Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating: 6 Easy Ways To Fix It Now

The Speed Queen dryer is one of the well-known dryers on the market; the brand doesn’t seek flashy modern looks as it seeks top performance and efficiency. However, like all other appliances, the Speed Queen dryer can go through errors from time to time.

One of the issues that you might experience with your Speed Queen dryer is that the dryer is not heating. Understandably, this can be frustrating when your dryer is suddenly not working.

But there’s no need to worry because this article will discuss all the possible reasons your Speed Queen is not heating. In addition, we will guide you through the solutions for each cause.

Why Is Your Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating?

There are several reasons why your Speed Queen is not heating, for example, damaged wire connections, a thermal fuse blown, faulty gas valve solenoid, and other reasons that will be discussed in detail in the following troubleshooting steps.

1. Damaged Wire Connections

Any electrical appliance depends on electrical connections to deliver the signals required to operate correctly. The process starts at the power cord where the electricity enters the device; then, the power moves throughout to each part inside the dryer.

All the wires can be found inside the dryer’s panel, where they are concealed to protect them from any damage. However, the wires are not fully protected because they are vulnerable to damage from short circuits and overheating.

If the electrical connections of the heat-generating components are damaged, it will affect the heat generation in your dryer, and your dryer can end up not heating. The wires are essential in both gas and electric dryers; electric dryers need the wires to provide power to the heating elements.

Meanwhile, the gas heaters depend on gas but still need electric wires to power the electric igniters to light up the gas to generate heat.

2. Thermal Fuse is Blown

The thermal fuse is one of the safety measurements followed by your Speed Queen dryer to avoid any accidents or hazards. The thermal fuse job comes from its name; the fuse is blown when the dryer experiences any excess heat, protecting the dyer from getting damaged if it overheats.

If the dryer overheats, it can start a fire hazard and affect all nearby items or appliances. The thermal fuses differ from one appliance to another; some appliances allow the option of resetting the fuse if it gets triggered.

However, resetting the fuse is not an option in the Speed Queen dryer. Unfortunately, you will need to replace the fuse.

If the thermal fuse is blown, the dryer will operate normally but not generate any heat because of the fuse. So, if the dryer is working but not generating any heat, you will need to inspect the thermal fuse.

3. Faulty Gas Valve Solenoid

This part is for gas dryers; the gas valve is responsible for allowing the flow of gas into the dryers. There are two or more valves in the dryer, which are controlled by electrical connections to open and close the valve.

The gas flows through the ports when the solenoid opens them, reaching the burner, and the igniter lights up the gas. If the gas valve solenoid fails, it will not allow gas flow into the dryer, preventing it from heating up.

4. Defective Heating Element

This part is for electric dryers; the electric models differ from the gas ones because they lack burners. Electric dryers depend on a heating element powered by electricity to generate heat, made from high-resistance materials that heat up when electricity flows through them.

The heating elements are vulnerable to wear because they expand as they heat up and contract when they cool down; therefore, they can get damaged or broken during the drying cycles. Another reason that can cause damage to the heating elements is short circuits.

5. No Gas Supply

The primary source of heat for Speed Queen gas dryers is the gas supply; if the dryer is not receiving any gas, it will not generate heat.

This means that the dryer might be working correctly because there is electricity, but the burners are not due to a lack of gas. The gas supply can be toggled off because of toggled the gas line, in which case, you will need to inspect the gas line.

6. Clogged or Kinked Exhaust Duct

If you check the back of your dryer, you will find an exhaust duct connected to the back of the dryer drum. The duct is responsible for removing any excess fluff or moisture, and in that way, it protects the dryer drum from overheating.

If the exhaust duct is clogged or kinked, this will prevent the elimination of lint or moisture. So, the moisture will decrease the heat generated, preventing the dryer from heating properly.

Overheating the drying drum can also trigger the thermal fuse, causing another issue that prevents the dryer from heating.

