Whirlpool Washer F8 E1: Causes & 5 Ways To Fix It Now

Does your Whirlpool washer show an f8 e1 error? It indicates that the appliance is not receiving any water to start a wash cycleWithout an ongoing water supply, your Whirlpool washer won’t function. In this case, you must examine the water supply valves and hoses. 

A Whirlpool washer f8 e1 error message is a common issue for many other users. It is often found in top loaders, but users of front-load washers have complained about it too.

If you are concerned about this error code, we are here to help. Take a look at all the possible causes we are discussing. Also, keep reading until you know all the possible fixes and the best prevention measures to avoid this issue.  

Causes of a Whirlpool Washer F8 E1 Error Message

In a Whirlpool duet washing machine, a f8 e1 error code indicates that the machine is not filling too long. This typically means the water inlet valve is either fully or partially clogged. The Whirlpool washer won’t get enough water to run in both cases. 

Let’s dive deep into the causes of this annoying E1 error issue without further ado.

1. Closed Water Valves 

Regardless of the washer model, all Whirlpool washing machines have two separate water valves. There is a cold water intake valve and another one for hot water. Usually, the hot valve is colored red, while the cold water inlet hose is colored blue. 

If their faucets are turned off, the Duet Washer Pressure Sensor Check will automatically detect this issue. So eventually, there will be no water reaching the washing machine.

2. Faulty Water Inlet Valve

We are still inspecting these valves, as they significantly impact water flow. If their solenoids or seals are damaged, these valves might become defective and stop running immediately. 

3. Disconnected Water Inlet Hoses

It is pretty common for homeowners to confuse water hoses with water valves. While both components should be connected to provide water pressure, they differ. A water hose in a Whirlpool washer should be firmly connected to the main valve.  

The washer’s sensor will detect this issue if these hoses are disconnected. This means that water won’t get drawn by the hoses. Another common problem with cold and hot water supply hoses is that they might become bent or kinked.

4. Misplaced Drain Hose

In all Whirlpool washers, a drain hose is critical during spin cycles. It is responsible for removing the water from the washer’s tub. If this hose is not correctly connected to the drain pipe, the washer will continuously fill and drain the water. You will usually find a misplaced hose inserted too deep into the pipe. 

5. Blocked Water Inlet Screens

Water inlet screens prevent the blockage of the main hot and cold water valves. So, if these screens are clogged, the main water stream won’t reach your Whirlpool washer. Over time, these screens become blocked by mineral deposits.  

How to Fix Whirlpool Washer F8 E1 Error Code

A Whirlpool Duet washer error code is always a source of frustration. A common Duet washer error like the F8 E1 message prevents you from starting a wash cycle. However, it does not usually indicate a serious malfunction in the washer. It can be cleared easily in many cases. 

1. Open the Water Valves 

Closed valves won’t allow water to pass through the hoses and fill the washer’s tub. Regardless of the Duet Washer Model Number, two valves must remain turned on throughout the entire cycle. So, turn on the hot and cold water faucets before running the washer. 

In some cases, these faucets might not supply the water as expected. You might want to try to turn them off and then on again to fix this lag. 

2. Replace the Valves 

If the valves are no longer running properly, it is time for replacement water valves. Before getting new valves, testing the solenoids for continuity is better. Bring a multimeter along and connect it to each solenoidGrab a couple of new valves if the test shows zero resistance or an infinity sign. 

3. Readjust the Water Inlet Hoses

If the valves are not the root of your Whirlpool washer f8 e1 error, then it is time to inspect the hoses for kinks. Bent hoses will significantly affect the adequate water filling in the washer if they do not completely prevent it.

In this case, try to reposition the hose in a way that resolves slight bends or kinks. If this does not work out, you can opt for stainless steel reinforced water hoses. These items are meant to last up to 5 years without a scratch. 

If the visual inspection reveals that the hoses were not connected correctly, connect them. This should clear the error code. 

4. Correct Drain Hose Length

A drain hose should not be inserted over 4 inches into the pipe. If you find it stretched this way, it is mandatory to correct its length. This way, the washer will no longer siphon its water continuously. The U-shaped drain hose form is easily adjustable until it reaches the right length. 

5. Clean the Water Inlet Screens

Partially clogged screens are easily cleaned compared to fully clogged ones. If you have difficulty cleaning them, it is better to get new screens and hot and cold water inlet valves. Remember that cleaning or replacing screens requires shutting off the water supply and disconnecting the hot and cold water supply hoses. 

Preventing Whirlpool Washer F8 E1 Error Message

Preventing a Whirlpool washer f8 e1 problem is easy if you monitor the main water valves. Always turn them on before the start of any wash. If everything is alright with these valves, their hot and cold water hoses will be alright too.

 Moreover, keeping all the hoses clean and free of kinks improves the water-filling process and prevents the reoccurrence of the f8 e1 error message. 

The Whirlpool washer f8 e1 code indicates that the washer is not filling the water as it should, which might result from the unit having a clogged inlet valve or hoses. 

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