How To Fix LG Washer tcL Code: 4 Solutions


lg washer tcl code

Have your laundry day plans gone out of control with a flashing tCL code?

 A blinking LG washer TCL lets you know it’s time for some TLC (Tub Clean Cycle). 

Keep reading our blog post to decipher the code, understand why it’s important, and get your LG washer back to its flawless cleaning results and peak performance.

This guide covers various LG washer models, including:

  • LG F490WH
  • LG F490WM
  • LG F490 washer with dryer
  • LG WM3400HW
  • LG WM3477HW
  • LG WM3488HW
  • LG WM3470HVA
  • LG WM3475HVA
  • LG WM3900HBA
  • LG WM3970HBA
  • LG WM3985HBA
  • LG SideKick WKEXL200E
  • LG WKEXL100E
  • LG WKEXL300E
  • LG WT7900CV
  • LG WT7300SKE
  • LG WT1201CW
  • LG WT1101CW
  • LG 3920WA
  • LG 3980WM
  • LG WM3500CW
  • LG WM3700HVA
  • LG WM4000HBA
  • LG WM5000HV

What Does TCL Code Mean on LG Washer?

  • Meaning: TCL message on your LG washer’s screen is a reminder that it’s time for a self-care routine. The code stands for Tub Clean Cycle.
  • Role: This code asks you to perform a cleaning cycle. This cycle helps remove mineral buildup and detergent residue. Without running this cycle, the buildup may affect the functionality of the internal washer’s components.
  • Impact on Use: Unlike the CE error code and many other error codes, this tCL code won’t halt the washer’s operation. However, neglecting the Tub cleaner cycle can lead to lingering odors on your clothes and reduced cleaning effectiveness over time.
  • Warning Signs: Besides the blinking tcl error code, your washing machine may have a musty odor.
  • Importance of Addressing: Running the Tub Clean cycle is a simple yet crucial step in providing the best possible experience and maintaining the performance and lifespan of your LG washing machines. It helps ensure your clothes stay fresh and your washer operates at its best.

Why Does Your LG Washer Show TCL CODE?

Noticing a t cl error on your LG washer should be a relief. It’s not a signal of an internal component fault or a problematic washing machine door. It’s nothing but a helpful signal from your appliance. It’s reminding you it’s time to clean the drum and tub. This code flashes automatically every 30 washing cycles.

Now let’s explore why this code appears:

1. Wash Tub Buildup

Over time, the washtub can accumulate leftover residues from regular laundry cycles. These include detergent remnants, fabric softener traces, and even hard water minerals. While these might not cause immediate issues, neglecting the Tub Clean cycle allows them to build up.

2. Improper Drum Hygiene

With several washing cycles, different types of residues can accumulate in the drum. This leads to different types of stains, discoloration, and unusual smells.

3. Trapped Moisture

If you don’t completely dry the drum and door after each wash cycle, you’ll notice the presence of trapped moisture in the main wash compartment. Besides the inefficient drying, improper sealing may lead to trapped moisture. Eventually, you may notice potential mold growth, discoloration, or even corrosion of the tub.

4. Clogged Detergent Dispenser

In an LG washer, a detergent dispenser is a drawer that dispenses the cleaning products at specific points during the wash cycle. By functioning properly, this dispenser ensures optimal cleaning performance and prevents fabric damage. Without regular clean cycles, excessive bubbles and buildup can clog the detergent dispenser.

If your LG washer has a fabric softener compartment, you should ensure its cleanliness. Otherwise, it will become clogged the same way the detergent dispenser gets clogged.

Ignoring your LG washer tCL code may turn your convenient experience into a huge inconvenience in the long run. Without fulfilling your washer’s need for tub cleaning, more complex issues may appear. For instance, your washer may develop clogs in the filter or drain hose. In the long run, error messages like OE error code may also appear on the screen.

How To Reset LG Washer TCL Code

While an LG washer tCL code isn’t a regular error warning, it can use a simple reset. Resetting your washer is an easy fix for different problems and any reliable LG washing machine expert would recommend it.

