned on and find the test button underneath the On/Off switch. 

There will also be room to put the towel for the water or ice that may fall when you run the testing. 

Press and hold the test button for about 3 seconds, and the ice maker will start to turn. If there is any ice or water, the towel will catch it. 

There won’t be any On/Off switch or ice tray in other LG refrigerator models. But it would help if you still placed a towel below the ice maker before running the test mode. 

You will see a tiny hole on the left side of the ice maker. It is the test button you should also press and hold for about 3 seconds for the ice maker to start.

Once you ensure the LG ice maker is working properly, it’s time to explore why the ice doesn’t come out round.

1. Not enough water

If the LG ice maker doesn’t have enough water, you won’t be able to produce well-rounded ice. For example, if the ice maker is half full, you will end you with a piece of ice that has a half-spherical shape. 

However, usually, it is an issue you might face making the first batch of ice with a newly installed LG refrigerator. 

2. Not enough time

If you’re in a hurry and tempted to use the ice instantly, you might find it incomplete simply because there needed to be more time for it to form properly. According to LG, producing perfect round ice takes 18-34 hours. 

Don’t expect the best form in a short time.

3. Low water pressure

Low pressure is another reason LG craft ice is not a round issue. The pressure should be at least 21 psi for the ice maker to create spherical ice.

4. Air in the water filter

When you replace the water filter on your LG refrigerator, you can introduce air and contaminants into the system. If there is air in the water filter, LG craft ice won’t produce ice balls.

5. Old water filter

A water filter is a component that helps LG craft ice to make the ice rounders. The device might also contain contaminants over time. As the build-up increases, it will reduce the amount of water ideal for making round ice.

6. Defective ice maker

A damaged LG ice maker will find it difficult to create round ice. If the faulty ice maker is a problem, you will likely see an “iT” error message on the panel.

How to fix LG Craft Ice Not Round

To understand the value of the LG round ice balls, you must know why they are so important. The regular ice tends to melt quickly, so you end up with the water drink.

The sphere melts more slowly since less surface is exposed to the same ice volume. That’s why it is disappointing when you’re deprived of such a useful feature of your LG ice maker. 

Multiple things could go wrong in the process of making ice. So you have to take each seriously to fix it timely and prevent it from happening again. 

While resetting your LG ice maker helps in most cases, be ready to replace water filters and increase water pressure.

Now let’s sum up the most common solutions to the LG craft ice maker problem.

1. Reset the ice maker

If the LG ice maker is turned on but still doesn’t work, you need to reset it. This usually is the first solution to the LG craft ice; not only would you fix the issue being discussed, but it also fixes other minor problems with your LG fridge. It should help you get it working again. 

To reset the LG ice maker, unplug it from the power outlet and plug it back in. Once it’s plugged in, press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds; hopefully, the ice maker should start making round ice again.

2. Check the water 

To ensure there’s always enough water for the production of the round ice cube, provide up to 2.5 gallons of water to the dispenser. 

If the problem with the water persists, wait for the unit to make the second and third batches. The LG ice maker should create a round ice cube by then.

3. Clearwater lines

To eliminate the air getting into the water lines as you install them, clear them before you install a new filter. The LG customer service desk will help you with that if you need clarification on the steps.

4. Replace the water filter 

If you’ve been using your LG refrigerator for a while without replacing the water filter and the round ice issue appears, it might be time to look into it. LG recommends installing a new filter every 6 months for optimal performance. 

Reach out to the LG customer center if you need help finding a store that sells those.

5. Check for build-up ice.

Unfortunately, water and ice could build up inside the ice maker over time and start blocking it from working properly. 

Clean the LG ice maker by unplugging the power outlet first. They remove any ice and water that had built up inside. Once the ice maker is clean, dry it off and plug it back into the power outlet.

6. Check the water pressure

Before you define any steps to deal with the water pressure, test it by placing an 87-ounce cup under the dispenser. Check the amount of time required to fill the cup. You need to increase the pressure if it takes more than 8 seconds.

However, an ideal option to increase pressure is replacing the water filter. For the best results, you should install a new filter every 6 months, as we’ve already told you.

7. Service ice maker

Your LG refrigerator ice maker might become defective, no matter how hard you try. And if it throws the “iT” error, your should deal with it promptly. 

Instead of fiddling with the controls, we recommend contacting LG customer service and making a complaint. They should offer assistance to clear the error message and make LG craft ice refrigerator work again. 

For extra help, you can visit the LG website or even schedule repairs.


Is LG craft ice completely round?

Some LG fridges have dual ice makers: a standard one provides ice and water, and the second one is called a craft ice maker. You can find the craft ice maker in the bottom drawer. It makes round ice cubes the size of golf balls.

Is LG craft ice perfectly round?

The ice balls are smaller than you would normally get with the mold of a cocktail lounge, but they will usually come out perfectly round. You might need to troubleshoot your LG ice maker if they don’t.

Where is the test button on LG craft ice?

You can find the test/fill button outside the ice maker unit. Press and hold it until the ice maker starts a cycle. Once it runs through a cycle, it will start filling up the water again to begging the ice production process.

Where is the LG Craft Ice reset button?

You can find the reset button under the lower front center of the ice maker. Please wait for the three ice balls to be exposed and then gently get them off the tray.

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