Whirlpool Washer F3E1: Causes & 5 Ways To Fix It Now

Whirlpool washers are known for their efficiency and durability. This does not mean they are problem-free. Different issues may arise with frequent use. This includes error codes and bugs directly affecting the washer’s control board.

Among the common error codes complaints in various forums is the Whirlpool washer F3E1. This error code does not indicate a significant issue and is simple to troubleshoot. So, you do not have to worry a lot when the washer screen displays this code. You can fix it easily if you follow our detailed guide. 

In this blog post, we will explain the causes of this problem and discuss all the possible fixes. So, stay tuned to find the best solution for this annoying error. 

Causes of Whirlpool Washer F3E1 Code

When your Whirlpool washer displays the F3E1 code, this usually indicates a problem with water filling. Also, it might indicate overflowing issues. The wash cycle won’t run properly if your Whirlpool does not fill the water adequately. Unfortunately, there are different causes behind this problem.

These causes include a damaged water level sensor. Also, a problem with the air trap may lead to inadequate water levels inside the washer. Moreover, a plugged hose or a pipe may affect the water-filling process. 

1. A Temporary Glitch 

 Modern Whirlpool washers may experience temporary glitches from time to time. This does not indicate any sort of defect, but it is more like a one-time control panel malfunction.

2. Inspect the Pressure Switch

Regardless of your model, a Whirlpool washer relies on its pressure switch for adequate water filling. This switch is triggered when the air level rises in the washer chamber. The air rises as a result of the water filling. Once this switch is triggered, the control board receives an order to start a wash cycle. This part is also involved in activating the spin cycles too. 

So, if this switch is not working properly, the whole washer won’t function. Usually, the problems in this component are associated with both the chamber and the hose. 

3. Check the Pressure Hose 

A pressure hose determines the water level that fills the appliance in a whirlpool washer. This component is found in both front and top load washers. Typically, it is located right in the middle of the air trap and the pressure switch.

This part might get clogged or damaged, as with any hose or pipe. The error code will show soon if this happens to your Whirlpool washer hose. 

4. Defective Water Level Sensor

A level sensor detects the exact water level inside the washer’s tub. This sensor signals the board to take on more water or stop drawing in more of this fluid. If the case of a sensor fail, the machine will not run properly. Eventually, the Washer E1 F3 Error will pop up on the screen. 

5. Take a Look at the Air Trap Pipe

This pipe is connected to the washer’s tub and is called an air dome tube. Typically this plastic pipe is located behind the control panel. It is also attached to the bottom part of the tub. This tube may become torn or cracked, or even clogged over timeAny malfunction in this component directly affects how the pressure switch contacts the control panel. 

How to Fix Whirlpool Washer F3E1 Error

For many users, error codes on their washer screens are very confusing. They believe these codes reflect a severe problem that may cost them their expensive and reliable washing machines. However, in most cases, troubleshooting a Whirlpool washer f3e1 error code is simple if you correctly diagnose its cause. 

1. Reset the Washing Machine 

A simple reset is an essential troubleshooting step that may help in case of glitches. Rebooting a Whirlpool washing machine is easy and effective in some cases. All it takes is unplugging the washer from the wall outlet.

Then let it discharge for a couple of minutes. Restart the machine and check what is displayed on the screen. If the F3e1 code is gone, it was only a simple system glitch. 

2. Replace the Water Level Pressure Switch

As you already know, the F3e1 Whirlpool error code is usually associated with insufficient water pressure. However, it is also a result of overflowing issues. Overflowing is the leading cause of malfunction in this switch.

As an electrical component, you will need to test it with a multimeter or an ohmmeter to know whether it is damaged. If it shows no resistance, then it has electrical continuity. If it was the other way around, you probably have a Broken pressure switch. So, do not hesitate to replace the Washer Water-Level Pressure Switch.  

3. Unclog the Water Level Pressure Hose

A clogged pressure or drain hose is easy to troubleshoot. Despite being two independent components, they both get clogged very often. To unclog this hose, you should remove it from the pressure transducer. This transducer is a device responsible for measuring the water pressure.

Visually inspect the hose and remove any clogs you find. Regarding kinks in the hose body, you should get a new hose and reattach it. 

4. Replace the Faulty Sensor

Any damage to the sensor won’t be visual to the naked eye. You should test it for resistance and continuity. Start by Removing the wires connecting the tub to the pressure sensor. Test the electrical part for continuity. If it shows 0 ohms, then it is doing just fine. Otherwise, you will need a new sensor. 

5. Change the Air Trap Tube 

The only way to determine the condition of the air trap is to inspect it visually. Look for kinks or damage signs. Also, you can tightly seal its upper end and submerge the whole pipe into the water to detect the tiniest cracks. If the pipe fails the test, it is time for a change. 

How To Prevent Whirlpool Washer F3E1 Error Code

Bugs and glitches like the F3-E1 Error Code in the Whirlpool washer are inevitable parts of the appliance’s life cycle. They happen due to various reasons. Sometimes, it is a result of simple and temporary failure. However, in many cases, you can avoid them by taking good care of the appliance.

Generally, you should not be concerned about any issue other than a complete board failure. This is the worst and most expensive scenario you will face if this error message appears on your screen. 

1. Keep an Eye on the Water Inlet Valve  

The condition of this valve plays a critical role in the water supply reaching the washer. The valve has a small screen keeping debris from clogging the valve. Frequent cleaning of these screens contributes to preventing the Whirlpool Washer E1 F3 Error.

2. Check the Water Pressure 

The water pressure is a determining factor for Whirlpool Washer’s running. It is essential to measure the actual water pressure reaching your washer. If it is lower than 20 psi, you should make adjustments to all the components of the water pressure device in your washer. 

3. Always Check the Fill Sensor

A malfunctioning sensor will send false signals to the washer’s brain. This means that the washer will stop drawing in more water. Keep this component under monitoring to detect any sort of malfunction before too late.  

The Whirlpool washer F3E1 error code indicates that the washer is not filling water adequately, which may result from a faulty pressure switch, a defective air dome, or a bad pressure sensor. 

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