Here are the resetting instructions to follow:

  • Power off your washer

You can either find the power button on your LG washer and press it or remove its plug from the outlet to turn off the machine. You can do both to Ensure that your LG washer is completely powered down before moving on to the next step.

  • Allow it to discharge

Let your washer sit like this for a little while (around 5 minutes). This temporary pause lets all its power discharge completely and allows the appliance to reset itself.

  • Power the appliance back on

Once the 5-minute break is over, you should reverse the powering down steps. Plug your LG washer back to its electricity source and press the power button once again. Running a short cycle is one of the easier ways to check whether the tCL code is cleared.

While a simple reset can tackle some temporary glitches, it might not be useful in clearing a tCL message. This code is less likely to be triggered by a glitch, as it is often associated with a pre-programmed schedule. Still, this easy fix is worth going for while trying to troubleshoot a tCl reminder.

How To Fix LG Washer TCL Code

While seeing an LG washer tCL code isn’t a cause for panic, it needs proper addressing to avoid serious complications.

Here’s a breakdown of solutions to address the underlying causes:

1. How To Fix Wash Tub Buildup

The most straightforward solution for washtub build is running a tub clean cycle. This cycle can remove internal buildup including traces of detergent, fabric softener, and limescale.

Here’s how to start this cycle:

  1. If your LG washer was in the middle of a cycle, you should press the pause button. This should stop the current cycle.
  2. Unload the tub. You should run this cycle with an empty tub.
  3. Select the clean tub cycle option or locate the clean button on the control panel.
  4. As for a choice of cleaner, you will have multiple options. This includes a designated tub cleaning pod, tablet, or powder tub clean product. If you pick tablets or pods, you can place them directly in the drum. A powder product goes inside the main wash detergent compartment but remove the detergent cup first. Refer to the manual to determine the correct amount of tub cleaner.
  5. Let the washer run uninterrupted until the cycle comes to an end. This process can resolve the issue without the need for a repair service.

2. How To Fix Improper Drum Hygiene

While the cleaning cycle resolves the tCL code, some stubborn stains, discoloration, or unusual smells may remain within the drum. In this case, the drum needs a more thorough cleaning.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Empty the drum once again.
  2. Wipe Down the Drum with a damp microfiber cloth. Soak the cloth in a solution of white vinegar and water.
  3. Check the manual to ensure whether your LG washer model has the option of a hot water cycle with a specific amount of liquid bleach. If so, the drum will benefit from the sterilization effect of bleach and hot water. But don’t try any acidic cleaners or mix them with bleach to run this hot water cycle.

3. How To Fix Trapped Moisture

  1. After each wash cycle, leave the washer’s door open for some time. This allows any water residue to completely dry out.
  2. Dry the door seal. While the door is open, use a dry cloth to wipe it down.

4. How To Fix Clogged Detergent Dispenser

Giving the detergent dispenser of your LG washer requires its full removal. Here’s how to remove and clean this component:

  1. Pull the detergent drawer to remove it from the washer.
  2. Clean it under tap water. Let the water reach all the compartments to remove any sort of residue.
  3. Check the dispenser’s channels. Look for any clogs and try to remove them with a brush.
  4. Reinstall the drawer back in place.


The TCL code on your LG washer is not a cause for concern; it is a gentle reminder and a call to action. It’s your LG washer’s way of reminding you to perform a Tub Clean cycle.

This cycle can free your appliance from buildup and residue and allow it to perform at its best. Besides the routine reminder of running the clean cycle, the tCL error may result from improper drum hygiene, addressing trapped moisture, and a clogged detergent dispenser.

All these issues need proper cleaning with the right cleaners and allowing the washer’s drum to dry properly.

Remember, the key to efficient laundry is regular maintenance and prompt reaction to your washer’s signals. Ignoring the simplest issue leads to severe problems all over the washer.

Don’t wait for bigger problems to arise! Regularly address the TCL code and follow our simple cleaning practices to ensure your LG washer continues to deliver fresh, clean laundry for years to come.

Encountering more complex issues with your LG washer? Take a look at this blog post about an LG Washer Not Draining and LG Washer SUD Error.

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