Samsung Washer SE Code: Causes & 7 Ways To Fix It Now

By displaying an error code, Samsung Washers use the front display panel to alert you when there is a problem or issue with your washer. One error code users commonly report encountering is the SE code (which may also display as 5E).

If you are receiving this error, it means your washer has a drain issue and cannot remove water from the machine. There may be several potential causes behind this error.

So in this article, we will cover all the reasons why this error appears and give you all the best methods to fix the problem and restore your washer to working order.

Samsung Washer SE Code
The Samsung Washer SE code indicates that there is a drainage problem with your washer, which may indicate that there is a blockage in the filter or a kink in the hose that is preventing the water from draining away.

Causes of Samsung Washer SE Code

When your washer cannot drain, it means that the dirty water is still held in the machine; this is a problem as not only are your clothes not cleaning thoroughly, but if you open the door, you might spill the water out.

Let’s first take a look at the causes behind the problem so you can better diagnose exactly why this code error has appeared.

1. The Washer isn’t Level

Washers are designed to operate optimally when they are completely level with the floor. If for any reason they aren’t level, they can become very loud and might vibrate excessively.

But more importantly, the washer might not be able to drain the water properly as gravity is needed for the drainage system to function. You’ll need to check the current level of your washer and adjust its height so that it’s entirely level with the floor.

2. The Drain Filter is Clogged Up

The drain filter in your Samsung washer is there to help catch lint, dirt, and loose hair so that they don’t get washed back into your clothes. If the filter isn’t cleaned from time to time it may become so blocked up that it prevents the water from draining.

Not only does this stop your washer mid-cycle, but your clothes are also going to be sitting in dirty water, not ideal! So you’ll need to drain the emergency hose and give the filter a thorough clean.

3. The Drain Pump is Faulty

The method by which a washer removes the dirty water is by having a drain pump spin an impeller which siphons off the water and sends it down the drain hose.

Naturally, if the drain pump runs into a problem such as being damaged or there is a jam inside of the mechanism then the water won’t be able to drain away.

The pump will need to be inspected for drainage issues and if it’s found to be damaged then the faulty drain pump will need to be replaced.

4. The Drain Hose is Clogged Up

While cleaning out the drain hose isn’t considered part of general maintenance, over a long enough period things like mineral deposits from hard water or soap buildup from detergent may block the drain hose up.

When this happens the water will remain in the washer and trigger the SE code. The drain hose will need to be removed and cleaned thoroughly so that the water freely can drain away.

5. The Drain Hose is Kinked

If your drain hose isn’t blocked by a buildup of something, it may have become kinked to pinched when the washer was pushed into place.

This will restrict the amount of water that can drain out of the washer. The drain hose will need to be inspected and arranged in a way where the water can flow through it properly.

6. A Glitch has Occurred

As modern Samsung washers rely heavily on computer assistance to control the wash cycle settings and user options, sometimes they may experience a bug or glitch which throws up this error code even though there’s no real cause behind it.

Fortunately, this can be easily solved by performing a power cycle or hard reset of the machine.

7. Too Much or the Wrong Type of Detergent is being Used

When you use too much detergent or a type of detergent that’s not designed for modern high-efficiency washers it may cause excess suds to form which the washer will struggle to wash away.

You should check that you are using both the correct type of detergent for your model of washer and only the amount specified on the detergent label.

How to Fix a Samsung Washer SE Code

Now that you have a better idea of what’s causing this problem, it’s time to get it fixed up so you can get rid of this error code once and for all.

1. Level the Washer

For the water to drain out of the washer correctly it needs to be level with the floor. Using a spirit level (or the spirit level app on your phone), check how leveled your washer is and identify which corners are too high or low.

You can then adjust the legs on each corner of the washer to raise or lower its height so that it’s completely level with the floor.

To do this you need to loosen the locking nut, then turn the leg to adjust the height. Clockwise will lower the corner and counterclockwise will raise that corner.

You might need to repeat this process a few times, but once it’s level you should see a noticeable improvement in drainage capability.

2. Clean Out the Drain Filter

If the drain filter gets too clogged up, it might cause dirty water to sit inside the washing machine, so you’ll need to clean it out every few months.

  1. Start by locating the access door to the filter, this is usually placed in the bottom right on most front-load washers.
  2. Take a towel or shallow pan and place it under the access door as we’ll need to drain the emergency drain hose.
  3. Press on the access door to release it, then pull out the emergency drain hose and let it drain into the pan.
  4. Once no more water is coming out, put the internal drain hose back in place.
  5. Now you need to remove the drain filter, rotate it anticlockwise and gently pull it out from the housing.
  6. Clean out the filter, you can usually just run it under some hot water, or if it’s particularly clogged you can wash it using a soft brush and a bit of dish soap.
  7. Wipe down the area around the filter housing with a clean cloth.
  8. Re-install the filter by inserting it and turning it clockwise so it clocks in place.
  9. Close the access door.

3. Replace the Drain Pump

If the drain pump isn’t working the water won’t be able to flow out of the machine.

You should first inspect the drain pump for functionality, if it’s not working then the easiest solution is to contact Samsung customer support who will arrange for a trained technician to install a new one for you.

4. Unclog the Drain Hose

When the drain hose is clogged up the water won’t be able to drain away. Remove the drain hose from the washing machine and take it over to the sink.

Make a cleaning solution of equal parts baking soda and white vinegar which is very effective at breaking down blockages and buildups. Pour this cleaning solution down the drain hose.

Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it through with clean water. Re-install the drain hose.

5. Unkink the Drain Hose

Similarly, if the drain hose is kinked the water won’t be able to drain away. Carefully pull the washer out from the wall and inspect it for any kinks or areas where it might be getting pinched.

If you notice any damage on the drain hose then it will need to be replaced. Otherwise, you can simply re-arrange the drain hose so the water can flow through it unimpeded.

Carefully push the washing machine back into place, being extra mindful not to re-introduce new kinks into the hose as you do so.

6. Power Cycle the Washer

Sometimes the SE code error is caused by a one-off bug or glitch in the system that can be fixed by performing a hard reset. All you need to do is turn off the washer and then unplug it from the power outlet or turn the associated circuit breaker off.

Leave the machine off for 2-3 minutes so the capacitors can completely discharge, then plug it back in and start the washer back up.

7. Use the Correct Type and Amount of Washer Detergent

If you are using too much detergent or the wrong type, then excessive suds may form which can cause this error to occur. Most modern Samsung washers are high-efficiency machines that require detergent specifically formulated for them.

You can identify this kind of detergent by looking for ‘HE’ or the words high efficiency on the detergent label. Additionally, you should only use the amount of detergent that is specified on the packaging, using more will not result in cleaner clothes, just more suds!

Preventing the Samsung Washer SE Error Code

To prevent this error code from coming back in the future you need to keep up with some general maintenance and cleaning of the machine.

This involves cleaning out the drain filter every few months and ensuring you use the correct detergent type and amount so that soap deposits don’t form inside the drain hose.

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