Samsung Washer UB Code: Causes & 8 Ways To Fix It Now

If your Samsung Washer is displaying the UB error code on its front panel, it means the washer load is not balanced. This is a problem as the washer will cancel the wash cycle until the issue is addressed.

Running an imbalanced load can cause excessive vibration and movement in the machine, potentially damaging it. The good news is this problem can usually be solved quite easily, provided you know what to look for.

This article will examine why the UB code appears and how to get it fixed up and restore your Samsung washer back to working order.

Samsung Washer UB Code
The Samsung Washer UB code indicates that an unbalanced load has been detected, which may be the result of clothes tangling together, an overloaded washer drum, or that the washer isn’t level with the floor which will cause performance problems.

Causes of Samsung Washer UB Code

One of the challenges with fixing the UB code is that it’s not always a case of just manually rebalancing the load. Sometimes there are issues with the washer level, a component may be wearing down, or it might be a glitch, and the washer needs power cycling.

Let’s take a look at all the main causes of this problem so you can accurately diagnose what’s causing this error code to appear.

1. The Clothes Have been Bundled Up

This is the most common reason the UB error code will appear. Sometimes the clothes in the wash load tangle and bundle together into a ball that gets thrown around inside the washer.

This may happen because items with strings or tassels wrap around each other and haven’t been put into netted bags. Laces from shoes can also cause this problem too.

This causes problems as the uneven spread of weight distribution puts stress on the washer drum and can potentially damage the washer. So when this unbalanced load is detected, the washer will pause until you manually untangle the clothes.

2. The Washer is Overloaded

Samsung recommends not filling the washer drum more than 75% of its capacity in one wash cycle. This is not only so the clothes have enough room to agitate and clean correctly, but also so the load can be distributed and stay even during the wash cycle.

So if too many clothes are loaded in at once, this washer error code may occur, and you should consider removing some of the more bulky items and washing them in a second wash cycle.

Remember, it’s always better to run 2 loads of laundry rather than overloading the machine just to get it all done in a single wash.

3. The Washer is Underloaded

Not only does overloading the washer cause the UB error code, but underloading can as well. This is because the clothes are more prone to being thrown around inside the washer drum as it operates, which will throw the machine off balance and trigger the UB code.

Also, underloaded wash cycles tend to have a higher chance of the clothes tangling together.

4. A Simple Bug or Glitch in the System

As modern washers lean heavier into computer-controlled systems, sometimes bugs and glitches can crop up, which trigger this error code, even though there’s technically nothing wrong with the washer.

The good news is that you can perform a hard reset which involves completely turning the washer off and removing the power source; letting the capacitors discharge will often fix simple issues like this.

5. The Washer Isn’t Level

Washers are designed to operate most efficiently when they are perfectly level with the floor. This ensures the drum rotates smoothly and that there is no excessive vibration that might wear the drum down.

However, due to a poor installation, an uneven surface on the floor, or it may have just become unlevel over time due to natural vibrations, it’s easy to find your washer is not level with the floor.

So you’ll need to check the level of your washer and adjust the feet height accordingly.

6. The Shock Absorbers Have Worn Down

The washer drum on a front-loading washer utilizes shock absorbers, which are essentially struts attached to the frame that help dampen the tub’s vibration and movement while under operation.

These shock absorbers will slowly wear down over time and eventually stop working, causing your washer to vibrate excessively and triggering the UB code. You’ll need to inspect the shock absorbers; if worn down, they should be replaced.

7. A Dampening Strap has Broke

Much like the shock absorbers on a front-loading Samsung washer, top loading washer will instead use dampening straps to help absorb the vibrations and allow the drum to rotate smoothly.

If one of these straps breaks, it will cause the drum to become unbalanced. So the broken strap will need to be replaced with a new one.

8. The Control Board is Faulty

If you have tried everything to fix this issue, but the UB error code just won’t disappear, it may be that the control board itself has developed a problem.

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the control panel component, when it runs into trouble, the usual course of action is to simply replace the entire board with a new one.

How to Fix a Samsung Washer UB code?

As you can see, anything that causes weight imbalances while the machine is in operation will trigger the UB code. The location of that imbalance will determine which method you should use to fix the problem.

1. Manually Untangle the Clothes

As the most common cause of the UB error code, this is also the most effective method to fix this error code. All you need to do is open the washing machine door, untangle the clothes by hand, and redistribute them more evenly across the washer drum.

Be sure to place any times with tassels or lace that might easily cause the clothes to bundle up in a netted bag. Additionally, double-check you are using a wash cycle setting appropriate for the volume and type of clothes you have loaded into the washer.

2. Remove Some Clothes from the Washer

If the washer is overloaded, the heavyweight will cause unwanted movement as the drum spins, triggering this error code. If the washer is over 75% full, then it’s best to remove some of the heavy items and wash them in a separate cycle.

While this will take more time, it will allow the washer to stay stable while under operation and result in cleaner clothes as there is more room for them to agitate.

3. Increase the Wash Load

Similarly, if you only have a few items of clothing in the washer, the force of the drum rotating can cause vibration and movement issues as there are not enough clothes to act as a counterweight while it spins.

If possible, it’s best to stop the wash cycle. Hold onto the clothes and wait a few more days until you have enough dirty laundry accumulated for a more appropriately sized wash.

But if you are in a rush to get the clothes washed, consider throwing in a blanket to bulk up the laundry load easily.

4. Power Cycle the Washer

Sometimes a simple bug or glitch in the computer system triggers the UB code even though there is no real root cause. A hard reset (otherwise known as a power cycle) can often correct this problem.

All you need to do is turn the washer off and completely unplug it from the power supply (or you can turn it off at the circuit breaker).

Wait 2-3 minutes for the capacitors to completely discharge residual energy, then plug it back in. Run a test cycle to check that it’s now working.

5. Level the Washer

If the washer isn’t completely level with the floor, it may have trouble with excessive movement and vibrations which will cause the UB code to occur. To level the washer, take a spirit level (or the leveling app on your phone can also work) and check how flat your washer is.

If it’s not flat, identify which corners need adjusting and then adjust the height using the feet on the bottom corners of the washer until it’s completely level.

6. Inspect and Replace the Shock Absorbers

You can remove the washer’s front panel to check the shock absorbers; if any of them look damaged or worn down, they will need to be replaced.

As this is quite an involved process and probably too difficult for an untrained technician to perform, we recommend you contact Samsung customer support, who will arrange for a trained technician to come and install the new shock absorbers for you.

7. Replace the Dampening Strap

Much like the shock absorbers, when a dampening strap breaks, it must be replaced.

This, too, is a challenging installation, so you should once again contact a trained technician and have them install it for you.

8. Replace the Faulty Control Module

If the control board/control panel develops a fault triggering the UB code, it must be replaced.

Once again, you’ll need to contact Samsung customer support, who will assist you with both obtaining a replacement control board and having a service technician install it for you.

Preventing the Samsung Washer UB Code

To prevent the UB code from coming back in the future, you should ensure you are loading the washer correctly. Here are the main points to keep in mind which will allow the washer to operate optimally:

  • Ensure anything with laces, tassels, and ties is placed inside netted washing machine-safe bags.
  • Don’t overload or underload the washer, as this will cause the clothing items to tangle.
  • If you ever move the washer, double-check that it’s leveled in the new location. If it’s not, then you should re-level it by adjusting the height of the feet.
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