Ninja Blender Blinking Red: 7 Easy Ways To Fix It Now

After hitting the gym or having a delicious meal, you want a great smoothie to freshen up. Finding out that your Ninja blender is blinking red light and doesn’t work at all can be a frustrating experience.

The Ninja blender is supposed to make your life easier, not harder, as it’s a high-performance blender, so I understand your feeling. Therefore, in this article, I will explain the reasons for this experience and how to fix them quickly.

Why is your Ninja Blender Blinking Red?

The leading cause behind your Ninja blender blinking red is that the handle and lid are not fitted properly, the lid is not secured, it’s not the fitting lid, or the container and base are not connected.

If the blender starts to blink while you are using it, the reason can be the temperature of the blender. The power button starts to blink red when the blender is not safe to use, so it’s one of the safety mechanisms used by the blender, not an error.

I will now discuss each cause in detail to make you understand why your Ninja blender is blinking red and how to avoid it in the future.

1- The Handle and Lid Are Not Fitted Properly

If you check the handle of the blender closely, you will notice an arrow at one of the ends of the handle. You can find the same arrow on the lid; this is designed to make it easier to align the two parts properly.

If the white arrows are not aligned, the blender power light will start blinking red. Consequently, your Ninja blender will stop working because it’s not safe.

2- The Blender Lid Is Not Secured

After aligning the two arrows of the handle and lid, you might find that the power button is still blinking and the blender is not working. This is because the lid needs to be secured after aligning the lid and the handle.

The lid fits underneath the handle, so after you align the arrows, the handle serves as a lock to fix the lid in place.

3- It’s Not the Right Lid

Suppose you have lost your current Ninja blender lid or have an old one from a different model. You may think you can swap and use the lids on different blenders.

However, Ninja blenders don’t allow using different lids because the lid will not be secured. As a result, the blender will start blinking red and stop working.

4- The Container and Base Are Not Connected

The Ninja blender consists of several parts, the part that contains the blades and the ingredients is the container. The part with the motor, buttons, and other elements is called the blender base.

The container must be appropriately connected to the base so the blender can work. The blender button will start blinking red if the container and base are not connected.

5- The Blender Overheated

This reason or cause differs from the ones mentioned above because it happens mid-blend. When using the blender and you find that it suddenly stops working, it probably is overheating.

The safety switch will be triggered, and the Ninja blender power light will start blinking; consequently, the blender will stop working.

6- Food in the Base Station

If you have used the Ninja blender recently and come back to use it again, it didn’t work. The food stuck in the base station can be a Ninja blender red Light cause.

The food will prevent the secure connection between the blender base and the container. So, the safety feature will stop the blender from functioning until the issue is resolved.

7- Faulty Safety Mechanisms

There are many safety mechanisms in your Ninja blender, as I have discussed in detail in this article. For example, the secure connection between the handle and the lid, the base and the container, or overheating alarm.

If any of these safety mechanisms break, the power button of the blender will continue to blink even if you have secured all the parts in place.

The blender sensors are triggered because the broken safety mechanism is treated as if a part was not appropriately secured.

How to Fix Ninja Blender Blinking Red

I know this issue can be frustrating but don’t worry; each cause can be fixed. I have discussed every cause in detail, and now it’s time to discuss how to fix each one. Kindly follow the following guide step by step:

1- How to Fix The Handle and Lid Not Fitted Properly?

Locate the arrow on the lid; it will be on one of its ends. Next, try to align the arrow on the lid with the arrow on the handle. Once the arrow on the lid and handle are aligned, you will find that the power button has stopped blinking.

The built-in safety mechanism will detect that the lid is fitted correctly, and the blender will start working again.

2- How to Fix The Blender Lid Not Secured?

After aligning the two arrows, you must secure the lid if the blender is still not working. The lid fits underneath the handle because the handle acts as a lock.

Therefore, you must push down the handle until the lid is correct. You should ensure the arrows are correctly aligned if the problem remains unresolved.

3- How to Fix It’s Not the Right Lid?

If you are trying to use another lid other than the one that came with the Ninja blender, unfortunately, the blender will not work. Even though the lids can look the same, they are not interchangeable.

Because it is a level of safety, you will need to purchase the fitting lid from any local hardware store to solve the issue.

4- How to Fix The Container (Pitcher) and Base Not Connected?

The container has a particular procedure to be connected securely to the blender base. You will have to insert the container into the base and then turn the container in a clockwise direction.

At some point, you will hear a click, which means the container is locked, and the blender will be ready to function.

5- How to Fix The Blender Overheated?

It’s advised when you are using your blender to give it a rest from time to time. The continuous load on the blender will result in increasing its temperature.

Overheating your blender can cause many problems, like internal parts such as the motor getting burnt. If your blender stops working and you smell a burnt odor, you need to power it off immediately and hire a technician to check it.

6- How to Fix Food in the Base Station?

The connection between the container and the base station is essential for the functionality of the blender. So, when some food like nuts or frozen fruit gets in the way, it will become an issue.

Therefore, you will need to clean your blender every time you use it. Clean the container, blade, base station, etc.

7- How to Fix Faulty Safety Mechanisms?

Unfortunately, you must replace the part with the issue if you have a broken mechanism. For example, if you have a broken pitcher or lid, you must replace them to get your blender working again.

Some people try to bypass the broken safety mechanism, which is considered very dangerous. Because the safety mechanisms protect the blender from any damage and ensure that you don’t get injured if some parts aren’t secured.


Next, I will discuss some common questions and their answers that you might need to know when having a problem with your Ninja blender.

1- Why Is Your Ninja Blender Not Spinning?

You need first to ensure that your blender has a proper electrical connection. So, check the blender’s plug to see if it’s properly connected to the electrical outlet.

If the plug is connected, but the blender is spinning, you need to check if the blender is showing any warning. The warning is displayed in red blinking light from the blender power button.

The red blinking light means that the parts of your blender are not installed or inserted correctly; you will need to check each part and ensure it’s secured in place.

2- Do Ninja Blenders Have A Reset Button?

If you face the red light blinking issue with your Ninja blender, you might wonder if it has a reset button. The answer is no, Ninja blenders don’t have a reset button, so you will need to fix the issue from its roots.

3- Can You Reset A Ninja Blender?

Well, the Ninja blender doesn’t have a reset button, but you can reset them if you face a glitch in the blender. You will need to power off your blender and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

Let the blender reset for about five minutes and then replug again; most of the time, this will solve any glitch you have faced. However, resetting the blender will not fix the issue if your blender is blinking.

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