LG Washer CL Code: Causes & 3 Ways To Fix It Now

LG washing machines are well-known for top performance and efficiency. LG washers are equipped with many features that either make it easier for you to use or make it safer to operate the appliance.

One of these features is the CL mode or code, which stands for Child Lock, and it may even appear mid-cycle without you activating it, which can be very frustrating. However, there’s no need to worry as this article will examine the causes of the CL code and discuss how to solve and prevent each cause.

LG Washer CL Code
The LG washing machine CL code indicates that the washer’s Child Lock feature is activated, which can be the result of an intentional activation of the Child Lock mode, a faulty Child Lock button that activates the mode by itself, or a malfunctioning control board that causes the issue to appear.

Causes Of The LG Washer CL Code

The LG washer CL code is different from other codes that might appear while using the appliance because the CL code is a feature in the washer, not an error code. The CL code stands for Child Lock, which protects children from getting hurt if they are near the washer when it’s operating.

The Child Safety Lock feature turns off all buttons when activated to protect the washing settings from being changed by accident. This feature can be an issue if it gets activated unintentionally, so in the following steps, we will guide you through all the possible causes of a CL code.

1. Mode Accidentally Switched On

The Child Lock mode can be activated by pressing and holding the Child Lock button on your LG washing machine for 3 to 5 seconds. You might accidentally switch the Child Lock feature while adjusting the wash cycle settings.

It also might be someone in your household has activated the Child Safety Lock without knowing. After activating the Child Lock, the washer displays the CL code.

2. Faulty Buttons

If the Child Lock appears mid-cycle without you or someone else activating it, or it appears again after you turn it off, then the issue might be that the Child Lock button is faulty.

So, when you turn off the Child Lock, the button functions by itself due to being faulty, and it turns the mode back on. Therefore, the suitable solution is to repair the button to clear the issue.

3. Malfunctioning Control Board

The control board controls all the functions inside any loading washing machine, so if the control board malfunctions, it can affect all the buttons or modes. If the Child Lock feature gets activated by itself and you have checked the button, then the issue might be with the control board.

Faulty control boards can cause a lot of issues; therefore, you must act immediately to avoid any other issues. Unfortunately, if the control board gets damaged, mostly it can’t be repaired and must be replaced, which can be expensive.

How To Fix LG Washer CL Code?

Now that we’ve covered the possible causes of the LG washer CL code, let’s discuss all the suitable solutions to each cause.

1. Turn Off the Child Lock Mode

First, locate the Child Lock button on your washer. The button’s location differs from model to model; refer to the user manual to find its location.

For most front-load washing machines, the button is located on the control panel; it’s the first button in the four buttons on the control board. Meanwhile, for top-load washers, the Child Lock button is missing; however, you can use the rinse and spin buttons instead.

A few top-load LG washes have a separate button for Child Lock; you can also use it like the front-load models. You can turn off the Child Lock by pressing and holding the Child Lock button for 3 to 4 seconds, and when the Child Lock feature is deactivated, the CL code should disappear.

2. Fix the Faulty Button

First, power off the washer using the power button and disconnect it from any power supply source. Unthread the mounting screws of the control panel, remove the control board back panel, then disconnect the housing; you will need a screwdriver to remove the control panel interior cover.

Remove the control assembly cover to access the buttons, bring a multimeter device, and set it to the ohms setting. Test the buttons to see if they have electrical continuity; if any button lack continuity, you will need to replace it.

If the entire control unit assembly is faulty, it must be replaced, so disconnect the wires, harness, and electrical connection. Unthread the mounting screws for the control panel assembly, and replace the assembly with a new one.

Lastly, install everything like it was to test the new buttons.

3. Malfunctioning Control Board

If the control board is malfunctioning, hiring a qualified technician is recommended to check if it can be repaired. If you know that the control board is defective and needs to be replaced, you can either hire a technician or replace it yourself if you have the required experience.

First, disconnect the appliance from any power source, and toggle off the water line to cut off any water supply. For front-load washers, remove the top panel by unthreading the brackets and connecting them to the back panel, then slide the top panel to release it from the clips holding it.

Once the top panel has been removed, you can remove the detergent drawer by opening it all the way until you find the button at the end; press the button to release the drawer from the clips and remove it. Now, you can disconnect the panel and unthread the mounting screws of the control panel.

Next, remove the screws holding the detergent dispenser. The control panel is now ready to be released, but you will need a screwdriver to unclip it from the chassis.

Finally, remove the control board from the cover and install the new board. The same steps apply to the top-load washers, but you will need to remove the rear control panel.

Preventing The LG Washer CL Error Code

Now that we’ve discussed the causes and solutions of the LG washer CL code, the last thing to do is determine how to prevent the issue of CL code from happening again in the future.

1. Regular Maintenance

The LG washing machines are like any other electric appliances; they must be maintained occasionally to avoid errors or faults. The CL code is not an error code but can result from an issue like a faulty button, a malfunctioning control board, or a power failure.

Ensure that you maintain the washer from time to time by checking the electrical connections and the parts of the washer. It’s advised that your hire a qualified technician check your appliance and fix any issues before they aggravate.

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