Samsung Washer FL Code: Causes & 6 Ways to Fix it Now

If you want to purchase a good appliance, Samsung is always a safe bet, particularly their washing machines. However, every appliance has its problems from time to time, and your Samsung washer is no exception.

These machines tend to have hatch lockout device issues related to door lock problems. If there’s a locking malfunction, it might be indicated by an FL error code. Some other lock-related error codes are the D5 error code and the DE error code.

However, this article will examine what might be causing an FL error and how to solve it quickly and easily.

Samsung Washer FL Code
The FL error code on a Samsung washer indicates a door lock malfunction. You might be prevented from unlocking and opening the door on your appliance, it might refuse to close properly, or it might not start due to a locking issue. This can be caused by a few things, like damaged hinges, a faulty lock mechanism, or even a control panel issue.

Causes of Samsung Washer FL Error Code

Before trying to repair your appliance, you need to know the root cause of the issue. The FL error code indicates a door lock fault, but here’s what might be causing it.

1. Faulty Door Lock Mechanism

The door lock mechanism plays a crucial role in the operation of a Samsung washing machine. It secures the door during the wash cycle to prevent water from leaking and keeps the laundry inside the drum.

If the door lock mechanism fails to engage or disengage properly, this will cause an FL error code on the display. Additionally, if the door lock mechanism is stuck, broken, or obstructed, it may be unable to lock or unlock the door, which can also trigger the error code.

The FL error code is a safety feature designed to prevent the washer from operating with a faulty door lock mechanism, which could lead to water damage or injury. Therefore, it’s essential to promptly address the issue by inspecting and repairing or replacing the door lock mechanism, if necessary.

2. Wiring Issues

Wiring issues might also cause the error code to appear on your appliance. The wiring connecting the door lock mechanism to the control board is responsible for transmitting signals that engage and disengage the door lock mechanism.

Faulty control board wiring can disrupt the flow of signals, preventing the door lock mechanism from functioning correctly.

In some cases, the wires may be pinched or frayed, causing them to short-circuit or break, causing the door lock mechanism to fail. Also, if the wiring is not properly secured or insulated, it may come into contact with other parts of the machine, causing further damage.

3. Control Board Problems

A glitching control board can also cause an FL error code on a Samsung washing machine. The control board regulates the machine’s various functions, including the door lock mechanism.

If you have an internal control board failure, it might not send the correct signals to the door lock mechanism, preventing it from engaging or disengaging as it needs to.

A faulty control board can also cause other issues, such as problems with the water inlet valve, drainage system, or motor, all of which might contribute to an FL code.

4. Damaged Door Hinge

The hinge of your washing machine door has to support its weight and allow it to swing open and closed. If the hinge is damaged or broken, the door might become misaligned or unable to close properly.

If the door lock mechanism cannot engage or disengage properly, your machine wont be able to operate as it needs to, which will trigger the error code.

5. Overloading

Finally, overloading the appliance can also trigger the code since the door might not close properly due to extra pressure or clothes getting in the way.

Overloading the washer can also cause other issues, such as uneven distribution of the laundry, which can cause the machine to vibrate excessively and potentially damage the door lock mechanism or other components.

This might seem like a simple issue, but it can have long-term consequences for your appliance.

How to Fix Samsung Washer FL Error Code?

Now that you understand what might have triggered the FL error code on your front load washer, you can look at the various steps you might take to resolve the issue.

Remember to be careful when working with any electrical appliance and to call a professional if you need assistance.

1. Perform a Reset

The first thing to do when faced with just about any error code is to perform a simple reset on your machine. Sometimes, a simple electronic glitch on the control module could cause the error to be displayed even when nothing is wrong.

A reset should resolve this. Here are the steps to take in Samsung washers:

  1. Turn off the washing machine using the power button and unplug it from the source.
  2. Wait for a few minutes to allow any residual electricity to discharge.
  3. Plug the washing machine back in.
  4. Turn on the washing machine and see if the FL error code has cleared.

If the error code persists after performing the reset, it’s most likely a sign of a more serious issue, and further troubleshooting or repairs may be necessary.

Note that some washing machine models may have specific reset procedures outlined in the owner’s manual, so it’s crucial to consult the manual before attempting a reset.

2. Check Your Load Size

Before you investigate your machine’s various components, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maximum load size. Try to always evenly distribute the load and not put too many clothes in one load.

When washing a larger load, consider splitting it into smaller loads to prevent damage to the machine. If you’ve been struggling with an FL code, reduce your load size, reset the machine, and see if this changes anything.

3. Check the Door Lock Mechanism

When checking the door lock mechanism, it’s important to inspect the latch and ensure that it’s not damaged or stuck in the closed position. If the latch is damaged, it may need to be replaced.

You should also ensure that the door is aligned correctly and that nothing prevents it from closing properly. If everything appears in good condition, the issue could be with the door lock switch, creating a lock error.

Check that the switch is functioning correctly by using a multimeter to test for continuity. If there’s no continuity, the switch itself may need replacing.

4. Check the Door Hinge and Latch

If you suspect that a damaged door hinge or latch causes the FL error code, you’ll need to inspect both components. The hinge is the part that attaches the door to the washing machine, while the latch is the mechanism that secures the door in place.

Start by inspecting the hinge and checking for any signs of damage, such as cracks, breaks, or even rust. If the hinge appears to be damaged, it will need to be replaced. Make sure to contact a professional for assistance if you need it.

Next, inspect the latch assembly and ensure it’s not damaged or stuck in the closed position. If everything appears to be in good condition, the issue could be with the door lock switch or wiring, and further troubleshooting will be necessary.

However, if you notice damage to the latch, that could also need to be replaced or repaired.

5. Check the Wiring

When checking the wiring, make sure you first unplug the washing machine from its power source for your safety.

When the appliance is disconnected, examine the wiring that runs from the door lock switch to the control board for any visible damage or loose connections. You will need to find the details about the location in your user manual or contact an appliance technician or electrician for assistance.

If the wiring appears in good condition, the issue could be with the control board or something else.

6. Check the Control Board

To check the control board, start again by unplugging the washing machine to disconnect it from the energy source.

Locate the control panel, typically behind your appliance, and examine it carefully for any signs of damage or burning. Keep in mind that a malfunction with the board might not always be visible, so even if it looks fine, don’t rule it out as the culprit.

However, if the board appears to be damaged, it will need to be replaced by a professional.

How to Prevent Samsung Washer FL Error Code

To prevent an FL error code on a Samsung washing machine, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, make sure not to overload the machine, as this can put a strain on the door lock mechanism. Additionally, regularly cleaning the machine and ensuring that the door seal is free of debris can help prevent any blockages or damage. It’s also a good idea to inspect the door hinge and latch regularly to make sure they’re in good condition too.

Finally, following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, such as regular cleaning of the detergent drawer and filter, can help prevent any unwanted issues from arising.

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