How To Fix A Speed Queen Dryer That’s Not Heating?

After discussing all the possible reasons why your Speed Queen dryer is not heating, let’s break down the possible solutions to each cause in steps.

1. Repair Electrical Connections

If the problem is in the electrical wiring and all the other components are intact, then you will need to replace any damaged or loose wires to fix the issue. Replacing the damaged wires requires a little experience; however, finding and replacing the wires can be time-consuming.

To start you off, you will first need to remove the dryer’s panel and inspect the condition of every part and every electrical connection for frayed, damaged, or loose wires.

If you want to save time, start by inspecting the wires connected to the heating elements, as the problem usually lies in the heat generation process. If any loose wires are found, make sure to tighten them, and any damaged wires will need to be replaced.

2. Replace the Thermal Fuse

Unfortunately, resetting the thermal fuse in the Queen Speed dryer is impossible, so you will need to replace it with a new one. For the electric dryer, the thermal fuse is located beside the blower housing.

Before replacing the fuse, ensure your dryer is powered off and disconnected from any power source. For gas dryers, you can find the thermal fuse beside the burner; you will need to access the blown fuse, remove it and install the new one.

3. Replace the Gas Valve

Unfortunately, the gas valve can’t be repaired and must be replaced. The gas valve is found in the markets as a set, allowing you to replace all the gas valves in the dryer.

It’s advised that you replace the whole set, not just one valve, because if one has failed, it’s expected that the others will fail soon.

4. Replace the Heating Element

Like the gas valve, the heating element cannot be repaired or fixed. Therefore, you will need to replace it. However, you must buy a heating element compatible with your dryer because not all heating elements fit in the same model.

After purchasing the right heating element, disconnect the existing one, which is connected from both sides and install the new one. Always remember to power off the appliance and disconnect it from any power source before you start the replacement process.

5. Turn On the Gas Supply

The gas supply line might be turned off because you cleaned the dryer recently or performed any maintenance. Therefore, you must check the gas line valve; the gas handle must be parallel to the gas line to allow gas flow.

If the gas handle is perpendicular to the gas line, it means that there is no gas flow. Always turn off the gas supply when cleaning or doing any maintenance but ensure that you turn it back on.

6. Fix the Exhaust Duct

Inspect the dryer for any kinks or twists; if you find any, you will need to straighten the duct to allow the elimination of moisture and lint. If the duct is straight, then set the dryer to the “Max Dry” mode and place your hand at the duct’s end.

If hot air comes out of the exhaust duct, then the duct is not clogged, but if you can not feel any hot air, then the duct is clogged. It’s advised that you hire a qualified technician to clean the duct, as mentioned by the Speed Queen brand, and it would be best if you also cleaned the exhaust duct at least once a year.


How long does it take for the dryer to heat up?

The time required by the dryer to heat up is about 10 minutes, which can be an indicator for you to know if your dryer is facing issues. If the dryer stays cool after 10 minutes, you will need to troubleshoot it to determine the reason for the delayed heating.

How long does it take for the dryer To dry?

It will take about 75 minutes for a Speed Queen dryer to finish the process or cycle. Therefore, if the dryer doesn’t complete the cycle after 75 minutes, you will need to troubleshoot it to determine the cause of this issue.

How to fix a damaged dryer wire?

The recommended solution to completely damaged wires is to replace the whole wire. However, if the wire is not completely damaged, you can cut off the damaged portion and reconnect the wire’s two sides.

Does the dryer heating element work intermittently?

Yes, the dryer heating element only works when needed, meaning that if the dryer’s temperature is not below the required level, the heating element will not work. If the temperature drops below the required, the heating element will start working until the temperature becomes proper.

Why does the dryer stop heating?

The dryer stops heating because of the thermal fuse; if the dryer stops after a few minutes of heating, it means the thermal fuse has tripped. The drum can continue spinning, but the dryer will no longer generate heat.

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