How To Fix 4c2 Samsung Washer: 4 Solutions 

Are you about to finish a long laundry day, but your Samsung washer won’t resume its wash cycle?

Instead, your sturdy washer meets you with a blinking 4c2 error code.

Keep reading this blog post to gain insight into the 4c2 Samsung washer code.

Before looking for your screwdriver, recognize Samsung washer models with this inconvenient issue. These models include:

Front-load Samsung washers:

  • Samsung WA50M7450AW
  • Samsung WF45R6300
  • Samsung WF360CHW
  • Samsung Series 5 Washer WF42H5600A
  • Samsung Series 5 Washer WF56R20C
  • Samsung Series 5 Washer WF45R6100AP/AA
  • Samsung WD10T washer-dryer combo
  • Samsung WD90J6A10AX
  • Samsung FlexWash

Top-load Samsung washers:

  • Samsung WF43T3000AW
  • Samsung WAT4800HR
  • Samsung WA45H7000AW
  • Samsung WA52A8600AV

What Does Samsung Washer 4c2 Code Mean?

  • Meaning: A blinking 4c2 on your Samsung washer screen signifies an issue with the cold-water supply. It indicates that the washer is not getting cold water. Instead, the washer keeps getting hot water even when not needed.
  • Safety Feature: This water temperature issue acts as a protector for your laundry. Your Samsung washer 4c2 prevents hot water from damaging the fabrics, textures, and colors of your delicate laundry.
  • Impact on Use: When the Samsung washer 4cs code appears, your appliance puts its cycle on hold. You won’t be able to start or continue a washing cycle until you address the cold-water issue.
  • Warning Signs: In addition to the flashing fault message, you may hear a beeping noise and notice a lack of water filling the washer during the initial stages of the cycle.
  • Importance of Addressing: Addressing this code allows you to resume your laundry routine with the usual efficiency and speed.
  • Ignoring the error warning affects your ability to tackle delicate on a delicate cycle or use a heavier duty setting for more soiled laundry. Also, it may lead to further complications like excessive suds, detergent stains, and blockages in the drain system.

Why Does Your Samsung Washer Show 4c2 Code?

As your Samsung washer shows the 4c2 error code, it puts a sudden stop to your laundry routine. This message warns you that the washer isn’t getting enough cold water and won’t fulfill its cleaning duty. Let’s take a look at the common causes behind this problem:

1. Misplaced Water Supply Hose

The idea of a misplaced hose seems like an oversight. However, it can be the main culprit in water supply issues. In this case, the error stems from accidentally connecting the cold-water hose to the hot water tap.

2. Clogged Water Hoses

Misshapen or obstructed hoses can restrict the flow of cold water, triggering the 4c2 code in your Samsung washing machine. Without enough water, the cleansing cycle remains incomplete.

3. Unstable Water Pressure

If your house has a low water pressure, the washer won’t be able to draw the required cold-water flow. You can identify this issue when you open water taps around your house to find a weak supply.

4. Malfunctioning Water Inlet Valve

Most, if not all, Samsung washers come with a single water inlet valve. This valve is connected to both the hot and cold water taps. By default, water valves control the flow of water into the washer. Through their control solenoids and depending on the specific cycle, these valves allow hot or cold water inside the washer.

Signs of a faulty valve could include unusual noises during the wash cycle. Also, watch out for a decreased or absent water level filling the drum.

How To Fix 4c2 Error Code on Samsung Washer

4c2 samsung washer

A problem with the cold-water flow doesn’t require replacing your efficient Samsung washer. In many cases, simple checks and adjustments to some plumbing fixtures can resolve your Samsung washer 4c2 error code.

1. How To Fix Misplaced Water Supply Hose

Look for a cold-water supply hose at the back of your washer. You can identify this hose from its blue color. This blue hose should be securely connected to the cold-water tap. If it is mistakenly connected to the hot water tap, you should correct this situation. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn off the water supply. Bring a towel along to catch any drips or spills during the process.
  2. Use a wrench to loosen the hose connection. Swap the cold-water hose to the cold water tap and the hot water hose to the hot water tap.
  3. Tighten connections securely.

2. How To Fix Clogged Water Hoses

While checking the placement of these hoses, you should double-check their appearance. This includes checking for visible kinks or bends, which affect the smooth flow of cold water. If present, you should turn off the water supply taps and disconnect both hoses from the washer.

To address this issue, you can use your hands to straighten minor kinks If the hose appears severely bent, you should consider a replacement hose.

While at it, check the inlet filters. Some Samsung washer models come with mesh filters to trap debris before entering the appliance. If your washer has these filters, remove and clean them.

3. How To Fix Unstable Water Pressure

This is a complex issue that goes beyond your washer’s components. If you are certain of weak water pressure in your house, you should seek professional assistance from a trustworthy plumber.

4. How To Fix Faulty Water Inlet Valve

If you suspect a faulty inlet valve, you should consider installing a new one. To successfully do this, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your Samsung washer and disconnect the water supply.
  2. Look for the valve at the back of the washer. It is near the water hoses. However, it is not exposed like the hoses, you’ll need to remove the washer’s rear panel.
  3. Once you have access to the internal components, you can identify the valve from its connection to the inlet hoses and the presence of electrical wiring and multiple solenoids.
  4. If the valve appears damaged, you should replace it. However, detaching the valve is not a simple task. You might seek professional help to avoid damaging the hoses or electrical wiring.
  5. You can detach the hoses using suitable pliers if you have sufficient knowledge of dissembling washing machines.
  6. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws holding the valve in place. Detach the valve gently. When looking for an alternative valve, look for compatible devices with your model number.

How To Reset Samsung Washer 4c2 Code

Resetting your Samsung washer may seem like a magic bullet in the face of different error messages and glitches. While a reset might not fix a misplaced or bent hose causing the 4c2 code, it can be helpful if your washer encounters a minor glitch.

Here is how to reset your Samsung washer:

  1. Turn off your Samsung washer and unplug it from the power outlet.
  2. Keep this forced pause going for a couple of minutes. This break allows any residual power to drain and any simple glitch to clear.
  3. The final step is to plug the washer back in and turn it on to reassess the 4c2 error code situation.


The 4c2 error can put a pause on your washing, but it shifts your attention to a fixable cold water supply issue. From misplaced hoses to clogged filters, unstable water pressure, and faulty inlet valves, the causes are many, but the solutions are within reach.

Start by checking for misplaced hoses, addressing clogged hoses or filters, replacing faulty valves, and considering water pressure.

If at any point you become uncertain of your DIY abilities, you should contact a qualified technician for further assistance and damage control.

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